Control of Obesity

For already obese patients especially those who has experienced personal degradation and has low self esteem, psychological therapy sessions can also be included in the afterschool programs to help them in their struggles both mentally and socially for them to be able to know accept themselves better and move on and help themselves in order to become more healthy individuals. Conclusion Because the rate of childhood obesity is increasing at a disturbing rate, experts fear that this will cause a remarkable load of illness in the future of our children even now a growing number of diabetic young adults is becoming a norm.

Preventing, identifying and treating of children and adolescents who are obese are becoming a core medical intervention priority for the government and all concerned institutions. Since there is not clear answer as to how and why children become obese and currently a variety of reasons blamed for this obesity including genetics, culture, habits, individual practice, parental practice, sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and such.

Research at the molecular level has been progressing, but there is no actual understanding as to the whole image from a biological viewpoint. One might realize that there is no singular factor that can be blamed for a child becoming overweight or obese, it is a combination of factors that plays a role in promote obesity. The increasing obesity rates not only in adults but also in children these trends, in conjunction with obesity’s medical, psychological, and economic effects, emphasize the need for interventions and policy advice aimed at preventing obesity.

Directives to remove soft drinks from public schools have started in some cities but despite the variety and number of researches done on the topic of obesity one may note that it remains to be a critical health problem. It seems that there are no enough intervention programs that have taken place in order to curve the problem. It is noted that not enough is being done in order to stop the rising trend of obese children but time has come that it must be addressed as a rising and critical problem that needs immediate attention if we are to cultivate healthy children.

It will be noted that as children are obese and they are reaching their adolescence, the decrease in physical activity and the predilection to junk foods, fast foods and such also decreases the mental capacity of the child in a sense that they are more apt to laziness because of decreased energy rather go to school and participate in class, most of them are sleepy and usually uncomfortable in their own skins.

It is of note that this problems if persistent will make for a bleak future for our children, since the society is cultivating lazy, fat children who will turn out to be lazy fat adults. One can imagine how it would be like in the future. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle not only for our children but for ourselves as well should be a major thrust of the government if curving the current situation is to be achieved.

The thought at a young age children will be subjected to diseases and concern that is normally associated with the elderly and geriatric patients should be carefully considered and rejected. In developing an afterschool wellness program the author notes that it is not as simple as devising exercise plans for the children. It is a holistic approach that requires a multifaceted planning that includes education, healthy diet plans and the actual activity period.

And it is also noted by the writer that in order to curve obesity in children, drastic measures must be employed not only by the obese children themselves but the whole family and the whole community. Developing healthy eating habits and leisure activity changes require changes that involve the family in order for the child not feel left out or forlorn. It is also of note that simple family physical activities will help curve obesity. One may realize that everything starts out at home and spilled over to the school then to the community.

If we wish to curve obesity in children and protect our children’s health it is imperative that the community in particular and the nation in general work hand in hand so that attention maybe given and directives to promote healthy eating in schools and within the community be fostered and community get togethers that involves physical activities, community dances in the park, weekend exercise program for the community can be facilitated by the general community so that everyone may take part in keeping the family and our children healthier and live fuller lives.


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