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This research project will discuss how demographics disease trends affect the delivery of health care. We will begin with the current age of the United States Population and how changes will and our occurring within the next 10-20 years. Second, we will identify factors that support our environment and the demographic trends that are changing. We will provide examples of relevant disease and how the aging trend will increase or possibility decrease health issues. Within the next 10-20 years how the obesity rate will change from now to then. In turn, the paper will discuss the environmental, and demographics related to the obesity trend.

We will also include diseases related to this health issue, and how this trend may increase or decrease health issues. Lastly we will discuss the future and how health care services will adapt to provide care for these trends and health issues related to certain ages. “If current trends, continue, the population of the United States will rise to 438 million in 2050, from 296 million in 2005, and 82% of the increase will be due to immigrants arriving from 2005 to 2050 and their US born descendants, according to new projections developed by the Pew Research Center. ” Www. pewsocialtrends.

org. The United States population is growing older. The nation’s workforce is reflecting these demographic changes. However, with these new statistics employers are projecting labor shortages. “The retention of current workers resulting in an increasing number of older adults in the workforce or risk of losing many experienced and knowledgeable workers to retirement or other pursuits” www. Center for Disease Control. com Some of the older workers have chronic diseases and resulting impairments that employers need to consider in developing their workplace health programs.

To reduce health complications related to aging, we need to get involved in an exercise routine, take vitamins, and eat healthier. As we age we need to keep our minds sharp. Keeping active both mentally and physically will help us age slower. There are diseases that as we age we need to be aware of some of them are; colon cancer, diabetes, and especially degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson’s. The degenerative diseases are extremely prevalent in the elder population. The United States population is based on two measures; they are estimates from the past, and projections supported by assumptions on future demographic trends.

Projections assume what the future trends will be, and estimates gather information on existing data from several sources. There are 311 million people in the United States which is the third largest population. However, over the next two decades the population is estimated to be over 363 million people. By the year 2030, the people population will increase by 52 million. The United States largest part of growth is because of immigration. In the United States the largest disease that is becoming an epidemic is Obesity. According to statistics more than half of the population in the United States is considered obese.

Obesity is an illness that has many factors that can be controlled and it also has factors in which the patient has no control over. Since the early 1900’s there are many forms of treatment that could be used. “Obesity is a disease that affects 60 percent of Americans in the United States. ” In 2007, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted survey regarding obesity in the United States and found alarming results. ” www. cdc. com However, the black American community had a 51 percent higher prevalence of obesity and Hispanics had 21 percent higher obesity prevalence compared with Caucasians.

“In 2009, the same survey was conducted and was found that there are thirty three states where 25 percent of the population is obese”. (www. cdc. com) in nine of those states, there was an increase of 30 percent of the population obese. The biggest and most important challenge that could be done is to lose weight. Once you are obese our organs partake in extra pressure and stress that they do not need. With all of the extra fat our heart suffers because they are surround in layers of fat, and the liver, intestine, lungs and everything else. The delivery of health care services has changed and improved tremendously over the years.

Today the health care system has prolonged life expectancy, quality of life, and it has happened due to the people becoming more knowledgeable. People face the challenge everyday of cost, accessibility, and quality is a challenge that they face in order to provide the people with healthcare. There are organizations that have helped provide the nation with health care information to inform about diseases that can affect the population and prevent certain illness and diseases. In the early 1900’s, which at that time the public health departments were dealing with a tremendous amount of infectious diseases.

Some of these infectious diseases were’ tuberculosis, mumps, influenza, small pox, cholera, and even chicken pox. They were also dealing with outbreaks of viral and bacterial infections which had no treatments. Over the last 100 years almost all of those diseases have been controlled by vaccinations. The development of antibiotics helped revolutionize medicine, making bacterial infections curable. The advancement of medicine has expanded treatment options for just about everything including but not limited to, infectious diseases, auto immune disorders, heart disease, diabetes, and other disorders.

Some of the factors that are affecting health care delivery are related to each individual patient. Their finances are the biggest factor. However, the physician, and their communication with him or her, and their race, gender and ethnicity. “The United States is facing a crisis of epic proportions in health care delivery”. The crisis is appearing on many fronts simultaneously; a funding gap, a human resource gap, an energy gap, and a carbon gap. http://www. fastcodesign. com/1663450/for-the-future-of-health-care.

Today’s health care delivery system was developed in an era of infectious disease, trauma, technological breakthroughs, and the rise of medical education. In today’s society it is not affordable using the health care delivery system. “In a future with increased instances of extreme weather, health care facilities should be equipped to deliver essential medical and public health services. ” There are four key components of Health Care Delivery system. These components are; financing, insurance, delivery, and payments.

Financing is the largest factor of health care delivery because it often requires costly diagnostic tests and procedures and or lengthy hospital stays. Insurance protects the insured against catastrophic risks when needling expensive health care services. Delivery refers to the provision of health care services and the receipt of insurance payment directly for those services. The payment function deals with reimbursement to providers for services delivered.

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