Current Events 2014

This summer two Americans workers contracted the Ebola virus in Africa. These workers volunteered their own lives to try to help the people in Africa. The controversy is whether or not it was a good idea to bring the two Americans to Emory Hospital. On one side, people are worried about the Ebola virus spreading to America. People are concerned that the virus that has caused tons of harm in Africa will cause even more harm in America. While I understand while people are fearful of the virus, it is not airborne, meaning that it is not spread through physical contact.

The plane that they are traveling on was designed especially for diseases and so was the ambulance they traveled in. The aircraft landed on a deserted military base so there was no contact with the population. And the people who did come in contact with the patients had hazmat suits to protect them. In my opinion, I feel like these two people deserve to come back to their home country and be treated with the best care. While there are risks, I believe the people involved were very careful and had many safety procedures set up to keep everyone safe.

These people deserve the best care they can get with the Ebola virus killing eighty-percent of people who have contracted it. The VA has created a bill in which there would be private health care for veterans. This would allow help for the people who have been hurt during their time of war. In a Fox news article it wrote that, “The measure would require the VA to pay private doctors to treat qualifying veterans who can’t get prompt appointments at the VA’s nearly 1,000 hospitals and outpatient clinics, or those who live at least 40 miles from one of them.

Only veterans who are enrolled in VA care as of Aug. 1 or live at least 40 miles away would be eligible to get outside care. ” Some downsides of this bill are that it has to be signed in ninety days which are a hard thing to do. In my opinion, I think this bill should pass as it helps out people who have risked their lives for us. In California, many mothers are on welfare trying to support their babies. Welfare covers many things, but they do not cover the cost of diapers.

The state of California sees this and is trying to pass a bill that would allow to assistance to families in need of diapers. This would provide many families with relief as they struggle to buy expensive diapers for their child. While many people support this idea because it would help families and babies, some people do not like the idea. Some people think that the mothers should not rely on welfare and get a job. In my opinion, I think that if a family is working and trying, they deserve all the help they can get.

However, if the family is doing nothing to better the situation with no jobs, than they should not get it. Overall, the bill is going through congress now. This summer a very tragic event happened. 295 people are dead due to a plane being shot down by a missile in Ukraine. This was not a war plane but a plane filled with innocent people. The plane left Amsterdam for Kuala Lumpur and flew over Eastern Ukraine, a common route for international carriers.

There was plenty of controversy on why the plane was shot down, but U.S intelligence officials concludes that it was most likely Russian separatists who fired the missiles. I think that this was a devastating tragedy. For this to happen to those people is an awful event. So many people lost their families and loved ones. A huge gaping crater was spotted in Siberia’s Yamal peninsula. Helicopters flying in northern Russia recently saw huge hole in the middle of the ground. Experts say that the hole may be up to 262 feet wide.

There have been many controversies on how this random hole showed up in the middle of nowhere. There are beliefs that an alien spaceship came down, to a meteorite falling from the sky. However the most believable one is that the hole was caused by global warming. Scientists are running test on the space around it. The newest hypothesis is that gas accumulated in the ice could have mixed with the sand beneath the surface and then it mixed with salt causing an explosion. I personally think it was an explosion.

Summary: The article is about an interview CNN had with the hospital’s chief clinical officer, Dr. Daniel Varga. He states that the hospital clearly fell short several times in treating the Dallas Ebola patient. From the first day the patient …

In March 2014, West Africa suffered for a first time from the most deadly epidemic disease called Ebola since it was discovered in 1976. Ebola is a viral disease caused by virus called Ebola which is named after the Ebola …

As of 2014, an epidemic of Ebola virus disease is ongoing in West Africa. The epidemic began in Guinea in December 2013. It then spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. In the United States, an initial case has …

Much progress was made in the effort to find a possible treatment method for the Ebola virus outbreak in many African countries. The drug is called “ZMapp,” and medical professionals say victims have shown “very positive signs of recovery. ” …

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