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It has been known that constant estrogen ingestion in the form of tablets, supplements and pills can greatly cause the estrogen receptors in a woman’s body to be less receptive and responsive. In other words, when the body of a woman already has a high content of estrogen this makes the receptors for estrogen to be less sensitive and “numb” to the estrogen levels. A good analogy would be when you enter a tropical country during summer. When you first arrived in the tropical country, you notice the hot temperature in the surroundings and you begin to sweat.

However, after being in the tropical country for some time, the “hotness” of the environment turns out to be less perceivable. Your skin and sweat glands become less sensitive to the heat. In effect, your sweat glands become less responsive and then your body becomes adapted to the tropical country’s temperature. For many years, estrogen and estrogen-progestin therapy were recommended to medicate certain menopausal symptoms on women. This is also aimed at preventing osteoporosis and to improve the women’s overall health.

However, after publication of results of an experiment from the Women’s Health Initiative in June 2002 and April 2004, many researchers and government related medical and drug agencies now advise health care professionals and doctors to recommend menopausal hormone therapies at the lowest possible dose and also for the shortest possible length of time to treat certain medical abnormalities. Analysis The newly discovered effects of DES on women will greatly affect the companies that manufacture the said drug and the majority of healthcare professionals that recommend artificial estrogen for hormone replacement for their patients.

Knowledge of this new discovery will pave way for a new and more critical outlook in healthcare practice and management. Like what agencies suggest to doctors and healthcare professionals, the artificial estrogen usage should be in the lowest possible dose and should be used in the shortest possible time. All of these new discoveries regarding the positive and negative side-effects of using DES in hormone replacement in women will eventually lead to a new way or “technique” in treating hormonal imbalances on women.

Different approaches will arise and the use of different medications, supplements and other beneficial substances will be put to use. In my opinion, this discovery will greatly help women of old age who are suffering from the effects of hormones. Helping them through great discoveries like these will remind us that in everything that humans invent and create, there will always be a negative side to it.

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