Children’s health

Receiving medical evaluation procedures is highly needed for illegal immigrants’ children. It is highly likely that prior to birth, such children were not exposed to proper nutritional and pre-natal check-up due in part to a general factor affecting illegal immigration issues. Routine preventive care “such as immunization have been foregone due in full to the illegal immigration issues” invading the entire nation (Scott, Treas and Richards, 2004: 237). The continuing battle to defeat illegal alien presence in the US has mandated reforms preventing access to medical care among illegal immigrants and their children.

The 1996 Welfare Reform Law, Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance Program provided “no legibility for immigrants during the first five years of stay” (Farazmand, 2001: 139). Under a current Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007 (HR 3963) both legal and illegal immigrants can enjoy the Medicaid program. The bill has however encountered problems as Medicaid requires Social Security Numbers in order to enjoy medical benefits.

Many however contends that HR 3963 increases the opportunity for illegal immigrants to obtain Medicaid benefits before they are even allowed to live in the US with the 5 year requisite period. Many claim that this is a safeguard against any abuse of utilizing taxpayer’s money for the illegal immigrant’s welfare. California laws which worked with a system allowing illegal immigrant’s health care in all aspects were even considered detrimental to society and promoting the increase number of illegal immigrants.

Analysis Despite current arguments negating access to preventive care for illegal immigrant’s children, the national well-being and health should prevail over any political strategies and arguments. While medical benefits such as preventive health care is being ruled out from the illegal immigrant’s benefit, “the health risks is increased through the incidence of infectious diseases” (Scott, Treas and Richards, 2004: 237).

Children who suffer from health problems can easily pass on any infectious diseases to other children and increases the likelihood of an epidemic as disease spread remain uncontrolled particularly in areas where the marginalized sector converge. Based on the retrospective data gained from Lopez-Velez et. al and Minnesota Dept. of Health study, we were able to glean an exact picture of common infectious diseases that can likely spread around the nation should we continue to shut our ears from the oppressive reality.

Such reliable data gathered through investigative research with quantitative data, provided an honest insight into the picture in order for us to endorse a preventive solution to an impending health doom. Conclusion It is quite obvious that the country still needs a precise insight on the importance of providing health care specifically preventive health and diagnostic to everyone for the purpose of maintaining a healthy society.

Children of illegal immigrants as the marginalized sector unable to voice their health woes are highly predisposed to infectious diseases and could become innocent carriers. It is therefore important that to preserve the health of the entire nation, anyone within its geographical boundary should be subjected to optimum health.


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