Damages your health

Mood affects my perception of things all the time. If I wake up feeling alone, I can go through my day feeling no one cares about me. If I wake up feeling depressed I can go through my day believing there is no point to anything at all that I do, nothing is funny and everything is in a gray haze (metaphorically speaking) and nothing matters. If I wake up feeling happy I won’t let anything bother me all day or at least until the happy feeling goes away. If I wake up angry/mad, everything is annoying and is out to get me.

It is something that we have to come to the point of realizing and once we do we also see that we have the power to change our mood… that is the secret… how we view the outside world, (outside of our ‘self’) has the power to heal, laugh and really live. It just takes the realization! Art can affect our mood, thus affect our perception of things. Music for example is a fundamental necessity in the world that we live in today. We all implement music in our everyday lives whether it’s professionally or simply for entertainment purposes.

Some people build careers on music as musicians, composers, singers, or teachers while the latter of us just need music to get through the day whether we’re driving or at work or just need to relax. The need for music in our contemporary society affects us in a variety of different ways, including the undeniable effect on our moods. The sound of just one note, one chord, can send an instantaneous message to the brain that, psychologically, can make us think or act in a certain way (affecting our perception of things).

These reactions can positively or negatively impact our moods depending on the composer’s intentions and our perceptions. Filmmakers use the same idea of using music to evoke a certain feeling or reaction/perception in their audience. Although it is not clear why music has such an influence on our emotions, mood and behaviors, it seems clear that music does alter how we perceive the world around us. Temporary emotions caused by music change what we pay attention to, what we perceive, and how we interact with others.

It brings into question the notion that there is one objective reality that can ultimately be accurately perceived. Mood also affects our perception of time passing. Ever noticed how the more you look forward to something, like summer, the longer it takes to arrive but the exams you feared came only too quickly? That is because our perception of time passing depends on our state of mind. Looking forward to an event creates impatience which means you think about the event a lot and this seems to “expand time”.

On the other hand, fearing an event creates anxiety and this means you put it out of your mind and this has the effect of “contracting time”. Our minds are influenced by many visual cues. Our perception of color in the world can influence our mood. For example “The color blue is associated with calm and relaxation. The color represents peaceful things such as clear Blue Ocean and blue sky. This color is often appears on the walls of psychiatric and correctional facility walls to provide a soothing effect.

Conversely, blue is also associated with masculinity and is the preferred male clothing baby color. In the extreme of calm, in addition to the soothing properties, depression or sadness is also known as “having the blues”. Overall the mood is calm and subdued. ” or “The color pink is associated with youth and femininity. Unlike blue that is a color worn by both sexes, the color pink is basically reserved for females, in particular young females. It is a “young” color represents blushing and flower petals.

It is often seen in the form of prom and young bridesmaids’ dresses and signals budding female sexuality. It is meant to set a romantic mood. ” (http://www. essortment. com/all/colormoodaffec_rehv. htm) Some people try to artificially change their moods and their perception of things around them by consuming alcohol and drugs. It is the thought of experiencing new moods and perception of things that would be hard to perceive if sober that attracts people to consume those “products”. Although that is not advisable as it heavily damages your health.

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