Cholera in Haiti

Diseases can be defined as an abnormal condition that makes a person or country ill. It is usually accompanied by some type of signs or symptoms and some types of risk factors that it is originated from. This usually is resulting in a medical condition whether it can be physical or mental and sometimes leads to death. Diseases affect all persons whether it is domestically or internationally. Diseases can be a result of a person’s environmental conditions. This spread of disease is what is currently taking place in Haiti as discussed in articles written by the Wall Street Journal and The Global Post.

There is an outbreak of the disease Cholera in Haiti that is affecting many people young and old. Cholera, an acute diarrheal disease caused by infection of the intestine with the bacterium vibrio cholerae, can be spread when food or water becomes contaminated by the feces of an infected person. It rarely spreads from between people. The signs and symptoms are severe nausea and vomiting, watery diarrhea and fever. With this symptoms leads to dehydration and even shock and usually then is when the disease becomes fatal.

The death toll from a cholera epidemic in Haiti topped 250 Sunday, and a handful of cases in the country’s capital were confirmed as government officials and aid groups prepared for what they call an inevitable spread of the disease. ”All told, about 253 deaths and 3,115 hospitalized cases were reported as of Sunday in the Artibonite Valley in the first major disease outbreak in the country since the Jan. 12 earthquake. Reports of suspected cases in the Artibonite, Port-au-Prince and a few elsewhere poured in over the weekend, including 45 ill in Arcahaie, between Port-au-Prince and St.

Marc, where many of the cases have been reported”( It is reported that the cholera disease could be a result from the earthquake in January of this year. This earthquake left Haiti in devastations by leaving millions of people homeless. The sanitation system erupted as a result from the earthquake causing miserable conditions. This emptied all kind of containments in the drinking water. They were living without good sanitary conditions and limited access to water. These people affected are receiving treatment in the hospital. The most important treatment is replacing the lost fluids that have been lost.

Sometimes there are cases that have become more severe and which treatment usually consists of Intravenous fluids. Antibiotics can be used by are not as important as hydration. There are only two oral antibiotics that are available. These vaccines are available through the World Health Organization and not in the United States. The Center for Disease Control does not recommend the vaccines for people who are traveling. Although there are few new cases being reported but there are concerns that this disease will hit other parts of Haiti soon.

A campaign has been initiated by the government to help minimize the spread of the disease. Health experts are trying to contain the spread of the disease by providing clean water to affected communities so that residents do not drink from contaminated sources or use it to prepare food and wash. They are also urging people to wash their hands carefully. In conclusion, Cholera is a disease that usually does not spread from person to person but by one person’s feces. It can become fatal if not treated in time. Haiti has not only just suffered at the hands of the earthquake with but now they are dealing with this outbreak of cholera.

The government with the assistance of volunteers and healthcare workers are doing everything Cholera in Haiti Page 4 that they can to keep the disease from spreading. Hopefully with the major campaign will educate everyone about prevention by washing their hands and making sure the water is free of containments. Cholera in Haiti Page 3 References McKay, Betsy, Cholera Toll Tops 250 in Haiti (2010, October 24) Wall Street Journal Retrieved October 24, 2010 from http://online. wsj. com/article Cholera, Retrieved October 24, 2010 from http://www. medicinenet. com/cholera

Diseases can be defined as an abnormal condition that makes a person or country ill. It is usually accompanied by some type of signs or symptoms and some types of risk factors that it is originated from. This usually is …

Haiti is a country struggling to survive daily life and after the 2010 earthquake, struggles even more then before to maintain the health and wellbeing of its citizens. An overwhelmingly large percent of Haiti’s population lives below the poverty line …

Cholera can break out in any part of the world as long as that area lacks any of the following: food safety, sanitation, water supplies and proper hygiene. Some of the greatest risks are those ones that may be brought …

Cholera outbreaks can cause a number of restrictions on the populations under consideration. The first and most drastic effect is death. Different portions of the report shall reveal the number of cholera related deaths that have occurred within the continent …

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