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Many people admit they cannot survive one day without gadgets such as phones, laptops and computers, tablets, and more. We are very dependent on technology. We even rely on those gadgets just to entertain us on occasions. People say that technology is killing our social lives. However it’s not the technology, it is how the people use it. Technology has so much to offer when it comes to advantages and how it can benefit our everyday lives. Technology is beneficial to Belizeans and to people worldwide. It helps carry out in our daily school work activities and careers.

It assists out on the working environment and it facilitates on communicating with the rest of the world. In the first place technology has been helping our generations from way since the past. Of course it is evolving into better things but if it wasn’t for technology perhaps we might still in the Stone Age. “In the 1970s and ’80s many newspapers and other print media equipped their writers and editors with such machines. These and other high-speed printing and data-processing machines made use of the typewriter. ” (Typewriter, 2009). Type writers were machines use to print on paper, was one of the most helping inventions from the past.

Now in present time it’s rare to see one. Technology has evolved into producing computers and laptops to make our life Lopez 2 easier. One of our very own greats from Belize, the father of the nation: Hon. Gorge Cadle Price was known for having his own type writer where he would sit on his desk and type. This machine still sits down on his desk at the Gorge price center located at Belmopan. Computers and laptops have helped students profoundly in their school work activities. With the use of a computers or gadgets it gives us an access to the World Wide Web, which in there, students could research work and have an easier life.

Any important document they can store in their computers or any hard drive. Technology also assists people that have a career. One great example is in hospitals. Throughout the world hospitals are equipped with high advanced machines that assist in helping people find cure for diseases. Examples would be like cat scanners, x-ray machines etc. even here at Belize, Belize might be a third world country but it’s getting there with this kinds of technology, people in offices or banks or in any decent job or normal job, you will always find machines that will assist them in their work. It’s a great help.

Technology not only assists on our school work and jobs but it also impacts us on our working environment/homes. What is meant by this is that from the moment us humans wake up we most certainly have something that was invented or made. We have alarm clocks that serve us to wake up; we use the stove to cook. Or we use a washing machine to wash our dirty clothes.

Other countries such as in the U. S have things like vacuums, even robots that assist in helping. Now we have advanced modes of transportation. Airplanes, vehicles, buses, trains, all of these helps to move from one place to the other to prevent humans or even animals to walk a great distance and get exhausted.

In the olden days, people used to travel and go places using cow carts, bicycle or even by foot. Imagine how hard it is to travel back in the days. It must have took them days, even months. It would also be hard if the weather is not well like for boats or ships. But with great inventions, we can go anywhere we want in our wildest imagination. I’m not Lopez 3 saying we could pay a visit in heaven but what I meant was space and galaxy. With spaceships and rockets, we can explore more about other planets, stars, comets and even the sun.

Technology has helped us a lot, but it can also be a way of getting us entertained. For the 21st of September here at Belize or other Caribbean countries we celebrate and have fun in the carnival. A carnival doesn’t come to existence out of the bloom, some way or another we use things that were invented to make us happy. For music we need loud big speakers to boom out music, to carry people and equipment we need the ten wheeler trucks. Here at Belmopan for agriculture day games come to entertain us and for us to have fun.

These are big things; technology can be minimized to smaller things such as cell phones, radios, TV’s, all a form in which it can entertain us. If it weren’t for technology there wouldn’t have been theaters or movies that we can watch. “To mid-19th-century observers, photography seemed capable of capturing the world whole rather than describing and interpreting it as drawing did. ” (Grundberg, 2008). With cameras it helps preserve memorable memories that once again it can never be obtained back. With the word technology in mind, there is one more important benefit. By means of technology it facilitates communicating or interacting with the rest of the world.

With this said, technology is the reason we know so much of our own world, our history and our past. Sure, this could be caused also because of what we learn from our parents or from our schools. But teachers and parents or people don’t just come up with such things, they must have heard it or read it or seen it somewhere else in order for they to teach it. We get informed of so much things happening in our world now a day’s throughout news and media.

We get informed of wars taking place in some countries, deadly diseases such as the recent Ebola virus affecting other countries and killing millions. “Scientists are turning to technology to help fight the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Lopez 4 With deaths in West Africa continuing to rise, and cases identified in the US and Spain, the hunt is on for high-tech ways to quickly diagnose the disease and stop it spreading. ” (Smith, 2014). We even get informed of the latest technology coming out. With technology not only do we get informed, but we also interact and communicate with the rest of the world.

We have so many ways to do this, we can use face book, twitter and Instagram. We can also email our loved ones from far, we can video chat with them and there’s so much other ways humans have designed to make our lives easier.

All of this can either be done with cellular phones, computers and other gadgets. Nevertheless we can see that technology has a great impact on our small Belize and the whole world. Some may say technology is bad but it’s really how you use it that really counts. It is the people that use it and how they use it that affects the overall negative and positives of technological advances. We as a race today decide on how we use technology and how much that we let it take over our lives.

Without technology there would be more bad than good. Yes, it is stopping many kids from physical activities because they are inside watching TV or playing video games which is leading to an increase in obesity and laziness. But without technology how would we be able to communicate easily, prevent diseases make jobs more doable, and to transport items more easily. Prices would be higher because it would require more people and labor to create the things that we need in life that could have been easily done with technology.

Here in Belize we should be thankful for the small but helpful equipment that we have that ismaking u s get there. Technology is beneficial to us and without it, who knows where we would stand. Lopez 5 Work cited page Article: “Typewriter. ” Microsoft® Student 2009 [DVD]. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2008. Grundberg, Andy. “History of Photography. ” Microsoft® Student 2009 [DVD].

Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2008. Webpage: Smith Mickey, (2014). “Ebola: How technology is helping fight the spread of the deadly virus”. Retrieved from http://www. mirror. co. uk/news/technology-science/technology/ebola- how-technology-helping-fight-4454378.

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