Catastrophe of Cosmetic Surgery

Today, for both males and females, physical beauty is an important aspect of their life. Actually, nobody is perfect, but many people want their beauty enhanced to be more perfect. As a result, they are ready to undergo hurt to get that perfect look. With “cutting edge technology”, everybody can become another person with a completely different appearance. This will help them to feel better about their life. However, from many channels on televisions, newspapers, and magazines sources showed that there were many bad situations which happened when patients and doctors could not predict the result of cosmetic surgery in advance.

Reality was not the same from what they expected. As a result, unexpected accidents in and after the plastic surgery process happened to them, and affected people’s quality of life. I am aware that I really interested in these negative effects have strongly related to their financial status, and complications to their health as well as their destiny in urgent situation. In my paper, I will indicate that negative effects of cosmetic surgery is a ringing alarm to everybody, who is using this knife technology to enhance their beauty. People are suffering pain in their body, spirit and financial status as well.

Firstly, I will show how it directly impacts their finances. Certainly, in order to proceed with plastic surgery, people must invest their financial resources from start to finish regarding plastic surgery. Before making a decision about plastic surgery, money is important to choose the best method of surgery. Also, money is needed after finishing surgery. This issue creates a financial pitfall and people could become penniless. This proved that cosmetic surgery maybe a long process for anybody who could not stop to get their desired of perfect look.

Certainly, the price they have to pay for each operation cannot be counted. Next, many complications arise from aesthetic surgery which I saw it on public channels and in a reality life. I suppose that these complications vary in each case as each person has a different body type and responds differently resulting in different reactions. Outcomes from breast implants, cut eyelids, sharpened chins, decreased fat, and a disordered interal body, also happen in the operation. As a result, there are many problems from the methods.

Lastly, in order to clear more about the dangerous issue of plastic surgery, sometimes, there are some unexpected situations that lead to a patient’s death during the plastic surgery. One can be lack of experience from the doctor’s professional knowledge, or irresponsibility, or insufficient health tools. In addition, an unlucky patients by an anesthetic problem, also blood pressure increases too high, drug shocking, or bleeding too much in operation can be a real issue. Certainly, the price that people must pay is with their destiny or their life as well.

On the whole, I will focus on achieving a perfect look by using knife of technology cannot be good for people if they have to undergo pain regarding their healthy or damage to their financial status. People are playing with their life in according to gain a standard beauty which they desire daily. Unexpected effects of plastic surgery will bring a new view about what is concerned beautiful. This warns people who are about to improve their beauty by the knife method. A question deals with whether it is necessary to change one appearance with “cutting edge technology”.

While still there is an impact which can damage their finances, health and possibly their life, only to get the perfect beauty. I make sure vital of negative effects of cosmetic surgery will be popular on internet, and I believe that the main information which I find out on the internet will be reliable, also regarding my topic. Annotated Bibliography Benjamin, J. (2006). 10 Shocking truths about plastic surgery. Cosmopolitan, 240(2), 196-199.

Retrieved from https://manowar. tamucc. edu/login? url=http://search. ebscohost. com/login. aspx?direct=true&db=f5h&AN=19603058&site=eds-live&scope=site According to the article, today, cosmetic surgery is popular all over the world. It shows trend of plastic surgery is going to develop very fast.

On the other hand, the author’s stance indicated that cosmetic surgery is threatening to everybody who want to improve their beauty. In order to affirm her view is right, Benjamin exposes some intrinsic values of plastic surgery. She centers on “10 shocking truths” which affect directly to people from beginning to finishing of processing cosmetic surgery.

Because cosmetic surgery need a lot of money, also people must undergo many hurts and risks to barter a perfect beauty. It is obvious that when he mentions some evident truths which nobody can image how damages to people. She also analyzed to detail about each of the dangerous element by the knife of method. Her essay implies that people should think careful before making decision to use this method. It is really urgent which the article covers the whole real issues of cosmetic surgery to inform to everybody.

The author’s name is Benjamin, Jennifer who had many articles like as “How to have just-met see” (Benjamin, 2009, p.68-71), “Your Orgasm- Guaranteed” (Benjamin, 2007, p. 110-113), and so on. This source type is periodical. It is published in 2010 by Cosmopolitan. She gives some amazing information which nobody can forecast about the left side of cosmetic surgery in real life. I think the information is valid because an article mentioned real issues in life which it happened. Also, it concerned to my topic, and the information helps me to know what risks of plastic surgery is, and what people should avoid. I am aware that this source is urgent to inform to all people in current.

Because the negative effects of plastic surgery are spreading through people of life. Also, it will help me have more proofs to buttress for my essay. Indeed, this information is reliable to consult before people make decision to enhance their look by this knife method. The obvious truths can help many people to avoid risks in the future. Bradbury, E. (2009). Clinical risk in cosmetic surgery. Clinical Risk, 15(6), 227-231. doi:10. 1258/cr. 2009. 090047 The purpose of report deals with psychological problems are very important for patients in aesthetic surgery.

There are two kinds of inauspicious psychological which impact to patient’s health. One is from specific process which relate to their breast implants, or enhance face. The second risk is spirit disarray to impact to their health and body shape. However, his stance orients to a solutions for patients and doctors in both above issues. The article’s main concept is to analyze their psychological problems, also he gives some solutions for patients and doctors to avoid it. He advises patients to find out to which clinic is reliable, or which procedure is good for them. Also, they should consolidate.

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