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After analyzing my research the results the x[CS1] value worked out to be 4.38. The x value was above the critical level there for my hypothesis can be accepted. Discussion Mate selection and preferences will be explored from various participants throughout the World Wide Web and through previous research conducted by professionals using 15 professional journal articles. 100 participants filled out an online survey on what characteristics they look for in selecting a potential partner.

Participants responded to what type of person they’d rather be with and the number one characteristic they look for when selecting a mate. It is predicted that not only physical attractiveness, depending on gender, is the main characteristic that people look for when selecting a potential partner, but so is personality. Various studies and former research regarding physical attractiveness and personality will be discussed. The results proved that a non-physical aspect such as personality is just as important, if not more, as attractiveness to most people when selecting a romantic mate.

Mate Selection and Preferences Across Decades Psychologists and researchers have spent many dedicated hours studying the characteristics that people look for when selecting a potential mate. The results have been surprising in some cases; stereotypes have even been exhausted in that looks alone are not truly the number one characteristic that most people look for when deciding to build a romantic relationship with a certain person. In fact, based on research and surveys, looks may not even be the top criterion when deciding on a mate, depending on gender. Research has shown that personality is just as important when selecting a mate as is attractiveness. The stereotype that most people are only attracted to others who possess good looks is proven in this paper to be a notion of the past. This paper will prove the assertion and detail the important studies that have found that attractiveness is not the main key component in selecting a romantic partner.

“The choice of a marriage partner is one of the most serious decisions people face,” (Fisman, Iyengar, Kamenica, & Simonson, 2006). This notion has evolved over time with the evolutionary theory. In previous centuries, most marriages were arranged, and the only deciding factors in a mate were the parents. The 20th century documented some monumental changes in the way we met people and developed romantic relationships. With the publicized use of the internet, made possible by the government, finding a mate is as easy as a tap of a key.

According to Buss, Shackelford, Kirkpatrick, and Larsen (2001), technological advances would also mean that values and characteristics that people look for when selecting a partner have also evolved. For example, they also go on to state that economically, with more and more women entering the workforce, women now have greater financial resources at their fingertips, which means that the less they depend on a man for financial support (Buss, Shackelford, Kirkpatrick, & Larsen, 2001).

My aim in this investigation was to find weather or not body perception becomes more relaxed with age. I asked participants to indicate on a range of images where they feel their current and ideal body shape or size is and which image they feel is the most attractive to the opposite sex. Women of a more mature age tended to put each fairly close together where as the young girls spaced them more part with a great difference between ideal and current shape or size.

Copper (1994) investigated women who travel from one culture, where images of slim women are few and far between, to another culture where they a frequent. Copper (1994) found these women felt more body conscience. As teenager you tend to pay more attention to images in the magazines, where as with age you read different magazines (which feature these images less frequently) and probable have less time to read as many as a teenage girl does.

The biological explanation of anorexia nervous suggests that, abnormal levels of noradrenaline in anorexics (Fava et al, 1989), this corroborates the theory that the hypothalamus may contribute towards eating disorders (Keesey and Corbett 1983). These two theories could explain why teenage girl tend to suffer from anorexia more often than women of a more mature age. Teenagers go through a lot of changes, hormones play a large part of these changes, there for hormone imbalances are likely and often do happen weather

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As per my topic is concerned I would like to share some avowal that whether people select partners like their opposite sex parent or people select partners that are like themselves or similar to them. There may be many reasons …

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