Effects of 1779 Smallpox Plague in Native Americans

The migration of people from different countries to different countries is rampant even in the past history of the world. Specifically, the America is a very diverse country in terms of citizens coming all over the world. European people, specifically French, started to migrate in the several states of America even during the pre-industrial revolution. This causes population changes in consecutive stages in the demographic transition data. The Spread of Disease Not only the culture of Europe was these migrants brought within the geographical territory of the Americans.

Worse than cultural changes and influences, was there a spread of disease called small pox or the variola major [1]. The disease was first triggered along with the arrival of the European migrants in the northwest coast of North America. The coincidence led to the conclusion that the Europeans were the ones who brought the disease to the Native Americans. And as studies in the modern days shown, it was discovered that it has been rampant in the area of England, specifically in England because of the vaccinia virus originally from the cow pox [2]. Damages and Impacts

As the two or more tribes and races interact with one another, the disease continued to spread as it became an epidemic among Native Americans including the tribe of Puget Sound. From the estimated population of 37,000 , their numbers reduced to 26,000. To calculate, approximately 30% of the population was wiped out by the spreading epidemic, and it even reached as high as 50 to 70% rate [2]. According to historian Robert Boyd, the 11,000 people killed by the epidemic only accounted to the smallpox disease, which means that a few number of people killed by other European diseases like measles and influenza are still not dated [3].

Recovery in New Century We could say that the massive spread of this illness had contributed a lot to the decline of population in the whole America. It was during the Agrarian stage in the Demographic Transition Theory when the population of the United States was very inconsistent of birth rate and death rate since there were famine, and of course, the diseases, which were killing the population. The smallpox plague during those days of 1770s was an apparent event wherein the population of the Native Americans declined.

Until late 1790s, the recovery of the human capital of Native Americans was still in slow progress since vaccines were still under improvement by medical technologies. It has a very big impact in the race of Naive Americans since at least 30% of their population, oldies and youngs, were dying of smallpox. From the wakes of declining population, the tendency of the people is to raise and raise children so that the population will be elevated from the downfall, There could be an increase in fertility rate among women of Native Americans since there was a very high mortality rate in the past years.

Nowadays, the Native Americans account almost three million populations all over the United States. This is the result of the high mortality rate in the past decades and centuries. Nonetheless, on the forthcoming years, the population could still be doubled until it reaches its optimum level, and then started to decline again, since the population explosion could also be a natural check to prevent overpopulation.

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