Elderly Abuse

Based on the three different online news articles that have been read and analyzed, which tells a common view point that is about elderly abuse, there are different types and classifications of such cruelty identified among the elderly. As per the readings from the three online articles, elderly abuses are not only particularly and solely classified as nursing home abuse, there are also other kinds of these which are sexual abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, financial abuse, physical abuse and the types of neglect and abandonment.

As per the first article published online through the Los Angeles Times, written by Victoria Kim, she reported a type of story about elderly abuse between the victim who is an 85-year-old woman and her daughter who is not attending to her needs. Based on her illustration of the story of elderly abuse, the daughter of this woman neglected to provide proper, as well as the needed, attention and care for her mother who has been in bed and is already covered with her own waste. As a result, the 54 years old Belinda Feldman is arrested by the police officer as her mother died and is left with her own waste and urine for extended period of time.

Hence, on this particular report, the writer, Victoria Kim, draws an apparent picture that defines the type of neglect abandonment as one of the major elderly abuse, which does not entail any kind of physical violence. The second article which is also published online through the Los Angeles Times, written by Susannah Rosenblatt, tells another story of elderly abuse by illustrating the experience and encounter of an 84-years-old woman who has been financially abused by her live-in care taker.

Cindi Dee Powell, 54 years old woman is arrested and charged with financial elder abuse and other related violations after she took out fraudulent loans in her name and pocketed $200,000 from the old woman that almost put the house of elderly woman in danger of foreclosure. According to the reports of the police officials, the old woman only hired the suspect through classified advertisements without the information that Powell is on probation because of prior case of elder abuse.

The third article is published from another online site which is from the Ledger-dispatch by Scott Thomas Anderson that primarily tells about the continuous problems among the old people that are generated by various elder abuses, which still remains in the society. As per this specific report with regard to the dangers and threats associated with elderly abuse, the writer, Scott Thomas, explained and reiterated that the larger society must be more aware with what is happening in the elderly community to be able to prevent and put a stop on the growing cases of elderly abuse.

In supporting his claims and depictions in the article, Scott Thomas also highlighted and presented many of the most common elderly abuse cases. Also, in this article, the Amador Country sheriff named Marin Ryan also said that physical and financial infiltration are two of the major threats among the seniors and elderly. Certainly, upon reading these three different online articles, it has come to my understanding that the awful picture of this topic about elderly abuse is that almost every abusers and/or perpetrators are relatives and/or close caregivers of the elderly victims.

Thus, without any doubt, there are more senior citizens who prefer to be left alone and live on their own despite of their unlikely condition when at the same time this situation could be dangerous for most of the seniors. According to Laurie Webb, executive director of the Amador Senior Center and member of the Commission on Aging said that trouble is becoming isolated from the outside world.

From a personal point of view, she is right and that I agree and probably thought that is easy for those who are able to move by themselves but it would be difficult to those who do not have mobility. However, I think there are different ways to protect our seniors through careful observation and senior also learn to ask for help when they needed. In the end, it is deemed necessary that elderly people are given proper attention and care in order to protect them from harm and enhance their health.


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Elder abuse is a hidden but growing problem in the United States, exacerbated by an aging population, longer life spans, changes in family structures, and the increased use of institutional care for the elderly (Levine, 2003). It has been estimated …

The National Center on Elder Abuse (2003) has identified seven types of abuse that are common among the elderly: physical abuse, which includes but is not limited to evidence that the victim has been hit, slapped, kicked, or otherwise assaulted; …

Therefore, findings in this article are real reflection of the problem facing the old people on the ground. Loneliness has been identified to be one of the causes of mental health problems experienced by the elderly people. As indicated by …

Suicides are generally related to the presence of mental disorders. The major cause of elderly suicide is depression. Depression affects almost 19 million Americans every year (National Institutes of Mental Health, 2000). Depression in elderly is considered normal and is …

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