Drug abuse

The discussion was about drug abuse. Any form of drug abuse is bad for a person and the society. Once the word drug abuse has been said, it depicts sadness and fear to the conversation. For six people to discuss and talk about drug abuse shows maturity. For a tabooed topic to be discussed requires a lot of courage and moral fiber. I, being part of the group, showed that I have the maturity and open mindedness to discuss such sensitive matter. The discussion happened because there is a need to be realistic. Drug abuse is a harsh sickness to the society and must be cured.

The first step to solve a problem is to discuss it. The discussion brought out a wonderful experience for the group of six people because they had leveled themselves one step higher in attaining a liberal society. I have learned that it is important to discuss the problems of the society even though it is delicate. To be open in this kind of issue is a must for an active and well rounded person. The six persons that discussed drug abuse showed activism. They conform to the idea of unprejudiced and enthusiastic view to learn the reality of our society. 2.

Taking them to local park to try out different sport games People take on sports for different reasons. Some engage in sports for athletic reasons while some for recreational purposes. Once a sport game has been executed, it does not only develop one’s physical body but also the camaraderie of the people that participate. I, participating in sport games, mean that I would like to communicate with other people, not just with a simple conversion but with the use of physical skills. I learned that recreational activities with others conforms an applied way to communicate and interact with each other.

Trying out different sports games with a group of people is healthy and recommended. The activity shows that the persons fond of trying out sport games with others are pragmatists because they want to apply innovative techniques to interact. 3. Taking 4 youths to a park to make a rocket as dated above Making a rocket is a complicated and sophisticated activity to execute. The assembly and construction of the rocket takes time and thinking. For me building the rocket means that I have thought about the activity thoroughly before it is carried out.

The creation of the rocket might have resulted to theories and speculation of how it could launch and negate the gravity of the earth. It is a healthy way to express the ideas of people. People engaging in such activity practice their logic and rationality before the action is done. Theorist adapt to this kind of activity because it challenges their minds to prepare a plan or theory before the engagement. 4. Group of 8 individuals was handed out a sheet titled “I believe”. It was a group discussion on different topics which affect individuals (abortion, religion, education)

The discussion started with a sheet entitled “I believe”. This means that the group was able to contemplate about the things they believe before the discussion took place. I can say that there has been a lot of ideas that pass through my mind before it started because I was given ample time to ponder on what to say in the discussion. It made the group ready for the discussion which resulted for the group to have a brilliant debate. Even though the topics of the discussion were quite sensitive, the group was prepared on the matter.

The group demonstrated the qualities of a reflector who muse for the topic before it is conferred. 5. Watched a video about bullying (out of control) which members of the group discussed who has been on the receiving side off bullying and who has bullied others. The encounter with the video showed the realistic side of bullying. Man has always used might to dominate others. Bullying is a delicate issue and truly happening in our society especially in schools. The video acted as my visual aid to reflect on the nature of bullying and its impacts to others.

The experienced happened because there is a need for us to face reality and devise a solution to such problem. Mulling over the idea before being discussed is a healthy way to come up with premises before the formal dialogue. The group discussion portrays a reflective type of learning in which the group has to ponder with the topic before it is discussed. 6. Arranged a group of 7 to make a poster on the effects of drugs and alcohol and the end result was a brilliant poster with do’s and don’t points. To make such poster about drugs and alcohol requires having an open mind.

Drugs and alcohol in always associated with negation and must be set aside. This lack of information results to the ignorance of the society to the effects of it. Being part of the group shows that I am aware of the truthful effects of drugs and alcohol. It showed that our group is matured enough to establish the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. The poster we have created came from the evolution of our liberal ideas rolled into one. It is healthy for the group to maintain a radical activity to become aware of the harsh realities of the world and how to avoid it.

The learning activity showed the structure of an activist, adventurous and unafraid to learning something new. 7. Group of 8 members who were ready to go for work as part of there apprenticeship. They did a session with interview techniques. The group prepared before going to the internship by doing interview technique sessions. Our group showed that we want to be suitably prepared before we face our apprenticeship interview. Going into a battle well prepared means that we have a greater chance to succeed.

To prepare with our internship, we had to review the concepts that are needed for the interview. Practice is one of the vital techniques of executing a well designed planned and must be exercised. The group applied the activist’s way of learning, being rational and open minded in different aspects of a certain topic. 8. Trip to Manchester United football stadium By watching a football game at the Manchester United stadium, our group showed that we can learn through action. Seeing the professional football players come into play will give us experience to apply in the actual game.

The activity can also strengthen the amity among the people that are united to watch football and to support their favorite team. It shows that the group is having the pragmatic learning method in which learning can be achieved through actual experience. In this scenario, the group can see their favorite professional football players up close and increase their knowledge about playing football. 9. Group of 6 to the city centre, taking pictures of unique things to make an art picture Our group contemplated with the pictures we have taken in the city centre before we could make the art picture.

It showed that we had to first generate ideas from the pictures we have taken before we had to come up with our own beautiful artwork. It is a wonderful activity to prepare and inspire oneself first before making a masterpiece. The learning technique showed in this situation is the reflector view because the group pondered on the pictures they have taken to generate ideas before the art picture could be made. 10. A group of 12 taken out to the local park for a game of cricket mixed boys and girls Our group learned the game of cricket by means of applying it.

We learned about technicalities of cricket. The activity did not only increase our knowledge and skills about cricket, but it also strengthen the friendship among the group. The learning technique that was applied was pragmatic view, which an activity should be applied for it to be learned. REFERENCE Learning styles – Honey & Mumford (1982). Retrieved May 8, 2009 Regional Support Centre for London: http://www. excellencegateway. org. uk/media/ferl_and_aclearn/ferl/pages/news_events/events/2004/november/workshop_presentations/B10. doc

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