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Different types of food have different functions in our body. Soya beans, coffee and beef each has a different and essential function in the body. But at the outset, there are disagreements on whether human beings should be herbivores or omnivores. The different eating habits of the world population has greatly influenced the production of Soya bean, coffee and beef in the world market. The people who prefer being vegetarians articulate a variety of reasons ranging from, personal health, religious beliefs and even emotional feelings such as human rights.

Yet, on other hand non-vegetarian provide the opposition with a multiple of different scientific and logical explanation arguing why it is necessary for human being to consume meat. These are the main consumption factors that determine the amount of production of Soya beans, coffee or beef. Being a vegetarian is very healthful and is even more suitable for certain people. Dr. Jarris refers them as ‘pragmatic vegetarians’, and they are people who choose the pattern of their diet due to objective of health considerations like cholesterol and obesity.

Being a vegetarian is excellent because it lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and blood lipid levels, according to Harvard Health Letter of 2004. If further informs that nuts, Soya beans, and legumes lower cholesterol levels, whole the intake of fiber in high amount helps diabetics by keeping their blood sugar levels at control. Moderate coffee is largely taken as stimulant and it also regulates the flow of blood. Drinking of coffee and eating of fruits and vegetables provides some protection against cancer. Studies suggest eating of fruits and vegetables reduces cancer risk.

Coffee is also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, discourage the development of colon cancer, improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of liver damage in people at high risk for liver damage. Also meat contains micronutrients namely proteins, fats, iron, zinc and vitamins which are essential to the body for their various purposes. It also contains amino acid taurine which is an important nutrient for new born infants according to (Higge & praft, 1998). Re meat contains approximately 60% of the iron in it the form of haem, this is the sole of iron in plants food.

Meat plays a very important role in enhancing iron absorption from plant foods, this means, eating meat in a meal doubles the amount of iron absorbed from other compounds of the meal. Meat has other benefits like, it is the most important source of zinc, and vitamins B. Higgs & pratt “lower plasma zinc levels in vegetarians and regans, despite higher intakes, suggest that meat has a major influence on zinc status” All the same eating animals as well as consuming their products is logically and scientifically proven.

These factors has made meat to be the highest consumed product in the world and thus higher production of beef. As Dr. Naik says “there is not a single major religion, which bans or prohibits all non vegetarian food in general The law Book of Hindus chapter 5, verse 30 says “the eater who eats flesh of those to be eaten does nothing even if he does it day after day for God himself created some to be eaten and some to be eaters”

Reference: Current Health 2(2002). Is it health to be a vegeterian. Vol. 29. A provided source.

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