CAM medicine

A pharmacist is someone who works inside a shop which is known as a chemist. They primary role is to exchange the prescription from the customer which is given to them by the doctor for the actual medicine. They may also give advice to the customer for example if they are having problems sleeping, they would suggest them some tablets they could take. Inside the chemist there would also be a variety of healthcare products such as plasters, paracetamol, deodorant and baby food. If someone doesn’t have an authentic prescription, then the pharmacists by law cannot give them the medicine as it could end up harming them.

After entering the workplace, the pharmacist would open their chemist for patients to enter. When a customer arrives, they would give them the prescription. The pharmacist would the search their stock for the required medicine and print out a stick containing the customer’s name and the amount to take which is put on the medicine the customer knows who the medicine is for and how much to take. If a patient’s wishes to buy a medicine such as paracetamol or other items, they would get the required item and take it to the checkout. If the patients doesn’t know what they are looking for then they would ask the pharmacist for advice. They would generally tell the problem they may be having such as headaches and the pharmacist would have the sufficiekt knowledge to help them with their problems and prescribe the with the medicine.

A pharmacist would have his own shop usually name after them or the location the chemist is located at. The salary of the pharmacist depending on the amount of customers they get and the location of the chemist. The average price for a medicine is around 16; also due to the fact that everyone requires medicine at some stage pharmacist make a lot of many. A pre-reg pharmacist would get around 25,000 however a full time pharmacist gets around 70,000 a year.

Vet: A vet (veterinarian) is similar to a doctor but rather than dealing with patients, they deal with animals. A vet role is to do a check up on the animal to see if anything if wrong with them. They can also perform operation on them as well such as removing something from their stomach. As well as this, they can give advice to the animal’s owner on how to take better care of their pet.

When a vet is operating on the animal, they would give them an anaesthetic through an injection to stop the animal from feeling any pain. Whilst under the anaesthetic, the vet would then carry out the necessary operation. If an operation is not required, then the vet would give advice on tips to the owner. A vet would also have an accomplice with them like a doctor and dentist that hand them they required tool to carry out the check or operation.

A vet isn’t located in a hospital for health reason; it is located in a separate building where pet owners are required to go. Located at the vet, is pet equipment for example food and toys. They are located there as it is a suitable location because animal owners would go there primarily for the pet. Skills and Personal Qualities: The skills and personal qualities of the jobs in this sector are all quite similar. The nurse is more similar to vet as their jobs involved care so therefore their skills are more similar than other. They must firstly have patience as they patient may have trouble speaking either because they are from or another country or they can’t speak due to a problem. They must also have good communications skills as they have to know what the patient’s problem is so they can help them.

A doctor must also have good communication skills as their jobs involves one to one communication with the patient and they have to know what the patients problem is so they can give them the right medicine. A dentist must have also have this so they can give their patients advice on how to look after their teeth. Another key skill that is required observation skill. A dentist and doctor would need this so they analyse any symptoms something wrong with the patients and treat them. Listening is a major skills that is required because if a doctor doesn’t hear the right information, they could end up giving them the wrong medicine which could end up with them being allergic to it or seriously ill.


Certain qualifications need to be met in order for someone to work in the health care sector. There are many qualifications required to become a doctor. The main qualifications are a minimum C in Maths, English and Science. At A level, a person is required to do a course in either Biology, Chemistry or Physics which at least a B is required as well as 2 other A level at C or above. There are also many different qualifications that allows someone to study medicine such as a first Mb BMedSci (Bachelor of Medical Sciences) and BCh (Bachelor of Surgery).

To become a qualified nurse they must first pass an exam in numeracy and literacy. They must also hold a first level nursing qualification. This is a qualification given to nurses after they have past a written and practical exam. This then allows the nurse to register with the regulatory body and the Nursing Midwifery Council which means they can work as a qualified nurse. The qualification required to become a dentist is very similar to a doctor however, because dentist only involves teeth there are a few difference in the qualifications needed.

The GCSE and A levels required are similar to that of a doctor however dentist is more completive to get into therefore the entry requirements to do a dentist course are more stricter. A pharmacists is required to have similar GCSE’s to a doctor and a dentist but they are required to have an A level in Biology or Chemistry; Physics however is not required. A pharmacist is also required to have master pharmacy which is obtained through roughly four years in university.

The jobs in the healthcare sector are in both the private and public sector. For example, Doctors and Nurses jobs are in the public sector as their salary is paid to them by the government whereas a vet’s job is …

Experience is required for health care professionals so there is less chance of them making a mistake. A pharmacist could go a pharmacist apprentiship in which learn how a pharmacist operates and the different medicines involved. They could also work …

What does it take to be a pharmacist? Pharmacy involves more than just handing out drugs, otherwise anyone could do it. “A pharmacist is a health professional who follows instruction from physicians regarding the amount of education to distribute” (“Pharmacy …

In our world today the use of (CAM) complementary and alternative medicine is increasing tremendously where people are looking out for new health care systems that are less harmful to the human body and do not involve the use of …

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