Diphenoxylate – Pharmacology

Manufacturer Lupin Laboratories Ltd. Generic Acebrophylline Package/s Capsule 100 mg, (Rs. 75. 00) ABOUT ACEBROPHYLLINE BRONCHODILATOR, MUCOREGULATOR, ANTIINFLAMATORY DRUG,SALT OF THEOPHYLLINE-7- acetic acid with ambroxol. More details….. Dosage Adult : 100 mg twice daily Children up to 2 years, it`s half a teaspoon, twice daily. Age 2 to 5 is half a teaspoon, three times a day Children ag…. More details….. Pregnancy Contraindicated Breast Feeding Contraindicated Old Age Use with caution Children Use with caution Mechanism Of Action Theophylline-7-acetate ha bronchodilator effect due to inhibition of the intracellular phosphodiesterases, followed by increase in cyclic AMP level wh…. More details….. PharmacoKinetics Absorption:

Absorbed after oral administration Distribution: Widely distributed in the body Metabolism: Metabolised in the liver Excretion: Excrete…. More details….. OnsetOfAction 1 to 2 hours…. More details….. AdverseEffect 1. Abdominal discomfort 2. Stomach/abdominal distension 3. Vomiting 4. Diarrhea 5. Constipation 6. Esophageal bleeding …. More details….. SpecialPrecautions 1. Cardiac insufficiency 2. Gastro intestinal disorders 3. Epilepsy and hyperthyroidism …. More details…..

Indications 1. COPD 2. Bronchial asthma 3. Bronchitis 4. Sinusitis …. More details….. Interactions The concomitant use of acebrophylline and frusimide can potentiate dieresis Concomitant use of acebrophylline with reserpine can cause tachycardia P…. More details….. Storage Store in a cool dry place and protect from light. Keep out of the reach of children…. More details….. OLWAYS Manufacturer Astra Zeneca Generic Olmesartan Package/s Tablet 20 mg, (Rs. 60. 00) Tablet 40 mg, (Rs. 110. 00) ABOUT OLMESARTAN AN ANGIOTENSIN II RECEPTOR ANTAGONIST, IMIDAZOLE DERIVATIVE, Antihypertensive. More details…..

Dosage Adult: 20mg/day and if needed dose can be increased to 40mg/day…. More details….. Pregnancy Contraindicated Breast Feeding Contraindicated Old Age Use with caution Children Contraindicated Mechanism Of Action Olmesartan is a competitive antagonist of angiotensin-II at AT-1 receptor. It decreases peripheral resistance and lowers BP in hypertensive individual…. More details….. PharmacoKinetics Absorption: It is rapidly and completely absorbed after oral administration. Metabolism: It undergoes metabolism in the liver. Excretion: It is excr…. More details….. AdverseEffect 1. Dizziness 2.

Headache 3. Diarrhea 4. Upper respiratory tract infection 5. Abnormal heart rate 6. Chest pain 7. Peripheral edema 8. Vertigo 9. A…. More details….. SpecialPrecautions 1. Renal impairment 2. Renal artery stenosis …. More details….. Indications Hypertension…. More details….. Storage Store at 20 – 25 degree C. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from heat, light and moisture….. More details….. MissedDosage Take the missed dose as soon as noticed and if it is the time for next dose then skip the missed dose. Continue the regular schedule. Do not double the dose….. More details…..

Overdose Give supportive measures and symptomatic treatment….. More details….. AZTOR Manufacturer Aztec (Sun) Generic Atorvastatin Package/s Tablet 80 mg, (Rs. .00) Tablet 20 mg, (Rs. 148. 00) Tablet 40 mg, (Rs. 212. 00) Tablet 5 mg, (Rs. 39. 00) Tablet 10 mg, (Rs. 80. 00) About Atorvastatin HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor, statins, Antilipemic agent. More details….. Dosage Oral: Starts with 10mg once daily; Increased if required based on patients response. Maximum dose: 80mg …. More details….. Pregnancy Contraindicated Breast Feeding Contraindicated Old Age May be used Children Use with caution Below 9years: Contraindicated.

Mechanism Of Action It is a more potent statin which competitively inhibits the conversion of 3-hydroxy-3-methyl glutaryl coenzyme A (HMG CoA) to mevalonate. The drug exe…. More details….. PharmacoKinetics Absorption: Readily absorbed orally, Distribution: Widely distributed in a highly protein bound form, Metabolism: Metabolized in liver in to active me…. More details….. AdverseEffect 1. Headache 2. Dizziness 3. Insomnia 4. Alopecia 5. Anorexia 6. Abdominal discomfort 7. Heart burn 8. Abdominal pain 9. Nausea 10. Dyspepsia 11. Flatul…. More details….. SpecialPrecautions 1.

Monitor hepatic function tests and lipid levels before and periodically during therapy and stop drug if there is marked elevation of creatinine …. More details….. Indications 1. Hypercholesterolemia 2. Combined hyperlipidaemia …. More details….. Storage Store at room temperature at a range of 15 to 25 degree C….. More details….. MissedDosage Take the missed dose as soon as noticed and if it is the time for next dose then skip the missed dose. Continue the regular schedule. Do not double the dose….. More details….. Overdose Provide supportive care and symptomatic treatment….. More details….. Lnbloc 5 Tab 10`S.

(10 Tablets in Strip) ERIS LIFE SCIENCES PVT LTD -10+ Tablet (1 Strip) Rs. 4 / Tablet Rs. 40 CHECK AVAILABILITY Composition Cilnidipine (5mg) SALT INFORMATION Cilnidipine (5mg) INDICATORS Pregnancy:C Lactation:L4 Lab:NA Food:NA TYPICAL USAGE Hypertension with or without cardiac failure. SIDE EFFECTS Nausea, stomach upset, skin rash, acute toxicity. DRUG INTERACTION Tell your doctor of all prescription and nonprescription medication you may use. Do not start or stop any medicine without doctor or pharmacist approval. MECHANISM OF ACTION Cilnidipine (INN) is a calcium channel blocker. Diphenoxylate Hydrochloride / Atropine Sulfate.

Pronunciation Pronunciation: die-fen-OX-ih-late HIGH-droe-KLOR-ide/AT-troe-peen SULL-fate Class: Antidiarrheal Trade Names Logen – Tablets 2. 5 mg diphenoxylate hydrochloride and 0. 025 mg atropine sulfate Lomanate – Liquid 2. 5 mg diphenoxylate hydrochloride and 0. 025 mg atropine sulfate per 5 mL Lomotil – Liquid 2. 5 mg diphenoxylate hydrochloride and 0. 025 mg atropine sulfate per 5 mL – Tablets 2. 5 mg diphenoxylate hydrochloride and 0. 025 mg atropine sulfate Lonox – Tablets 2. 5 mg diphenoxylate hydrochloride and 0. 025 mg atropine sulfate Pharmacology Diphenoxylate, related to meperidine, decreases motility of GI tract.

Atropine discourages deliberate overdosage of diphenoxylate. Indications and Usage Adjunctive therapy in treatment of diarrhea. Contraindications Obstructive jaundice; diarrhea associated with pseudomembranous enterocolitis or enterotoxin-producing bacteria; narrow-angle glaucoma; use in children younger than 2 yr of age. Dosage and Administration Tablets may be crushed and administered with fluid. Adults Initial dose: PO 5 mg 4 times daily. Individualize dose. Children 2 to 12 yr of age PO 0. 3 to 0. 4 mg/kg/day in 4 divided doses. Storage/Stability Store in tightly closed, light-resistant container at room temperature. Drug Interactions.

Alcohol, barbiturates, CNS depressants, tranquilizers May increase depressant action MAOIs May precipitate hypertensive crisis. Laboratory Test Interactions None well documented. Adverse Reactions Cardiovascular Tachycardia. CNS Dizziness; drowsiness; sedation; headache; malaise; lethargy; restlessness; euphoria; depression; numbness of extremities; confusion. Dermatologic Pruritus; angioneurotic edema; urticaria; dry skin and mucous membranes; flushing. GI Dry mouth; anorexia; nausea; vomiting; abdominal discomfort; paralytic ileus; toxic megacolon; pancreatitis; constipation. Genitourinary Urinary retention. Miscellaneous.

Swelling of gums; anaphylaxis; hyperthermia. Precautions Monitor Assess frequency and consistency of stools before and throughout therapy. Monitor for signs of dehydration and toxic megacolon. Pregnancy Category B . Lactation Excreted in breast milk. Children Contraindicated in children younger than 2 yr of age. Greater risk of atropinism, especially with Down syndrome. Hepatic Function Use with extreme caution; may precipitate hepatic coma. Diarrhea Do not give for diarrhea associated with organisms that penetrate the intestinal mucosa (ie, Salmonella , Shigella ), acute Crohn disease or pseudomembranous colitis caused by antibiotic therapy.

Notify health care provider and discontinue therapy for abdominal distention or other untoward symptoms. Fluid/electrolyte imbalance Dehydration may contribute to adverse effects, especially in young children. If dehydration or electrolyte imbalance occurs, may need to discontinue therapy until condition is corrected. Overdosage Symptoms Dry skin and mucous membranes, mydriasis, restlessness, flushing, hyperthermia, tachycardia, lethargy, coma, nystagmus, pinpoint pupils, respiratory depression. Patient Information •Advise patient to continue taking drug until diarrhea has stopped for 24 to 36 h.

Discontinuing medication earlier may result in relapse or return of diarrhea. •Instruct patient to notify health care provider if fever and palpitations occur or when diarrhea persists or becomes malodorous or bloody. •Tell patient to take sips of water frequently, suck on ice chips or sugarless hard candy, or chew sugarless gum if dry mouth occurs. •Instruct patient to avoid intake of alcoholic beverages or other CNS depressants. •Advise patient that drug may cause drowsiness and to use caution while driving or performing other tasks requiring mental alertness.

1. A drug, given as a 100-mg single dose, results in a peak plasma concentration of 20 μg/mL. The apparent volume of distribution is (assume a rapid distribution and negligible elimination prior to measuring the peak plasma level): A. 0.5 …

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