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“The most terrifying thing about Ebola” by Benjamin Hale portrays a darker side of Ebola epidemic which have caused devastating effect in West Africa has become the most deadly killer on the planet affecting thousands of people. Ebola have gained attention for some of the top health organizations raising concerns as one of the fastest killing virus known to human kind. We humans tend to not give up on humanity very easily. It is very well stated by Benjamin that “The disease is a threat to humanity”, which reflects how this disease could cause human’s mechanism for caring such as touching, holding and comforting binds us to our families, is preyed upon by Ebola.

Hale argues that the world’s reaction has been slow towards the outbreak of Ebola. Though it has started not very long ago and the number of people killed is not reasonably high yet, but it is comparatively more gruesome disease which has caught the concerns of world’s top health professionals. Additionally, the virus has been growing exponentially doubling the infected individuals approximately every three weeks. Other concerning factors about Ebola are the rate kills, which proves that more than half of the infected die.

The virus hijacks the cells and migrates through the body to affect all organs causing its victim to bleed which is a gruesome experience for the infected individuals. It’s a matter of time when Ebola will become airborne disease with the threat of mutation which can make it more transmissible. The article provides an insight on the most astonishing facts about the virus, as to how it propagates through bodily fluids. However, the process by which Ebola exploits is far more deceitful. Almost all medical professionals and family members are getting infected, while taking care of the infected ones. About 75% of victims are supposedly females.

Ebola virus is like a parasite which is draining humanity out of human race. Ebola infiltrates on basic human moral values of loving, caring and kindness affecting humanity as whole. Hale attempts to draw attention to the absurd and senseless actions of few, where people are blaming everything as a conspiracy and making it even more difficult for the paramedics to provide treatment to victims and stop others from getting infected.

Parts of Africa like Guinea has witnessed brutal murdering of health workers as they believe it’s a conspiracy of other country to undermine Africa, eventually resulting in widespread of Ebola. As per the scientist, if Ebola is not stopped it may result in destruction of entire families within a month following with their relatives, friends and so on. Presently, while there is no cure for Ebola all the physical contact and natural inclination towards loved ones is to be avoided.

Simple solution we have at this moment is to destroy humanity ourselves, to shut down and seal off every natural inclination of kindness and affection to let the disease burn out. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that isolating these infected individuals will end the spread of disease. No mother will leave her child in isolated rooms or chambers, no ailing child would want to be left alone when all he wants is to be cared. No infected person would think of abandoning their humanity and die a sterile, lonely death away from his family.

Doctors and paramedics helping these individuals are dying serving them, and there will not be any help left after a while. Hales encourages all human kind to find a method of caring without touching or coming in contact physically with infected individuals while taking appropriate measure to avoid the spread of the virus at larger scale. The physiological barriers are necessary but that does not stop people from caring, due to which mechanisms must be created to care people. As part of being human it’s hard to take out humanity from within us.

However, we must coordinate humanity at the family level, the local level and the global level to protect and cherish our loved ones. Although not every infected individual may be saved, Hales calls for human cooperation to make donations to the great organizations that are working endlessly to bring this disease under control. Every living soul is scared of death, but there are volunteers working tirelessly to help the victims, provide them food, medical supplies etc. It is not the time to make borders and build fences to keep the infected away from healthy ones, but the disease which is bound to humanity cannot be walled off easily.

Hales also high-lighted the fact that illiteracy was major reason behind this awful situation in Africa. Western countries may not have to face the similar impact/effect of Ebola as Africa is facing now. As literate individuals can handle the situation in a far better way and also contribute towards educating others and creating awareness. Finally, the precise factors involved in the outbreak of the virus are unclear, however, detailed examination of the current ecological and socioeconomics situation would help better understand the problem we are facing and be well prepared of surrounding regions at risk in near future. We need to overcome the issue of Ebola by constraining it and avoid its wide spread.

The world needs to work together to find cure for this deadly virus which has devastating effect in Africa with a likelihood of spreading it to other nations. Recognised health organizations needs to create awareness about the virus globally and raise donation to help infected families who cannot afford their medical treatment.

Work Cited Hale, Benjamin, ed. “The Most Terrifying Thing About Ebola. ” SLATE 19 Sept. 2014.

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