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Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is the type of diabetes wherein the body can produce enough insulin but the cells are resistant against the produced insulin. Most Americans are diagnosed with this type of diabetes (American Diabetes Association, n. d. ). on the other hand, pre-diabetes is a condition that occurs when the glucose levels of the body are high but not high enough to be diagnosed as full-blown diabetes. Pre-diabetes is the condition in which the body is starting to become resistant to insulin or when the body’s pancreas is having trouble producing the body hormone.

This condition is also referred to as impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance. The diagnosis of pre-diabetes may serve as a warning signal of a person’s susceptibility to diabetes. However, the inception of diabetes can be prevented by changing the lifestyle of the patient (Manzella, 2007). Gestational diabetes affects almost of four percent of pregnant women. It usually appears on the second trimester and disappears after the birth of the baby. Like the Type 1 and 2 of diabetes, the body cannot properly use the produced insulin and the blood sugar level gets too high.

The problem is when the gestational diabetes is not controlled; pregnancy complications may occur (Manzella, 2007). The causes of diabetes are still left unclear. Medical scientists and practitioners are still unable to tell the exact root of diabetes. But both genetic and environmental factors play a large part in the inception of the disease. Diabetes is believed to be hereditary as 80 percent of the patients diagnosed with diabetes have at least one family member who also acquired the disease.

The disease is carried in a recessive gene; thus, the disease will occur if a person has two copies of the bad alleles in order to become susceptible to the disease. Unhealthy diet is also responsible in the onset of the disease. Eating too much of carbohydrates, fats and proteins are harmful to the body. The body needs a balanced diet to produce enough energy for the body to properly perform. Obesity also plays a major factor in causing diabetes. It increases the risk of the person to acquire the disease (DiabetesMelltius-Information.

com, 2006). Sedentary lifestyle makes a person more prone to diabetes as compared to a person who is living a healthy and active lifestyle. Smoking, especially those who smoke heavily may acquire the disease and patients with diabetes who continue to smoke may experience premature mortality (DiabetesMelltius-Information. com, 2006). Personal Nutritional and Exercise Plan This is a nutritional and exercise plan for a female that is 30 years of age and has a familial history of diabetes. One of the risk factors of diabetes is hereditary in nature.

A person who has a family member with diabetes has 25 percent risk in acquiring the disease. A healthy nutrition and exercise plan is a major key to overall wellness and happiness. A nutrition and exercise plan is composed of healthy diet and various physical activities that will help in combating the disease. Women have different needs. They play an active role within the household and in their respective careers. This particular plan will surely adapt on the daily activities of women. First, determine your goal and lay down your objectives.

Here, the goal is to prevent the onset of diabetes and as such, must adapt preventive measures in order to do so. Carbohydrates are the major source of glucose; thus, in trying to prevent diabetes, the intake of carbohydrates must be significantly reduced. However, carbohydrates are the main source of energy and busy women need energy; in this case, the intake of carbohydrates-rich food must be lowered only at a certain level and. Instead, it will be replaced with high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet which will also provide adequate energy to perform daily activities.

This type of diet is composed mainly of green, leafy vegetables and fruits. In addition, eating sugar-loaded snacks like chocolates must be avoided; instead fiber-rich food must be consumed in order to help detoxify the body. A week menu will largely help in planning meals ahead of time and lure the person away from unhealthy food. If the person is always on the go and barely have time to prepare meals and tend to grab meals from fast food chains, try to always pack a fruit in your bag.

It is not bad to eat fast food once in a while; the objective is to lower the intake of unhealthy food. Mediterranean diet is also another option when there are other people involved. It is not proper to let other people sacrifice their meals in order to materialize a diet plan. As such, this type of diet plan has already been proven to be effective in preventing heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Mediterranean diet is composed of fruits ands vegetables, oats and fish. This type of meals also reduces the intake of fats and oil.

These types of diet will not only reduce the intake of carbohydrates but also maintain the weight to prevent obesity which is also a cause of diabetes. In addition, a sedentary lifestyle also adds more to the probability of obtaining diabetes. As such, it is important that a person is involved in certain exercise and physical activities that will help prevent the development of the disease. If one has been already accustomed with little exercise, one should start with moderate exercise.

It is not necessary to spend money to go the gym in order to maintain an active lifestyle. Rather, doing simple exercises like doing the household chores, walking from one place to another, walking the dog, or even simple exercise routines like curl-ups at the bedroom floor may help in keeping the weight at a normal level. The exercises will also help burn the calories and excess carbohydrates within the body. Some women may puff a cigarette or two to relieve the stress after a day’s work. It has been found out that cigarette smoking induces the acquisition of the disease.

People who smoke most likely develop retinopathy and joint immobility. Part of a healthy lifestyle is giving up the vices. More importantly, regular visits to the physician are also advisable. Everyone must constantly monitor the blood sugar levels and conduct test for diabetes. The doctor may also evaluate the effectiveness of the nutrition and exercise plan if it reduces the risk of having diabetes. Overall health stability is the evidence of having effective preventive measures. References American Diabetes Association. (n. d).

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