Clinical research

This report will compare two websites that are commonly visited for clinical research studies. One of the frequently visited website is ClinicalTrials. gov; which provides regular and updated information not only about federal, but also about private clinical research. It also provides the information regarding trial purpose, participants, location and phone numbers; if further detail is required. The website has various sections; for example there are introduction pages for visitors who are new to the clinical research; which explains the key issues related to the clinical research.

It also has search engines that allow users to search any key word, term or phrase. For advanced users it has focused search options that can search by disease, location, treatment, and sponsor. By clicking the option, “ what’s new” section; it shows the recent studies which are done in the last one week or one month; both options are workable. On the same page; there are also fresh press release related to the study. Another important section of the website is “Glossary” which shows terms related to the clinical trials. This glossary is very helpful for new and older students.

The “Media plus” section shows consumer health information; while the “Genetic Home” section shows the information related to genes and genetic conditions. There is also one main section “trial by listing” that shows listing by trial, condition and status. ( Please check the screen shot). The site is quite informative, but it has limited information scattered in a very disorganized manner making it quite unfriendly. Despite a huge amount of information provided through search engine; little can be seen through direct links; which is important for users; who wish to take a quick look. Another frequently visited website is www.

centerwatch. com. This website has very professional looks (please check the screen shot). The aim of this website is similar as earlier website. It also provides information related to clinical research which are sponsored by government and private sector, but in a more organized manner. The centerwatch site has bigger icons which creates an efficient user interface; For example compared to earlier website; its web sections are more clear with more sharp colours in bigger fonts making user interaction very easy. It also has a search facility along with the advanced search facility, where a user can key in any term.

But it also has notification by email service; where visitors can put their email to be notified by email. The earlier website was only limited to clinical terms; this has more advanced drug directories along the trial listing. The earlier website was quite messy; centerwatch is very organized and has two main sections; one is meant for patient with general resources. The other section is for industry professionals where they can see the information more relevant to them; which ranges from clinical trials to products and services, drugs trials, books and jobs.

I find the book section very useful; which sells books, directories, newsletter and reference books; all of which are vital for today’s researchers. To facilitate users further, the site also has a (site) map-allowing users to jump directly to the link rather than wasting time in search. I believe this site is more useful and provides better information in a clear and concise way.

Reference: 1. ClinicalTrials. gov. 6 Dec 2006 <http://clinicaltrials. gov/>. 2. Center Watch . 6 Dec 2006 <http://www. centerwatch. com>. 3. The Insititute of Clinical Research. 12 Dec 2006 <http://www. instituteofclinicalresearch. org/>.

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