Cannabis and minimally Effective Treatment

Why is pain difficult to assess?
Pain is often difficult to assess because everyone percieves pain differently. What is present and extreme for one may not be present for another. What are some objective measures that healthcare providers can use to evaluate pain? HCPS can use a scale of 1-10 to evaluate a pt’s pain.

Using this method doesn’t allow for HCPs to determine true pain from those out to get an easy fix.HCPs should study the pathology of the disease process through the labs and other other effects on the body.You can measure the pt’s quality of life, also you should ask yourself if the pt’s behavior is appropriate for disease or injury.

Do you think there is a stigma attached to people who use pain meds on a regular basis? yes I think there is. We are all products of our environment. Society tells us to believe that pain is not OK the drug use is okay as well as judging/labeling everyone who uses pain medication a junkie before they know the truth of the diagnosis. Summarize a disease process and drug used to control a disease and associated pain. Disease:Glaucoma.

Drugs used to treat:Marijuana (cannabis sativa).
Canabis use has roots in pain management for around 4,800 has been used to treat insomnia,gastrointestinal disorders and more recently glaucoma. Cannabis has been used medicinally before asprin was even invented. Marijuana60 chemicals, THC is the main component that is responsible for effects. Doctors may prescribe Marinol an oral capsule which is a man-made version of THC.In glaucoma pressure is increased in the eye,ultimately leads to vision loss.

Marijuana helps reduce IOP (intra ocular pressure).This information goes back to the 70’s. However this a minimally effective treatment. The effects only last 3 to 4 hours requiring a pt to smoke 6-8 times in a 24 hour period. Further study is needed to determine what component of marijuana lowers IOP.

We are now on a new level of truth and understanding of Cannabis. The lies held in the past are now exposed; Cannabis is not a demon, but rather a medicinal herb. Cannabis does not transform individuals into homicidal maniacs; …

The study and of the effects of cannabis as with most drugs, has been ambiguous and controversial. Numerous assertions have been made claiming it has very negative effects for example, in the 1930’s American officials began claiming that cannabis causes …

Almost all of us have heard that “Laughter is best Medicine! ” How true is this statement? A study conducted shows that 20-25 minutes of laughter every day is healthy for the body. This can make you feel fresh, energetic …

“The question of whether marijuana has any legitimate medical purpose should be determined by sound science and medicine. ” ~ Asa Hutchinson, Former DEA Administrator, 2001 “The scientific community, the medical community in particular, is divided on the real therapeutic …

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