Bowen/Differentiation Ouline for Essay with Goals and Intervention Samples

Outline for Bowen paper on Beginning, Middle, End goals/interventions 1. a joing family as a coach, healthy triangle
look up beginning stages of therapy
limit emotional reactivity
experimental therapy – teacher/coach

b. therapeutic alliance/relationship

c. how change brought about?
Through insight…
For Bowen theory – insight gained by looking at patterns in famly/genogram
For Behavior therapy – shaping
For cognitive therapy – challenging destructive schema
Structural therapy- realigning structure
Bowen – 1. Insight2. Multi-generation transmission 3. Differentiation of self

2. skip
3. vignette – conceptualization/hypotheses
4. 3 stage treatment plan (beginning, middle, end of therapy) a. global goals
b. interventions

Beginning goals/interventions
1.Make client feel safe/build rapport/build relationship
2.Ask their goals
3. question about their family positions
4. empathy/active listening
5. symptom relief – ask about symptoms, what brings them to therapy, not
taking sides, repeat (mirror), no judging

a. Build working hypothesis – ask clarifying questions, seating position

Middle goal for Bowenian Therapy
1. Id subsystems, hierachy, genome relationships
2. Bowen Goal: Begin challenging pathological beliefs/faulty cognitions (intervention) – genogram
3. Bowen Goal: Reach differentiation
Intervention –
4 Bowen Goal: Assist family in looking at family dynamics:
Intervention – Genogram

1. Time to end when believe they are able to maintain change/and how a. Client/clients have maintained change for some time in therapy b. Learn to deal with loss, if attached to therapist

c. Have a plan
i. resources
ii. index cards
d. Review progress
iii. Bowen copy of genogram, beginning and end
iv. Bowen – copy of CED, other tests

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