Consumer Behaviour and Marketing

The society in which we are, is the consumers leading society not the producers everything, which thing which going on in to the society. It is because of the changes in the consumers behaviours. They are the major portions of changing the overall things in the market, if the consumer behaviour and marketing is combined. The fact is clear that all of the marketing strategy is just based on the consumers behaviours in the market of the consumer behave then the further changes in the market appear.

Every thing which is used in the production, the changes in the production processes and many other things, these all are due to the changes in the consumer’s behaviours. These are the consumer’s behaviours to the product which gives the idea to the organizers to know what is going in to the market and to know the market trends. For these reasons many of the organizations produce the products after doing the effective study of the consumer behaviour in the society.

The study of overall consumer behaviours towards the market products is used by evaluating different psychological trends and these are those trends by which the behaviour of the consumers are evaluated by the organizations. (Mill 2005 117-28) For hotel marketing, it is very important to have the clear idea about the behaviour of the customers. At the place where the business person is going to make the hotel, he first of all not the environment and then the consumers behaviour would they afford the luxurious items or not.

It is the main strategy before going to make any expense because some of the countries are poor and there peoples have no much money to fulfil their own demands. So if it goes to start the new luxurious hotel, there it will be only the costly decision for the organizer all the things before going to take any step based on the consumer’s behaviour. (Wearne 2005 151-62) 5. 1 Market Communication Market communication is also another tool for finding out the market trends.

The market communication system needs much strength for the overall marketing of the products. It needs the strong communication system between the buyers, the sellers, the consumers and the producers, so that it will be possible for the producer to meet the consumer’s demands. Market communications make some of the task easy and available to the producers such as: • А good communication system in market helps to evaluates what is going on in to the market for the future production.

• The changes in the attitudes of the people can be noted at any time by having the good market communication system. • The needs and demands of the consumers. • The production of the product as par the demands of the consumer is possible by this communication system. • What is necessary for planning is to be done by having the good communication system. • Market communication system can easily change all of the production processes and the availability of consumer’s complaints and advices at every time.

• Not only has the good communication system made possible the complaints from the consumer, but also the similar and dissimilar products knowledge available with this communication system. • The number of products requires at any place or in which segment of the market can be easily know with the help of the good communication system. • А market is always that market which runs with the changes in consumers behaviours, if the good communication system would not be the part of market mechanism then it will be impossible for the producers to plan for the future sales. (Johnson 2006 116-41)

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