Birth Control

Almost every sensible parent would agree that it is very important to educate their children from a very young age about sex so as to remove any confusion or curiosity that they may have in their minds. The best solution would be to sit them down and tell them firsthand whatever there is to learn about sex and secondly discussing the severity of either impregnating someone or becoming pregnant at a young age. Constantly reminding them of the negative impact might just do the trick but that’s not where it should end.

Fact of the matter is that children at a ripe age understand things better and seem to grasp the situation in its entirety. Furthermore if such issues are discussed with children in early years of parenting they are more likely to internalize the cons of having sex let alone unsafe sex. If left to dig out information on their own children will often resort to asking their friends or getting information from the media. Needless to say both sources are inadequate and at times faulty.

This is why parents should feel responsible for clearing out any misconceptions about sex. Sure, it could be a bit embarrassing for both parents and their children alike but it is an absolute necessity which cannot be evaded. Studies indicate that kids who feel that they can talk to their parents about issues such as sex are less likely to indulge in promiscuous or risk taking behavior as opposed to kids who feel they cannot converse with them on this particular issue. The conversation must begin at an early age and grow more detailed as the child grows older.

Parents must handle it in a very subsequent manner and gradually when the kids are in their pre teens they should be given a dose of the values that society has in respect to sex. They may not necessarily internalize those values as they grow older but they’ll definitely keep it in mind and think twice before having sex let alone safe sex. It might be important to look into the gender of the child before indulging them in discussion. For instance it would probably help if the father talks to the son and the mother to the daughter.

However there is no hard or fast rule. Parents should not be intimidated if they can’t answer all their children’s questions as long as they can make them feel that they can talk about anything with them. However they must make sure that they give their children lectures on safe sex and at the same time also tell them that even with protection they can either get pregnant or impregnate someone. So there is no sure shot way of avoiding it so the best thing to do would be to show their affection in ways other than having sex.

(Children now, n. p. ) Sex education is all about informing young people to make the right decisions and feel confident in their choices. If anything sex education is their right because it is the only way they can be prevented from sexual abuse, exploitation, and unintended pregnancies and of course STDs. Moreover if parents can give their children religious education there is no need for them to avoid talking about sex. They can always relate the two together Whilst telling them the wrongs of having premarital sex.

This is not to suggest however that sex is entirely wrong or should be avoided at all costs but simply that it’s an activity that should be performed since it requires both mental and physical maturity. Repercussions of having unsafe sex is of great vitality after all parents should be concerned the most about their child’s well being and avoiding the big talk on sex might prove to be fatal for their child. If young people know about all the consequences and cons they will make it a point to face peer pressure with much endurance.

In some cases they might even be able to exert influence on their less fortunate friends whose parents did not take the time out to talk to them about sex. (Mc Pherson, n. p. ) Most parents talk to their children about sex because they don’t want them to get pregnant or HIV AIDS. Needless to say theirs also a lot of emotional trauma and ostracism a child must face when inflicted by the problems caused by having pre marital sex. Recently however because of the rise in HIV a lot of attention is being given to proper sex education. It is very important for parents to be good role models.

If their sexual activities are not under their control how can they expect to teach their children anything about the consequence of having sex at a young age? Actions indeed speak louder than words. (Thankachan, n. p. ) The home is the best place where the regulation of sexual activity can be conducted. if parents make a conscientious effort to lay down basic morals , values and rules of their homes they are in fact ensuring that their kids are growing and being influenced in a healthy environment conducive to keeping good relations based on trust.

Having a close tightly knit family can have a positive impact on a child’s behavior both outside and inside their homes. Being caring and supportive from the very beginning helps children grow into confident individuals who can tell for themselves the difference between right and wrong. It is only natural for kids to grow apart as they turn towards their teens in which case parents should make sure that they do not help in creating the rift but instead stay involved whilst at the same time changing their way of parenting.

The types of conversations, rules and ways of supervising are not the same for older and younger kids. Parents must make a distinction between the two and interact accordingly. However, many of the ways that parents can protect their children do not change as they grow older: being good role models, incorporating religion into family life, making fair rules, having meals together as a family is all factors that are vital for the upbringing of children of all ages.

If this kind of lifestyle is carried forward then rest assured children will grow into being healthy and responsible adults who would practice the same values that they were taught when they have families of their own. (Action for children, n. p. ) The point is not to completely isolate young people from the opposite sex and make them feel that any kind of interaction with individuals of the opposite gender is wrong but it is to create a certain limitation. Dating can be a precursor to sex but not necessarily.

If young people are strong enough to control their urges and are firm on their decision to wait until their married then theirs no harm in letting them date in order to choose the person they feel is at the same wavelength as them. If any kind of interaction between boys and girls is prohibited by parents then how can they expect them to find the right person for themselves? The problem does not lie in whether or not dating encourages premarital sex as it all comes down to one thing: how effective the parental guidance has been in the upbringing of a child!

The practice of having safe sex can be instilled in the minds of young people but whether they use latex condoms or pills they cannot protect themselves 100%. There is always a possibility that they still might get pregnant or impregnate. This point must be made crystal clear in their minds and if it is theirs a very high probability that it will deter them from having sex in the first place. Works Cited Action for children, 2006 http://www. kidscount. org/kcnetwork/issues/documents/ncteenriskreport. pdf Accessed October 12, 2008 Children now organization, talk with your kids, n. d. http://www. talkingwithkids. org/sex. html Accessed October 12, 2008

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