Assignment Set 2

Hospital Planning and Facilities Management Answer any 5 ,each carries 20 marks Q. – 1 What do you understand by feasibility study of a hospital Project? Enumerate the income generating departments and items of expenditure with standard assumptions to work out the anticipated income?

Q-2 Discuss the criteria for selection of a site for 300 bedded hospital. What is the importance of circulation in a well planned hospital? Q. 3 -Discuss the planning and designing of an intensive care unit for teaching hospital of 500 beds.

Q. 4 Discuss the planning and designing of inpatient wards for teaching hospital of 500 beds,Q. 5 Describe food services dept of a 300 bedded hospital. what preventive will be carried out to ensure quality? Q 6 Formulate a hospital project team. how will you plan for out patient department of 100 bedded multispeciality hospital? Q 7 What is disaster management,explain the objective of disaster management plan.

Q 8 Design a mass casualty committee for a 200 bedded hospital,how will you put it into effect in handling mass casualty incidents,explain with the help of example. MANAGEMENT & ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Total marks 50 1.

“The major challenge Management faces today is living in a world of turbulence and uncertainty where new competitions arrive daily and competitive conditions change. ” Explain with an example of any one product or services in the market. Validate your answer with research findings/statistical data. What measures can be taken to meet these challenges? 20 Or 2. Taking in view the wide skill differential among the people working in healthcare institutions how will you apply OB concepts to bring about proper management & organization in these institutions? Explain with relevant examples.

3. what are the essential characteristics of a good nursing services department?. 20 Or 4. For motivating the office staff in a healthcare institution which theory of Motivation will you apply and why? Explain the theory and its application. 5. What are the indicators which tell you about the HRD climate in a healthcare centre? 10 Or 6. Write short notes on: a. difference between management and leadership b. Methods of Patient Assignment. c. Objectives & Quality of Patient Care. ========================================================================HOSPITAL SUPPORTIVE SERVICES.

Instructions: Answer any 5 questions. Each question carries 20 Marks Total marks 100 1. What are Public Relations? Discuss its importance in a hospital and methods to promote good Public Relations. 2. Purchase and management of stores require effective planning and implementation Discuss how you will organize this function in a 300 bedded hospital 3. What are the legal responsibilities and list the essential documents required in a hospital. 4. how will you plan and organize pathology and clinical laboratory services in a hospital 5. Discuss the importance of medical records.

How will you organize a medical records department? What standard operative procedures are required for its effective functioning? 6. Explain the role of Support services in Hospital Management. 7. Define nursing administration. Discuss the major responsibilities associated with administration of nursing services. 8. discuss the management of dental services. 9. Write down the important planning elements and management aspects of occupational hazards. ========================================================================QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN HEALTH CARE Total marks 50

1 elaborate on medical audit. OR 20 2. What is accreditation? What are its benefits? How a successful accreditation system helps hospital explain in detail. 3. As patient, what would you look for in a hospital that would assure you of a good quality of service? 20 OR 4 how will you set up a quality programme in a hospital 5 what are the componants quality in healthcare 10 ======================================================================== .

STAKE HOLDERS IN HEALTH CARE SECTOR Instructions: Answer all questions. Each question carries 20 Marks. Total marks 100 1. Write Notes on any two a. Health Insurance contracts b.

Health care financing c. regulatory and legal aspects 2. Write notes on any two a. Evolution of public health programmes in india b. Types of NGOs c. control of communicale diseases 3. Write notes on any two a. Medical equipment manufacturing industry in India b. International medical equipment manufacturing Industry c. legislation and standardization of medical equipments 4. Write notes on any two a. information technology in Health care b. Indian pharmaceutical industry c. role of government in medical equipment manufacturing Industry 5.

Write notes on any two a. Types of human resources required in clinical research b. Ethics in clinical research c. Documentation in clinical research ================================================= MARKETING HEALTH CARE Instructions: Answer any 5 questions. Each question carries 20 Marks Total marks 100 1. How do sales differ from marketing? You go in for a checkup as a patient to a diagnostic center. What is the value, cost, and benefit you get? What is the customer satisfaction that marketing talks of in this case? How can this diagnostic center communicate and promote itself?

2. You plan to set a large hospital of 150 -200 beds in a large city like Pune or Bhopal, etc. How would you do a market research for the same? Explain also how you would do SWOT analysis? 3. elaborate on market segmentation 4. Elaborate the concept of ‘pricing’ with special reference to Hospital. 5. As a healthcare professional, explain how various facets of buyer behaviour will help in understanding the customers better? Give examples and how this can be used to get better profits? 6. how will you start the promotion of your healthcare organization.

It is important for Medical Assistants to be able to read a drug reference source and determine relevant information. Please complete this Assignment and submit it to the Dropbox using a drug reference textbook or a reputable online reference site. …

Please answer the case study questions, showing your work where applicable. Each question is worth 5 points. CASE 1 A patient is prescribed a pain medication with the directions: i tab PO q 12h The patient takes the first dose …

In this scenario-based assignment I am going to write about a patient, for whom I have cared for whilst I was in placement. I am going to refer to the patient as Mrs. X due to confidentiality as the Nursing …

Phase 0 1 2 3 Also known as Microdosing Human Pharmacology Therapeutic Exploratory 2a 2b Therapeutic Confirmatory 3a 3b Objective PK /PD /Other Enable go/no-go decisions to be based on relevant human models instead of relying on sometimes inconsistent animal …

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