Cancer Essay

At the time on 2010, doctors estimated that 5,330 had acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in the United Stated. This type of cancer here has been strongly researched for the reason that it can’t be prevented, but it can help by avoiding certain toxins, radiation, and chemicals. The acute lymphocytic leukemia has different symptoms, causes, risks, and treatment. Doctors today still aren’t sure how it all works as the ALL is a cancer that has to do with people’s blood and bone marrow that is where the blood cells are made. Symptoms and Causes.

The acute lymphoblastic leukemia has many different symptoms that people may think is normal, but it from the cancer. This cancer can be noted by gum bleeding, bone pain, infections or severe nose bleeds, pale skin, short of breath, weakness or general decrease in energy. Noticing the symptoms they’re things that involve bleeding and energy because the cancer has to do with the blood cells, which stops bleeding and helps fight infections. The main cause of ALL is when a bone marrow cell develops errors in its DNA to remain growing and dividing when it should stop.

As it continues the blood cell becomes abnormal that it’s unable to function properly that starts to crowd the healthy cells. Doctors are not sure what causes the DNA mutation, but know that it can’t be inherited as much. Risks and Treatments There are not as many risks to look for, but most of them it’s best to avoid contact with to prevent it. The risks for the acute lymphoblastic leukemia are from radiation, genetic disorder, previous cancer treatment, or having a brother/sister with it.

The treatments that people have more risk on getting ALL is on the radiation therapy and chemotherapy as for having another type of cancer may raise the risk even higher. This type of cancer usually affects children at 3-7 of age, but also occurs on adults. For treatment of the cancer the first one tried is the chemotherapy that is given in the veins or sometimes next to the spine and brain. The following therapies depend on the patient by their age and health, type of leukemia cells with the DNA changes, how many chemotherapies it took to achieve, and if there’s a stem cell transplant donor.

Some choices that people have for the treatments are the consolidation therapy, destroys the remains in the brain and spinal cord; maintenance therapy, prevents the leukemia from growing; preventive therapy to spinal cord, kill leukemia cells in central nervous system during each phase. Also depending on how big or serious the person’s problem is the phase may take about 2 to 3 years. Besides the chemotherapy there are special tests that they need to do all the people as physical and blood tests to reveal bruises, swollen liver, or bleeding.

For the blood test they do a complete blood count, platelet count, spinal tap, and bone marrow aspiration to look to changes in the abnormal white cells and the results may say what type of therapy they need. As time has gone even though doctors don’t know how some things work they are still able to figure ways to help the people and with luck the popularity of the ALL has been dropping. Truly, the only way to prevent it is by avoiding the risks and for treatments the people have many options to go through to decide.

As for the acute lymphoblastic leukemia is makes life threatening symptoms for not letting regular blood cells to grow or be made. This type of cancer is also known as the acute lymphocytic leukemia also shortened as ALL.

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