Dermatology is the medicine looking at things within the skin and also diseases. A unique specialty with both medical and surgical aspects. A dermatologist takes care of diseases, in the widest sense, and some cosmetic problems of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails.

The primary care of the dermatology clinic refers to the work of health care professionals who acts as a first point consultation for all patients within the health care patients. This is where the patient is reviewed and seen by their general practioner before referring them to the hospital for their needs. The secondary is the health care service which is provided by medical specialist and other health professional that generally do not have the first contact with patients. They are most likely to be seen by their GP than referred to the medical specialist such as the dermatologist clinic.

This also includes important treatment that is needed with the information and request from the GP. Patients may be required see a primary care provider for a referral before they can access secondary care. The tertiary care is a specialised consultative health care; it is usually for inpatients and on referral from a primary or secondary health professional in a facility that has personnel and facilities for advanced medical investigation and treatment e.g. tertiary referral hospital which is available in the dermatology clinic.

The care quality commission is a regulator that is involved in checking clinics and health services such as the dermatology clinic is regularly checked to inspect that the service that is being provided is appropriate and up to date. To check for any complaints patients have made but most importantly they check that they are meeting government standards. This dermatology is fully funded from the government where the hospital has a budget which is given out equally to all departments in the hospital.

Service users can access their service when they need by going through the GP and then admitted to the clinic or if the case serious you can be admitted straight away. Service users can phone up or call in regarding about the problem that they have and also they have the access to contact the doctor if needed but the process will need to go through the reception. There are no potential barriers to access as they have strategies to deal with all the problems that may arise.

The organasation is part of the NHS so this means all staff must follow policies, procedure and rules. They must into account of the needs of the service user by following the rules that are there in order to make sure good quality service is provided. They must also make sure that their rules, policies and procedure are also there for the safety of the service user.

For this part of the assignment I will describe the roles, responsibilities and pathways of three health and social care workers.

Health care assistant worker

The health care worker responsibility is to provide good quality care and also to provide assistant to the nurses. Health care assistant look after the patient and provide their need under the guidance of the nurse and they sanitise beds and change them when it is needed to do so.

The health care assistant follows the general rules of the hospital as this is a must but there are extra rules that the care assistant must follow which are to be valued and respected, to be heard as an equal member, to express the concern patient, maintain confidentiality and also be there for the patient when they are needed.

There is a team who they under the team of the nurses, the healthcare are there for the nurses for support and provide assistant when needed. There was no formal qualification but there were a few different types of training and induction to be a healthcare assistant from then if they passed the training they would qualify for the job. The have a first aid qualification, fire hazard training, patient handling qualification and manual handling.

They have a manager to ensure that the service that is provided to the service user is good and at a reasonable level. They make sure that everything is under control, they will deal with any problems or complaints patients or nurses may have. Their job is sort the problem out as soon as possible.


The role of a nurse is to look after and support the service user and carry out things like health screening, family planning, running vaccination, treating small injuries and helping with minor injuries operation done under local anaesthetic. They also work with other members of the team such as doctors and pharmacist assistant.

The nurses follow the guidance and the code of conduct which is provided to them. It is a guide called the “the nurses and midwifes code of conduct” this covers all the rules and what is also required of them. They must follow this as it is designed especially for them. There some basic conducts that all nurses must follow as they are providing good health, good character, provide good practice and treat everyone equally.

The nurses have their own team as this is where they get together and work as a team because they have to do a range of things. There are different types of nurses which specialise in different things so they are sent down to that area. To reach the level they are at they needed to have GCSE and then progressed onto A-Levels or something equivalent. They must progress in to university leading into a nursing degree. Throughout the course they will have training, have induction to help them experience how it is like to work as a nurse. They did not carry out any other career development as this was their main target.

They have manager, assistant manager and a department manager. They are there to make sure that everything is under control and supervised. They will deal with any problems or complaints that are raised

Lab assistant

A lab assistant performs or supervises the performance of technical procedure and also performs other related duties as required. They are also required to be the assistant of the person who is doing the operation; they have a duty to make sure that all equipment is sterilised and prepared for the surgery. They must make sure that all health and safety policies and procedures are followed.

All lab assistant must follow the cod of conduct they have as some of them are things like to ensure the effective care is provided, lab assistant must protect the confidentiality of all patients, and they should take responsibility for the professional acts, maintain and improve their knowledge and understanding.

The lab assistant had basic GCSE and progressed straight into lab training where they had to do all types of training. They were taught lessons in what lab assistants do and what is required of them. Current qualifications the lab assistant has got are the first aid, health and safety qualification. In this department they have an operating managaer, department manager and also a caretaker manager each have the role to make sure everything is running normal and making sure staffs are working properly. They also deal with any complaints or issues people may have.

a) Have first accepted the patient assignment, thus establishing a nurse-patient relationship, and then b) Severed that nurse-patient relationship without giving reasonable notice to the appropriate person (e. g. , supervisor, patient) so that arrangements can be made for continuation …

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1. Model Shouldice Hospital as a processing operation with products, attributes, and resources. A. Process Structure: a. Input: Approved patient entering the clinic the day before operation b. Output: Successful patient leaving the facility c. Flow Unit: The patient going …

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