Due to the increased pressure

Due to the increased pressure in the esophageal vein channels brought by cirrhotic hepatic hypertension and/or blockage in the primary vein channels, distention and enlargement of these vein networks in the esophagus occur and eventually lead to formation of esophageal varices.

The condition is diagnosed by manual viewing of the upper GI tract through endoscopy, while severe cases of esophageal varices are diagnosed through laboratory results of prothrombin index, phosphatase activity and hyaluronate biochemical increase. Risk factors associated to the formation of varices are excessive alcohol intake and liver disease.

Lastly, the life-threatening danger of the disease is the actual rupture of these varices, which may cause acute hemorrhage. IV.


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Several risk components have been identified by McPhee, Papadakis and Tierney (2007) revolving in the condition of hepatic portal interruptions and increased vein pressure in the esophageal area. These include (a) age, (b) severity of liver disease and (c) alcohol …

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