Communication Between Doctors and Nurses

Introduction As doctors or nurses they all need to make sure that there is communication between everybody because when patients come in they expect for you to know what exactly what is going on with them and they want to make sure that the doctor and nurse communicate so that everyone knows that they are talking about the same thing. We as patients need to know if they are going to know what is wrong with us especially if we need the help. Now a days some doctors and nurses do not communicate and that could be life threatening. Abstract

Over the years physicians and nurses have had to communicate because of them working in the same profession. Communication between nurses and physicians is a something they have to do in health care, and if the fail to do so they may have an affect with poor quality and patient errors. Over the years the interactions between physician and nurse is different. They are two professionals that have to have a relationship to make sure that they have the same goals to make their patient goal, Which is to feel comfortable and understand the patient and their needs. Throughout the years the relationships between professionals have changed.

You need to make sure that the relationship between your colleagues has respect because if it doesn’t then there are going to be problems at your job. When disruptive communication happens you need to make sure that both physicians and nurses always communicate the right way and if you don’t if may decrease the patients safety. If there is not any proper communication then if something is misunderstood by either the nurse or the doctor a medication could be distributed wrong or the patient could be discharged early. Physician and nurse relationship and communication is something that has drawn interest in a lot of people over the years.

By the mid 90’s physician and nurse interactions had changed because both physicians and nurses involve themselves more with the patients then they had many years ago. Nurses used negotiation skills to express their ideas and opinions to the physicians. The changes in relationships between physicians and nurses have a big impact on the patients. When it comes to hospitals there are bigger communication difficulties because it is bigger and there are a lot more people to communicate. Over the years there are surveys that are taken by the medical and nursing administration throughout the united states.

There are always difficulties in the doctor and nurse communication because if you are in an environment that has a lot of other doctors and nurses it is harder to keep the communication between everyone the same. Both nurses and doctors perceived less frequency of difficulties in communicating with members of their own professional group than with members of the other group. Studies have shown that nurses with university preparation and other special clinical qualifications have fewer communication problems with doctors than nurses with less education.

There are even studies that show that your sex determines how you handle communications. More highly qualified male doctors who had a previous occupation acknowledged fewer doctor-nurse communication problems. Relationships between doctors and nurses has been a little shaky, evidenced by the lack of engagement and respect for one another. When you work in a Hospital it is chaotic and stressful. Working in a hospital the environment can make you frustrated and it may also make you take it out on the staff. You always want to have a good working relationship with the doctors and nurses because they are a team.

When you are trying to make your doctor and nurse team work you will need to work together even with the hospital being as chaotic as it is. You need to make sure that there is collaboration, clear communication, cooperation, respect, and positive attitudes. Those are the essential ingredients for any relationship. Shared positive attitude and behavior is what will drive a team to be successful. Doctors and nurses need to function at an emotionally intelligent level. Doctors and nurses need to constantly collaborate and communicate despite the frustrations of a hospital. Everybody working as a team is essential.

They need to work together as a team. They can focus on the possibilities rather than the problems by engaging each other’s strengths and they can learn from one another. The team can flourish by embracing each other and letting each other know that they simply matter. They need to also understand that there jobs are important. Doctors and nurses have different professions, however they share knowledge and they can learn from one another. Doctors and nurses who collaborate, engage, inspire and appreciate each other in a heartfelt way will not struggle with communication. A strong doctor-nurse relationship will flourish.

Doctors and nurses can be the energizers, the ones who can influence and elevate performance between each other. With that a respectful relationship builds. The doctor and nurse team who learn to engage and respect each other will create a positive working environment and perform at an elevated level which can produce quality patient care with exceptional patient outcomes. As long as the doctors and nurses communicate there will be no misunderstanding of each patient. In a doctor’s office the communication is a lot easier because you are only working with certain people.

If you want the communication to stay good between each other then you need to have a positive outlook on what you are working on because if there’s no communication then there is no patients to help out. But with that there is always an understanding. Doctors and nurses have a good way of showing that they care about their patients, because they too have to go through the same thing the patients do at least once in their life. As a patient you want to know if your doctor and/or nurse are talking about the same thing when it comes to a diagnosis because it will make you feel confident on who to trust as your primary physician.

This is why communication is one of the most important things when working in a big environment. In closing, communication between a doctor and a nurse is important because, in order to work together you have to get along. If you don’t get along there is no respect. Without communications patients can get worse. Also to be able to properly discuss and share ideas about an illness. It can also be hectic and frustrating working in a hospital, and without communication these things can only get worse. That is why communication is important between doctors and nurses.

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