Dental Health Care

Dental Health Care is one of the major health problems of every American nationwide. It does not mean that it there would no solution to this problem. However, there are various solutions to these problems if the people would adhere to it like simply brushing their teeth regularly like two to three times a day, going to their dentists every six months for a good check-up, and flossing their teeth regularly. It also helps to educate and teach the children the importance of a good oral hygiene to prevent getting cavities.

As early as five, there was an enactment of the law to allow the children go through a Dental Examination prior to entering kindergarten to prepare the children from getting cavities and free from pain that could affect their learning abilities. It is indeed beneficial to the children to have their dental health taken care of at the start of their early years of learning. As the children grow, there are two cost-effective methods of dental care available for the children, one is the dental sealants and the water fluoridation to help reduce and prevent tooth decays and cavities.

Oral health is one of the major health concerns in the United States. Dental care and prevention should begin at an early age of 3. Parents should start educating children the importance of dental care in their early lives and how it benefits them. There was an enactment of law on dental care some years ago for the children entering kindergarten to have their dental examination done prior to the start of the school year. This is generally beneficial to the children to have their dental health taken care of to avoid problems that they may face later in their lives.

Dental Care should continue throughout adulthood. Children and adults should maintain their dental health after every six months to prevent them from getting cavities and to get treatments when needed. Dental Care is one of the most important aspect of health. Failure to take care of dental health regularly would cause an individual some health problems, pains, and other dental issues in the future if it is not taking care of properly.

Summary of Dental Health Care

Dental health care is very expensive and not all the people can afford or have access to it. To prevent some of the potential dental problems to everyone, parents should remind their children to brush their teeth and gums every day, at least, two to three times a day. There are a couple of cost-effective methods used to prevent tooth decay are the fluoridation and the dental sealants. These two methods have been shown to reduce tooth decay by 70% for the dental sealants and 25% for the water fluoridation (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2012). As adults it is their responsibility to make certain that their children’s dental needs are met. Also adults should know what to do with their own dental needs as well and maintain regular check up every six Dental Health Care 4 months to their respective dental care providers.

The Stakeholders Affected by Dental Health Care There are about 75 million Americans or 25% have limited or no access to oral health care and an estimated 45 million individuals under the age of 65 have no dental coverage (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2012). For these individuals and families, especially the low income people, a private dental insurance is not affordable. Uninsured individuals pay about twice as much for dental services as those with insurance. So the stakeholders affected by dental health care here are the uninsured individuals.

There is no doubt that there are still so many Americans do not have dental care coverage for themselves and for their family. The main reason to this is simply because the cost of dental care is way too high. There is only a few Americans who can afford to pay for it out-of- their pockets and so therefore, they tend to neglect their dental health care needs, which is truly sad and painful for the uninsured individuals. It is sad to know that people just ignore their dental problems and not take care of it that could detriment the health status of their teeth, gums, and mouth.


According to “Chronic Disease Prevention And Health Promotion” (2011), “Oral health is an essential part of our daily lives and should not be taken for granted. A good oral health enhances our ability to speak, smile, taste, touch, chew, swallow, eat, and convey our feelings and emotions through facial expressions” (para. 1). Dental hygiene is a must to every individual from children to adults to help prevent cavities and the reduction of tooth decays in the future by simply brushing the teeth two to three times daily or every after meals and to do some dental Dental Health Care 5 flossing.

It is also very helpful to have a regular dental check up every six months to prevent getting more serious dental problems in the future. If the Americans would practice this simple and common procedures at home and takes very good care of their teeth, then, it would be less expensive to spend dental care and saved thousands of dollars of dental care prevention.


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