Chemical Medications or Natural Healing

Many times when people get sick they go to the doctor to be diagnosed, then they make their way to the pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions the doctors say you need to cure the problem. What if the prescription is wrong? But is there a better solution? Natural healing is much better than any chemical medication the doctor prescribes to you because they are natural and more effective. Many prescriptions are easy to overdose on, and usually end in death or serious health problems. “Overdosing on NSAIDs also can damage kidneys” says transplant pharmacist McDevitt, a clinical specialist in organ transplantation at Tufts Medical Center.

Prescriptions aren’t the only drug that people can overdose on. It is very common for people to overdose on over-the-counter drugs such as Tylenol, Aleve, and ibuprofen. “People play loose and free with Benadryl,” says Ausim Azizi, chair of the department of neurology at Temple University School of Medicine. “There are a lot of side effects. One is loss of memory in the imediant period after taking it, and disorientation in older people. ” Experts are trying to get the manufacturers to make it harder for people to overdose, but what if they got rid of all the chemical ingredients and replaced them with natural herbs and plants?

Without the chemicals made in medications, then people wouldn’t have to worry about overdosing and cause damage to their body. Chemical medications have very serious side effects that can cause death in extreme cases. Many people just ignore these serious effects because they think they have no other choice. Chemical medicines do work, but natural medications work better and longer. “The best thing is to find the best medicine that will be fast and effective. And in the health market out there, there are tons of medicines that will promise to do that, yet at the same time, the small print tells us to beware of the side effects.

This little warning is one that we often ignore. Yet at the same time it is important to acknowledge its existence so that we do not end up making ourselves sicker. Natural health medicine has the benefits in that it is one of the few medicines that have little or no side effects. The only side effect that it might have is if you are allergic to a certain ingredient and you didn’t know it. ” [Crosshealth, Emmanuel Aubrey] Approximately 25% of the prescription drugs sold in the United States are plant based. These medications are better for the body but not as good as the all natural medicine.

When the chemicals are added to the pills, they cancel out the healing powers of the plant. Natural medications actually heal the sickness and infection, instead of just covering up the symptoms. Chemical medications are made to cover up the symptoms so people can go on with their days without having to suffer with misery of the illness. “Conventional medicine focuses on symptoms and uses ‘drugs’ (man made synthetics) to ‘suppress,’ (NOT heal) those symptoms. Natural health and alternative medicine focuses on the ‘causes’ and getting to the ‘root cause,’ which always improves your overall health.

This is the right way of curing health problems, instead of just ‘masking’ it. ” [Jonathan Benson] Natural healing does take longer than the quick chemicals, but they heal thoroughly and have a no chance of making someone sicker or killing. Doctors say that natural cures are dangerous and a misuse of public money. They call it encouraged quackery. Professor Marcello Costa of Flinders University said: “It is disturbing to see a centre of learning… perpetuating health practices based on beliefs in principles that are totally unscientific.

” Doctors are wrong about natural healing not being proven scientifically. The NCCAM (National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine) has proven and backed up many alternative treatments such as chiropractic and acupuncture practices. Natural healing should be the first thing given to a patient when they have been diagnosed by a doctor. Chemical medications have been known to be overdosed on, to have caused serious side effects, and have been known to not heal the problem but to just simply cover up the symptoms that let a person know something is wrong.

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Natural medicine can accomplish getting rid of illnesses. Increased use of natural medicine over the past decade has been an exciting development in health care nowadays. Natural remedies heal the body of the underlining causes and simply not mask the …

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