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Out of the wide variety of food our world offers us today many of these foods are known as healthy foods that are good for our health and body, but on the other hand there are also many foods that put our health at risk; many of which have had links to multiple different cancers. Melissa Breyers had written two articles listing off the top ten foods that Increase and Decrease cancer risk. The top ten foods found to increase the risk of cancer included: All charred foods, red meats that were well done, any foods that were heavily salted, all types of sodas, mainly all junk food such as donuts and French fries, alcohols and fish.

(Breyers, 2011) Foods found to lower risk of cancer and or prevent cancer were mainly a variety of greens and vegetables that were broken down into separate sections. “Cruciferous vegetables” such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, bok choy (Chinese cabbage) are known to have the most “anti-cancer substances” (Breyers, 2011) Other foods known for preventing and lowering cancer risk were blueberries, grapes, a variety of beans and peas, all sorts of dark greens, onions and garlic. There were also a few drinks listed such as green chai and red wine. Acknowledging ingredients in the foods we consume is also a big part of cancer prevention.

The top ten foods that cause and prevent cancer are based on what the certain product is made up of. Many cancer related foods have been produced with chemicals to make foods look more appealing so that more people would purchase them. The most common additive chemicals used to make products we purchase are “insecticides” “ortho dichlorobenzene” “arsenic” “sodium nitrite” and “stilbestrol”. (Swayze Foster) We use insecticides and ortho dichlorobenzene when raising shellfish, to kill of larger sea creatures that feed of off them, causing them to disintegrate, or not be able to function

properly. Arsenic is what we use to feed our chickens and hens so that they can “produce more eggs” and “improve” color and skin tone. (Swayze Foster) To people who are unaware of the dangers of arsenic, it is poisonous, but that’s okay right, we need to make our chickens attractive. Sodium nitrite and other lovely chemicals are what we use to keep our “fresh” fish fresh. Sodium nitrite has led to illnesses and deaths in the past couple of years. (Swayze Foster) I fell that we are taking it much too far to make our food look more attractive and give the effect of it looking fresh. Cancer diet (Paraphrases).

A lot of the foods that we consume in America as of today have carcinogens. (Swayze Foster) For people who are unaware; carcinogens are substances that can cause cancer to evolve in any living creature. Things such as: Sea food, processed meat, drugs, alcohol, fats and oils all have had links to multiple different cancers.

It is not that the food itself is a carcinogen, but the ingredients and way the food is handled when being prepared causes the food to become carcinogenic. Certain additive chemicals and ingredients such as “insecticides” “ortho dichlorobenzene” “arsenic” “sodium nitrite” “stilbestrol” are used when producing foods most Americans eat regularly; all of these have had major links to cancer. Also cooking foods at temperatures higher than 300 Fahrenheit on certain metals cause “mutagens” which also lead to cancer.

Even though companies and producers are aware of the health risks, they still put these foods out on the market. (Swayze Foster) With the cancer rate increasing so rapidly and people looking for ways to help prevent it from getting worse or even beginning, many people have learned that one solution is to “Eat a healthy diet. ” Learning what foods not to eat is one of the steps in keeping your body healthy.

Avoiding “charred foods” well-cooked red meats, heavily salted foods, fake sweeteners such as “aspartame”, intake of alcohol and other drugs, and other foods that may include “acrylamide” which appears when baking sweets. Learning about the foods that can increase cancer risk is a good way to prevent harmful intake. (Melissa Breyer) Although many foods in America and all around the world have had links to multiple different cancers and health risks for people and animals, there are still a handful of foods and drinks out there that are good for human health and actually intend to help prevent disease.

The list of the top ten cancer prevention foods are mostly a list of greens. We all know vegetables are good for us, but these are the ones that studies show are best for our health. Any “cruciferous vegetable” examples of those are vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and all types of sprouts. All of these vegetables contain “isothiocyanates” which work like anti-cancer components.

Other great anti-cancer foods and beverages are: red wine and green tea, beans, berries, dark greens (spinach, beets, etc. ) All of these foods and drinks have either antioxidants, allicins, and or anthocyanosides. These are all the healthy suggestions that fight cancer and help protect and keep your body strong.

(Melissa Breyer) People are aware that the cancer rate is growing rapidly, but do they know what exactly is causing it? The consumption of certain foods plays a large role. “You are what you eat. ” The intake of alcohol, foods that include starch, fatty foods, and meats all have leads to cancer. Alcohol and tobacco intake can lead to cancer in the liver and esophagus, cancer growing from the colon and rectum can be caused from red meats and animal fats. If you take a look at the cancer rates around the world and look at food intakes from different cultures and country you will see how the different food intake affects each country/cultures life. For example China; many people die due to stomach cancer.

This is most likely caused from the large intake of smoked, salted and starchy foods. By changing diets you could potentially change the risk of getting or preventing cancer. (Live in green company) Avoiding cancer causing foods starts out by first identifying what certain ingredients in the foods you are planning to consume are made up of. Cancer tumors begin to develop by feeding off of the sugar that runs in your bloodstream.

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