Dieting as a Lifestyle Change

Dieting as a Lifestyle Change

            Nowadays, one of the most common issues raised in the United States is weight problem. An increasing number of American people are said to be obese or in the verge of becoming obese, attributed to various reasons such as genetic factors, lack of physical activity, and type of diet. Many popular personalities are being commended when they lose weight, while the Hollywood stars who gain weight are often mocked or discriminated. Consequently, countless individuals are influenced by the media’s continuous campaign for a sexy figure and a healthy body. For this reason, many nutritionist and health enthusiasts have created various types of diets in order to have a healthy body and a balanced lifestyle.

            One of the many diets that are widely practiced these days is the ABS Diet, which was created by David Zinczenko, the editor of the popular magazine, Men’s Health (EveryDiet, 2009). Due to the popularity of this diet, Zinczenko was able to publish various books regarding his principles. In addition, many individuals have promoted the diet and proved to the public that Zinczenko has created a plan which can truly help anyone to lose weight.

            The ABS Diet, based on the book made by Zinczenko which has the same title, presents a seven-day meal plan. There are twelve (12) required “power foods” that have to be consumed together with the recipes that would help supplement the nutrition of the necessary meals. Although there are strict limitations on the types of food that can be eaten, an individual who is under the program of the ABS Diet is permitted to have a so-called “cheat meal” every week. The cheat meal allows an individual to eat anything and everything they want. In short, a person must be able to strictly comply with the necessary foods based on the book six (6) times a week, but he or she could enjoy all the food restricted during the whole week for one day (EveryDiet, 2009).

            Although the highlight of the diet is the types of food which should be eaten, it is also important to keep in mind that a person within the program must exercise, as this can help with the weight loss. While most diets repeatedly state that exercise is not needed in order to lose weight, Zinczenko has been very honest when he created the ABS Diet, stressing that the combination of dieting and exercising is crucial to achieve one’s desired figure. Specifically, the ABS diet is recommending that cardio as well as weight exercises are indeed needed to achieve the perfect body that most people would drool over. Such exercises are very essential for strengthening the body, building muscles, and increasing the metabolism which helps in fat burning (EveryDiet, 2009).

Similar to other diets, the ABS diet promotes not only a change in perspective on food and health and one’s outlook in life but also a change in lifestyle. In order to make the changes in the body evident, a person must learn how to discipline him or herself. Hence, a person who is interested to practice this type of diet must be willing to follow the requirements needed. Without the willingness and desire to abide by every detail of the ABS diet program, one would ruin the great possibilities of losing weight—as it promised.

Upon following the program of the ABS diet, one would experience another change in lifestyle: the limitation on the types of food that he or she can eat, as this diet allows one to take only twelve types of food. However, most people cannot fully follow the food limitations because making an effort to prepare and cook the food by oneself needs a certain amount of time. Thus, although this diet plan disagrees with the fast-paced American lifestyle, one who is serious about following this diet must make time to prepare personally cooked, or else, his or her efforts will only be wasted. Hence, in order to follow the ABS diet and attain its promises successfully, one must be disciplined, patient, as well as motivated (Zinczenko, 2005).


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