Appraisal of the programme

For my GCSE coursework I will have to design and complete a training programme to improve performance. The sport which I have chosen for this is Hockey. I have chosen this sport as it is the main sport which I enjoy most, and I think that I could use this opportunity to improve a lot in the game. The aspects of fitness which are needed for Hockey are:  Endurance – Having the ability to work for long period of time, and not becoming tired. This is found in hockey as we need to be able to give out best efforts for the long period of time in a match.  Agility – Having the ability to change the body’s positions quickly and being able to control the movement. We find this in hockey when moving to receive the ball or interrupting a pass from the opposition.

Speed – Having the ability to move quickly. This is found in hockey when we have to sprint to receive a fast ball or to get into the shooting area as fast as possible.  Power – Having the ability to contract our muscles with a large amount of speed and strength. In hockey, having a lot of power is good as it makes shooting faster and, therefore during a hit out we are able to get the ball away quickly.  Reaction Time – The time taken for the body to reacted to an action. In hockey out bodies must be able to react fast to something like stopping the ball when it is coming at a great speed when it is unecspected.

I try to do as much training as often as I can; I regularly attend Hockey practices after school, and have also represented the school hockey team in a several matches. I also play hockey twice a week in p.e lessons at school when it is hockey season. To keep fit I like to play sports for school whenever the opportunity comes up. Before we start our exercise, we will be recording our heart rate. Then after we have finished our exercise we will record it again, and then every minute for 5 minutes after that. This will allow us to see how our heart rate responds to the exercise and examine if our fitness level is increasing and how much by throughout the training sessions.

Principles of Training – SPORT Specificity – We must focus on what we need to train for and be specific about the components at which we are looking at. E.g. for hockey I am looking at power, reaction time and speed. Progression – We must increase how long we train for when we are thinking about a specific sport, increasing the training make us more able to do it, and more aware about what components we are improving on most. E.g. in my training programme, instead of doing 2 minutes of training, we could increase it to 4, and we will increase it every week. Overload – We can increase how hard we work, this makes the training programme more intense and we gain more fitness from doing this. E.g. we could make the circuit more challenging throughout the 5 weeks of training.

Reversibility – If we do not stick to our training programme, we would be at the risk of losing our fitness which we have built up. We would also be less able to work for long periods of time. E.g. if we trained 3 times a week, and we stopped doing that, we would be less able than others to do it, as we are not ready for the intensity, as it needs to be built up gradually. Tedium – If we do not make our circuit interesting, or do not adjust it to make it interesting, we wont be as enthusiastic about doing the training, and therefore become less willing to take part. TT – When we plan a circuit we must always think about Frequency – How often we train

In my circuit I have decided to train at least 2 time a week to improve fitness, I have spread these sessions out to give the body time t recover from the previous work out. Intensity – How hard we train In my circuit I have increased the level of how hard we train each week, therefore we will be gaining more fitness each week as we are working harder and faster. Time – How long we train Every week the times of training will change, we will be working longer than the week before, and this will improve aerobic fitness and muscular endurance

Type – What kind of training we do For my circuit I looked closely at the components which we would look and, and look at what skills we could do to improve these. My circuit includes three different types of components, and each of them has 2 different styles of activities to build up the skills and work on the fitness.

SECTION 2 – PERFORMING (i) Implementation I am going to conduct my programme on the Monday of the 5 last weeks before the summer holidays 2005. I will perform the programme on the school’s all weather pitch, where there is an open space, and the equipment will be provided. I didn’t have any problems while performing my programme. The circuit was easily performed once I had set up all the stations around the all weather pitch and they also were easily accessible. I had no problems with doing the station, and moving onto others.

Safety/Efficient execution of exercises When designing my circuit, I had to think carefully about how I was going to do it, and if it was at the safest I could get it. From this I think that I have done all those as well as I could. Before we began the circuits we were shown how to stretch by as member of staff so that we could practice the right ways of stretching so not 2 injure ourselves and also so we could do the training programme to the best of out ability. I completed all my exercises in a safe manner, taking into consideration the safety precautions e.g. Warm up and Warm downs, and the consequences of what could happen if we didn’t follow these precautions e.g. Strained muscles.

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