Alternative herbal medicine

Alternative herbal medicine is a much more health conscious way of healing than conventional medicine. Typical practices that doctors use today involve antibiotics: a quick fix, which I call the “Band-Aid” method. It is a way to cover up or hide the problems. Alternative medicine is quite the opposite and includes many forms such as acupuncture, Chinese herbs, vitamins, supplements, chiropractic, aromatherapy, massage, and homeopathic medicine. Its basis is founded on bringing harmony to the body in order to promote optimal health.

The biggest difference in the two forms of medicine is the focus of the way that treatments are taken care of. The benefit of natural healing is that it gets to the root of the problem. It actually cures the disease or discomfort and treats the body as a whole. Treating the body as a whole includes taking into account every aspect and looking at each issue with a multifaceted view instead of treating a collection of symptoms. Herbal medicine is definitely not a mere “cover-up” way of healing like the controversial antibiotics today, which tend to cause more problems than benefits.

Medical doctors use a system that considers the disease or symptom to be the actual problem, as opposed to addressing the underlying causes. Even cancerous cells are often the result of amounts of antibiotics left in the body. I know firsthand that conventional ways such as chemotherapy and many other well trusted medical services come with risks. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery douse the body with more toxins chemicals, often times slowing the healing process because toxins caused the cancer in the first place!

In fact, chemo has a shockingly and very terrible efficiency rate of only five percent. Unfortunately, my grandmother, aunt, and great uncle all fell into the unlucky ninety percent. This is one reason of why I am so passionate to not only help every person who has cancer to find a way to cure it themselves, but to also help people to prevent them before cells even begin to develop. The real focus should be nutrition and natural healing is the place to begin because western medicine only focuses on the one fact that bacteria and viruses cause disease.

If I were to go to a medical doctor today for an ear infection, they would simply prescribe some penicillin to kill the bacteria forming in my body. Most likely, they would not examine my whole body, ask questions concerning my diet, or accomplish anything but a prescription. This is very one minded view, and quite opposite of the way alternative medicine doctors look at the entire internal condition. Another aspect of alternative medicine that often consumers consider is the cost.

Many people may just look at the initial costs of organic food, produce, and herbal supplements and turn away. What they should realize though, is that by choosing this lifestyle, they will be saved from much more financial burden down the road. Paying more for some probiotics, homeopathic supplements or herbs will be more cost efficient in the long run because once your sickness is gone, then its gone for good. Conventional medicine is inexpensive upfront because there are options such as medicaid, insurance plans, medicare, etc.

But eventually, each new medicine or antibiotic will turn into another, and another, creating more and more out of pocket expenses, just over a period of time. These pathogens left in the body by antibiotics cause one to then see the doctor again, and again. Many times not getting the proper healing will lead up to a major surgery due to something that could have so easily been prevented. This brings me back to the last point I want to make: side effects.

Natural ways of healing come with treatments that will not bring anything extra than what they are supposed to do. Consumers purchase Sinu-Orego to treat sinuses, and that is exactly what they will get; with no added problems, no more runs to the doctor, just simple healing. Side effects are almost so widely accepted with every typical drug today that nobody even pays attention anymore. They tend to have Americans brainwashed into thinking they are normal, when in actuality , they should hardly ever exist.

Side-effects are frankly just another way to increase sales in the pharmaceutical industry. Through this comparison study, we can conclude that the best way to receive optimal health, is through alternative healing. It is straightforward, getting to the root of the problem, more cost efficient in the long run, and comes with no crazy side-effects. Alternative medicine should not even be looked upon as “alternative. ” It is needed in our country. Conventional medicine has us tricked into believing otherwise, but now it is up to people to decide for themselves.

Growing up in a family that has been using herbal medicine for years became a motivation for me to further my knowledge of this ancient practice of alternative medicine . The world health organization has announced that about 65 and …

Growing up in a family that has been using herbal medicine for years became a motivation for me to further my knowledge of this ancient practice of alternative medicine . The world health organization has announced that about 65 and …

Alternative medicine, also known as a holistic approach, has been around since ancient times. It has a longer history of healing than many of the traditional medicines commonly prescribed and available today. Being dominated by pharmaceutical creations in the last …

Alternative medicine practices are used instead of standard medical treatments. Alternative medicine is distinct from complementary medicine which is meant to accompany, not to replace, standard medical practices. Alternative medical practices are generally not recognized by the medical community as …

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