Competency of student nurses in the operating room

4-Competent (Student performs consistently in an effective and efficient manner) 3-Progress Acceptable (performance is usually effective and efficient but not always) 2-Needs Improvement (progress in performance is too slow to judge satisfactorily; task performance is not done properly for majority of the time0 1-Progress Unacceptable (no progress in performance has been demonstrated and/ or performance is consistently ineffective and inefficient) CORE COMPETENCY SCOR E REMARK S A. safe and quality nursing care 1. utilizes the nursing process in the care of OR client a.

Obtains comprehensive client’s information by checking complete accomplishment of the preoperative checklist/ clients chart b. Identifies priority needs of the client at the Operating Room c. Provides needed nursing interventions based on identified needs d. Monitors client’s responses to surgery 2. Promotes safety and comfort of patients inside the OR a. Transports client safely from the unit to OR b. Transfer client safely from the stretcher to OR bed, OR bed to stretcher, stretcher to RR bed (e. g. use of side rails) c. Places properly grounding pad under the patient for electro-surgical equipment d. Monitor vital signs e. Provides physical comfort utilizing comfort devices/ techniques

f. Provides needed blankets and sheets to prevent hypothermia and provide privacy g. Assist in proper and safe positioning of clients in preparation for surgery h. Observes the principles of strict surgical aseptic techniques within the work area at all times i. Observes universal precautions in handling body fluids 3. Performs the functions of the scrub nurse a. Drapes the operative field correctly b. Performs surgical scrub correctly c. Dons surgical gowns and gloves correctly d. Serves gowns, gloves and drapes aseptically e.

Prepared surgical instruments, sponges, sutures and other supplies in functional agreement f.Hands instruments, sponges, sutures and other materials according to surgeon’s preference g. Performs surgical count accurately h. Performs after care of the surgical instruments 4. Performs the functions of the circulating nurse a. Prepared the surgical table and all needed equipment and supplies for surgery b. Assist the anesthesiologist in the induction of anesthesia c. Performs the surgical skin preparation of the client d. Checks with the scrub nurse the completeness of surgical sponges, needles and instruments e. Anticipates the needs of the surgical team f.

Ensures intactness and functionality of all contraptions ( e.g. IVF; BT; IFC; NGT) g. Helps in the after care of all equipment and the OR as a whole h. Hand additional instruments and supplies aseptically as needed i. Check sheet integrity and sterility of OR packs i. 1. Sets up the OR Room needed equipment i. 2. Receives client for surgery/ endorses client post-operatively i. 3. Assists in skin preparation and draping of client 5. Administer medications and other health therapeutics safely 6. Executes legal orders of the surgeon/ anesthesiologist accurately and timely 7. Evaluates patient’s response to interventions 8.

Monitors patients progress during surgery and immediate post-op phase B. Management of resources and environment 1. Ensures availability, completeness and functionality of OR equipments 2. Observes protocols in unrestricted, semi-restricted and restricted areas in the OR 3. Performs proper disinfection and sterilization protocols 4. Observes proper disposal of hazardous and non hazardous wastes. Observes proper handling and up keeping of OR resources 5. Observes OR policies, procedures and protocols on infection control 6. Conducts inventory of OR resources 7. Awareness of the institutional evacuation and location plan both for fire, earthquake and other major emergencies. C.

Health Education 1. Implements appropriate health education activities to client based on needs assessment of the intra-operative client 2. Reinforces pre-operative health teachings to client D. Legal Responsibility 1. Adheres to legal and institutional protocols regarding informed consent and other legal documents E. Ethico- Moral Responsibility 1. Respects the rights of the OR client 2. Accepts responsibility and accountability for own decision and actions as an OR nurse 3. Maintains privacy and confidentiality of client’s information 4. Adheres to the Code of Ethics for Nurses F. Personal and Professional Development 1.

Performs OR functions and according to professional standards 2. Possesses positive attitude towards learning surgical and OR-related knowledge and skills G. Quality Improvement 1. Reports significant actual or potential observations regarding the surgical client 2. Reports positive or negative variances at the OR 3. Identifies and reports variances in sterility and other OR activities H. Research 1. Disseminates results of OR-related research findings to clinical group and other members of the OR team as appropriate I. Records Management 1. Maintain legible, accurate and updated documentation of patient care in the chart/ and OR dorms.

2. Submits timely, complete an accurate surgical slips and Or write-ups for cases handled J. Communication 1. Utilizes therapeutic communication skills with patients, significant others and members of the health team 2. Establishes professional relationships with members of the surgical/ health team 3. Utilizes proper channel of communication 4. Observes complete and accurate endorsement procedures 5. Uses appropriate information mechanism to facilitate communication inside the OR and with other departments in the hospital K. Collaboration and Teamwork 1. Collaborates plan of care with other members of the health team.

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