Ebola – Symptoms

Liberia:? ? ?Population? size:?? 4,092,310? (July? 2014? est. )? ? Population? growth? rate:? 2. 52%? (2014? est. )? ? Birth? Rate:? 35. 07? births/1,000? population? (2014? est. )? ? Death? Rate:? 9. 9? deaths/1,000? population? (2014? est. )? ? Migration? Rate:? 0? migrant(s)/1,000? population? (2014? est. )? ? Climate:? tropical?? hot,? humid?? dry? winters? with? hot? days? and? cool? to? cold? nights?? wet,? cloudy? summers? with? frequent? heavy? showers? ?

Natural? resources:? iron? ore,? timber,? diamonds,? gold,? hydropower? ? Terrain:? mostly? flat? to? rolling? coastal?plains? rising? to? rolling? plateau? and? low? mountains? in? northeast? ? ? Economic? Structure:? ? ? GDP:? $2. 898? billion? (2013? est. )? ? GDP? Growth? Rate:? 8. 1%? (2013? est. )? ? GDP? Per? Capita:? $700? (2013? est. )? ? Unemployment? Rate:? 85%? (2003? est. )? ? Labor? Force? by? Occupation:? agriculture:? 70%? ,? industry:? 8%,? services:? 22%? (2000? est. )? ? HealthCare? Expenditures:? 19. 5%? of? GDP? (2011)? ? Education? Expenditures:? 2. 8%? of? GDP? (2012)? ? Population?

Below? Poverty? Line:? 80%? (2000? est. )? ? Industries? &? Exports:? mining? (iron? ore),? rubber?processing,? palm? oil? processing,? timber,? diamonds? ? Budget:? revenues:? $465? million,? expenditures:? $521. 7? million? (2013? est. )? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Social? Structure:? ? ? Nationality:? Liberian(s)? ? Ethnic? Groups:? There? are? officially? 16? ethnic? groups? that? make? up? Liberia’s? population.? About? 95%? of? Liberia’s? population? is? made? up? of? Africans.?? ? Languages? Spoken:? English? is? the? official? language,? however? 30? other? languages? are? present? in? this? country? (3? are? institutional,? 17? are? developing,? and? 11? are? vigorous)? ?

Religion:?86%? of? this? country? is? made? up? of? Christianity.? The? other? 14%? is? made? up? of? Muslims.? ? Life? Expectancy:? 60. 21? years? ? Hospital? Bed? Density:? 0. 8? beds/1,000? population? (2010)? ? Physician? Density:? 0. 01? physicians/1,000? population? (2008)? ? Sanitation? Facility? Access:? improved:? urban:? 28. 4%? of? population,? rural:? 5. 9%? of? population,? total:? 16. 8%? of? population? ? Major? Infectious? Diseases:? degree? of? risk:? very? high,? food? or? waterborne? diseases:? bacterial? and? protozoal? diarrhea,? hepatitis?

A,? and? typhoid? fever,? vectorborne?diseases:? malaria,? dengue? fever,? and? yellow? fever,? water? contact? disease:? schistosomiasis,? aerosolized? dust? or? soil? contact? disease:? Lassa? fever,? animal? contact? disease:? rabies? (2013)? ? Government? Makeup:? republic:? A? form? of? government? in? which? power? is? explicitly? vested? in? the? people,? who? in? turn? exercise? their? power? through? elected? representatives.? Role? of? an? Epidemiologist:?? ? Scientist? that? studies? the? patterns,? causes,? and? effects? of? health? and? diseases? conditions? in? defined? populations.?

It? is? the? cornerstone?of? public? health,? and? informs? public? decisions? and? evidence? based? practice? by? identifying? risk? for? disease? and? targets? for? preventive? health? care.? ? ? ? ? ? Gnim? Bazim ???????? Period? 2? Research? Project??? Worksheet? II? ? Internet? Sources:? http://viralzone. expasy. org/all_by_species/23. html? http://www. mayoclinic. org/diseases? conditions/ebola? virus/basics/symptoms/con? 20031 241? http://www. who. int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs103/en/? Description? of? Virus(Filovirus):?? ? ?

Structurally,? filovirus? virions? may? appear? in? several? shapes,? a?biological? features? called? pleomorphism.? These? shapes? include? long,? branched? filaments,? as? well? as? shorter? filaments? shaped? like? a? “6”,? a? “U”,? or? a? circle.? Viral? filaments? may? measure? up? to? 14,000? nanometers? in? length,? have? a? uniform? diameter? of? 80? nanometers,? and? are? enveloped? in? a? lipid? membrane.?? ? Description? of? how? the? bacteria? or? virus? affects? the? human? body:? ? ? The? Ebola? virus? belongs? to? the? viral? family? Filoviridae.? Scientists? also? call? it?

Filovirus.? These? virus? types? cause? hemorrhagic? fever? or? profuse?bleeding? inside? and? outside? the? body? accompanied? by? a? very? high? fever.? ? ? Symptoms:? ? Fever? ? Severe? headache? ? Muscle? pain? ? Weakness? ? Fatigue? ? Diarrhea? ? Vomiting? ? Abdominal? (stomach)? pain? ? Unexplained? hemorrhage? (bleeding? or? bruising)? ? ? ? ? ? ? Describe? the? Spread? of? the? disease? (Liberia)? ? There? is? no? evidence? indicating? that? Ebola? virus? is? spread? by? coughing? or? sneezing.? Ebola? virus? is? transmitted? through? direct? contact? with? the? blood? or? body? fluids? of? a? person? who? is? sick? with? Ebola?? the? virus? is? not?transmitted? through? the? air? (like? measles? virus).? ? Total? Cases? (Suspected/Probable/Confirmed)?? 8931?

Laboratory? Confirmed? Cases? 3147? Total? Deaths? 3858? (January? 2,? 2015)? ? Explanation? of? why? population? is? getting? sick? (Liberia)? ? Sanitation? is? a? significant? cause? of? the? Liberian? population? being? infected? with? Ebola.? It? is? a? well? known? struggle? in? many? cities? of? Liberia? as? many? rivers? are? used? as? public? toilets? and? the? water? from? these? particular? rivers? is? considered? drinking? water? for? the? inhabitants? of? Liberia.??

Ebola, previously known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, is a rare and deadly disease. Ebola viruses are found in several African countries. Ebola was first discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River in what is now the Democratic Republic of the …

Much progress was made in the effort to find a possible treatment method for the Ebola virus outbreak in many African countries. The drug is called “ZMapp,” and medical professionals say victims have shown “very positive signs of recovery. ” …

Ebola, also known as hemorrhagic fever, is a disease caused by infecon with one of the virus strains. It can cause disease in humans and primates such as monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees. Ebola was $rst iden$ed near the Ebola River …

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the world’s deadliest to date and the World Health Organization has declared an international health emergency as more than 2,100 people have died of the virus in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria …

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