Down syndrome

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. This disease is very dangerous and has caused many deaths over time. Cancer is caused by cells when they divide to quickly and fail to commit apoptosis. It also can occur when cells forget how to die. When this happens a tumor is formed. There are many things that cause cancer and even some that we don’t know about yet. Some of the most common things that cause cancer or increase your risk of getting it are tobacco, radiation, lack of physical activity, obesity, and environmental pollutants.

These things cause damage to the genes or can combine with other bad genes, which result in the disease. There are many different types of cancer and it can be found in almost anywhere in the body. Some of the most common places it is found are the lungs, colon, breast, skin and bones. All these different kinds of cancers affect the body in different ways but they all have the same way of harming the body by killing all the normal healthy cells and spreading everywhere it can. Cancer usually causes symptoms such as fever, fatigue, and weight loss.

Scientists have not yet come up with a cure for cancer however there are treatments that can help to get rid of it but it is not guaranteed that the cancer will stay away forever. One of the most common forms of cancer is Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer starts out in the tissue of the breast and will spread throughout the rest of the body if it is not treated. There are two different kinds of breast cancer, Lobular carcinoma, which starts in the parts of the breasts called lobules, and Ductal carcinoma which is the more common of the two.

This type starts in the tubes, which move milk from the breast to the nipple. Rarely does Breast Cancer develop in other areas. Breast Cancer is either invasive or noninvasive. This means that it has either spread to other breast tissue or hasn’t. There are multiple factors that can increase your chance of getting Breast Cancer. The main ones are age and gender, family history of breast cancer, genes, and menstrual cycle. As you get older the risk of getting breast cancer increases. Some people also have genetic mutations that make it more likely they develop breast cancer.

Some other common risks would be alcohol use, childbirth, DES, HRT, obesity, and radiation. Things such as age and race cannot be changed and there is no way to prevent cancer. Even though people may have one or more of these risks it does not mean they will get Breast Cancer. While even if you don’t have any of these it does not mean you cannot get Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer rarely affects men and children do not get it. The statistics of a woman getting breast cancer at a time in her life is one in eight. Estrogen, progesterone and other hormones can increase the chance of someone getting it as well.

Symptoms of breast cancer are not noticed in the early stages usually. However lumps that are in the breast or armpit that are hard or uneven can be signs. Another sign would be the changing in size, shape, or feel of the breast or nipple or fluid coming from the nipple. Advanced symptoms can include bone pain, breast pain, skin ulcers, swelling of the armpit and weight loss. It is important to go in for tests and regular checkups to make sure breast cancer does not occur. There are many treatments, which can be done on breast cancer patients, however there is no real cure.

The main treatments that are used are Chemotherapy medicine which kill the cancer cells, surgery to take out the cancer that had grown, radiation therapy which destroys the cancerous tissue, and hormone therapy and biological therapy. These treatments can be very dangerous and have serious side affects. They can cause nausea, vomiting, stress, fatigue, and many other problems. People who have to endure these treatments go through a lot of pain and suffering and causes a lot of emotional problems. Elizabeth Thomas, my mom’s best friend and very close friend to our family recently died from breast cancer.

She was diagnosed with it when she was 56 and went through operations immediately. There were factors in her life, which added up and made sense as to why she got breast cancer. She was a woman over 50, which increases your risk of getting it, she was also a heavy smoker but immediately stopped after being diagnosed. She went through procedures such as chemotherapy and radiation. These procedures were very difficult for her. It was extremely stressful and took a toll on her body. She got weaker and often threw up. Not only was it physically horrible, but mentally it was extremely difficult to deal with.

She could not handle it at times and it was very hard to cope. Breast Cancer is not an easy thing to deal with and it is very common. There are multiple things that can cause it and it is important to try and prevent it in any way possible. It is also important to help support causes that try to find a cure to breast cancer. Although many people are working towards finding a cure to it, nothing has been discovered yet. A chromosomal disorder is caused by errors in the number or structure of chromosomes. Multiple children with a chromosomal abnormality have mental and/or physical birth defects.

Chromosomal abnormalities are caused by an error that occurs when an egg and sperm cell develops. There is no clear reason why these errors happen. Sometimes something goes wrong before fertilization and this results in too many chromosomes in the egg or sperm cell. Chromosomal abnormalities can affect the body in many different ways. Some of the most common results of a chromosomal abnormality are down syndrome, trisomies 13 and 18, turner syndrome, triple X, Klinefelter syndrome and XYY. All these disorders affect the body in different ways and complicate everyday lives.

Trisomy 21 (Downs Syndrome) is a very common disorder that many people have and know about. It is the result of having three 21 chromosomes instead of the usual pair. Trisomy is a term used to describe three chromosomes. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder which causes different birth defects such as mental retardation, facial features that are different, heart defects which are common, visual and hearing problems, and many other health problems. Not everyone who is diagnosed with down syndrome experiences these affects as severely as others.

This disorder affects millions of babies all over the world. The severity of down syndrome varies from case to case. There are many people with down syndrome who are able to lead normal lives and can do everyday activities. However there are cases where men may not be able to father a child and women have a 50/50 chance of completing the full pregnancy. Congenital heart defect, intestinal malformations that require surgery, increased risk for visual and hearing impairment, and increased risk of thyroid problems and leukemia are all symptoms of down syndrome.

No one has found a cure for down syndrome. There is no way to prevent the chromosomal error that occurs and causes down syndrome either. There is nothing that proves that the parents have done anything wrong to cause children to be born with down syndrome. There are studies that suggest many theories as to why babies are born with down syndrome. One of the more popular ones is that women have an abnormality in how their bodies metabolize the B vitamin folic acid. There is no targeted group for people who have down syndrome and no causes are known to have caused it.

Some factors that may increase the risk of down syndrome include drinking or doing drugs while pregnant. There are many people who have Down syndrome and have still managed become extremely successful and famous. Jane Cameron is a famous artist who discovered her talent of drawing when she went to Doctor Franklin Perkins School in Lancaster, Massachusetts. Her drawings and artwork have been commissioned by organizations of the Prime Minister, Mirabel Airport and Reader’s Digest Canada. Jane was told she could not learn and did not matter at a young age.

However both her parents felt very differently and had her put into the best schools and gave her as much love and affection as possible. Another famous actress who happens to have Downy Syndrome is Lauren Potter. Lauren Potter is known very well for her role in the popular show, Glee as Becky Jackson. Lauren Potter worked her way to the top and became a big hit on this extremely popular show. Although these people had Down syndrome they worked through it, overcame their disailities and became the best they could be.

Bloom’s Syndrome (BS) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by photosensitivity, growth deficiency of prenatal onset, variable degree of immunodeficiency, and increased susceptability to neoplasms of many sites and types. Bloom’s Syndrome is also known as Congenital Telangiectatic Erythema. …

Down syndrome is a set of intellectual and physical symptoms which is the result of having an extra copy of chromosome 21. As a rule, a fertilized egg has 23 pairs of chromosomes, however people who are diagnosed with a …

Down syndrome Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic disorders, occurring one in every 600 births (Davis, 2008). 3,500-5,000 children are born with Down syndrome every year in the United States alone (Pueschel, 2008). Down syndrome or mongolism …

This is a chromosomal disorder resulting from the presence of an extra chromosome at the chromosome 21. it is otherwise called Trisomy 21. Chromosome 21 is one of the chromosomes of the body that have been exclusively elucidated. It has …

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