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|Professional Synopsis | |Business Analyst at GENPACT | |Regulatory Consultant Pharmaleaf India Pvt Ltd | |M. Pharma | |Certificate course in SAS and chemoinformatics | | | |Organizational Exposure of 3. 5 years |.

|Current work experiences (Genpact LLC) Jan 2012-till date | |Profile: Business Analyst | |Domain: Healthcare and life sciences | |Industry: Research and Analytics | | | |Accountabilities: | |Work closely with the insights team to deliver campaign evaluation/trackers aimed at improving product campaigns | |Perform data mining analyses that help detect consumer behavioural patterns relevant to the product campaigns | |Providing insights for the regular deliverables and working on ad hoc requests of the client to improve on the sales nos.

| |Understand analysis framework, define data requirements, run analysis, and report/discuss results | |Create and conduct quality control checks on data from initial delivery from data processing to final analysis results in order to ensure the accuracy of reports | |Introduce LEAN & SIX SIGMA concepts for improvising on current best approach and add value by way of higher productivity and better quality | |Familiar with Tableau environment.

| | | |Projects/Reports Working On | |Sales Force Effectiveness: Conversion, penetration & conversion. Territory Potential Analysis, Churn Analysis, Cohort Analysis. | |Primary research projects: Understanding framework of MOM markets in US. Designing questioners of Qualitative and quantitative approach. | |Secondary research projects: News reporting in healthcare medical devices, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis .

| |Business Analytics: Territory Planning Tools, cannibalization, performance trackers. | |Trained on: Market Segmentation (Cluster & Factor Analysis), Market sizing and Primary research. | | | |Expertise in the usage of | |MS Excel, for development of tools, interactive dashboards | |Ms PowerPoint for creation of interactive decks | |SQL for manipulation & extraction of data | |SAS EG for data manipulation & report development | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |.

| | | | | | | |As a consultant of Pharmaleaf to client place (Astra Zeneca Pharma) Feb 2011-Jan2012 | | | | | |Accountabilities: | |Preparing product information and market intelligence report through secondary research | | | |Providing insights of clinical, preclinical, pharmaceutical and risk benefit report to project management team | | | |Detailed analysis of clinical trail safety and efficacy of the product.

Planning and Scheduling PSUR requirements for generic products | | | |Coordinating with the Project Management team and the Marketing Company in different region to submit the dossiers for registration | | | |Preparing and revising Reference data sheet, Reference Patient information leaflet, Core Pack Text for generic products | | | |GAP analysis of the dossiers during review and Coordination with UK Team to freeze administrative documents for different markets | | | |Providing the responses towards the queries for different regulatory authorities | | | |.

Updating Regulatory tracker for filings update, deliverables of admin requirements | | | |Sharing of information between cross functional teams through SharePoint and other internal tracking process | | | |Archiving ECTD,ACTD, IQD documents according to proper format and location | | | |Accomplishments: | |Submission of dossiers to regulatory bodies in different countries and getting marketing approval (Malaysia, Vietnam, Columbia, Thailand) | | | |Growth of business by opening up markets for different molecules.

(Levitracetam, Montelukast, Glatirameracetate) | | | |Lecturer in Pharmachemistry at Hi-Tech Medical Group (2009 August-2010 Dec) | | | | | | | |Worked as a Faculty of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Hi-Tech College of Pharmacy, Bhubaneswar. | |I was taking classes and practical of Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, and Pharmacology | |Apart from teaching I was handling the academic work for the year. Routine work involved looking after the Registration process of students, filing the necessary | |requirements according to the PCI and AICTE regulations | | | |

Educational Background | |Qualification | |Degree |Year |Institute |Percentage/ CGPA | |M Pharma |2009 |Utkal university |75% | |B-pharma |2007 |Utkal university |71% | |COMPUTER LITERACY | | | |Packages: MS office | |Tools/Languages: Base SAS, PROC TABULATE, PROC SQL, PROC MACROS |

|PROJECT DETAIL | | | |M-Pharma: In-silico Design and Synthesis of Ibuprofen analogues. | |Software Used: Argus lab, 11AMP, Discovery studio visualizer, HEX, Chem. axon, Modeller, Clustel X | |Instruments Used: U. V. Spectrophotometer, FT Infra red, HPLC, Ultra centrifuge | |Chemo informatics: Design of ligands for Blm gene of Chromosome-15 and docking the ligands to the receptor for the treatment of Bloom’s syndrome | |Additional Qualification: | | | |Professional Diploma in Clinical trial Management from RAHE. | |Certificate course in Chemo informatics | |Certificate course in SAS | DECLARATION: I do hereby declare that all the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Smruti Dash.

Posology and method of administration One coated tablet twice daily (equivalent to 40 mg of trospium chloride per day). In patients with severe renal impairment (creatinine clearance between 10 and 30 ml/min/1. 73 m2) the recommended dosage is: One coated …

? ABSTRACT Herbal medicines are mixtures of more than one active ingredient. The multitude of pharmacologically active compounds obviously increases the likelihood of interactions taking place. Hence, the likelihood of herb–drug interactions is theoretically higher than drug–drug interactions, if only …

Skipper and colleagues proposed a “steep” dose-response relationship in cancer chemotherapy, referring to a linear relationship between drug doses and fractional cell kill. This concept dated back to the 1960s when Skipper and Schabel predicted a log cell kill model …

Clinical research is a branch of medical science that determines the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens intended for human use. These may be used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis or for relieving symptoms of a …

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