Affect and influence a person’s behaviour in sport

The F.A is an important organisation in football. The F.A board streamlines decision making, it focuses on important commercial and financial decisions. The board is limited to 14 members, the chair of the F.A council, 6 representatives of the national game, 6 representatives of the professional game and a chief executive. The F.A in a association of member clubs ranging from the premiership which elect a 91-strong council from their members which broadly retains responsibility for ‘football matters’ in particular the laws of the game.

Share are only allowed to the F.A PL, the FL, a member of the council, a full member of the council, a full member club, an affiliated association (e.g. the county FAS) and the company secretary only teams in the FA premier league, the football league the football conference, or the top divisions in the Isthmian league, northern premier league or the southern football league are able to apply for full membership. The present allocation of the issued ordinary shares are county FAS-771, full membership of the clubs-233, and council is as follows, the chair, no more than 6 elected vice presidents, all life vice presidents, 10 divisional representatives, FAPL-5 represent and the chief executive.

There are a number of different situations that can affect and influence a person’s behaviour in sport.In This video clip you see Ben Johnson winning the 100m Olympic finals. It was later found out that he had been taking anabolic steroids and was striped of his gold medal. Ben Johnson May have done this because of the influence of his coach saying he needs to improve, also he may have felt pressure to win for his nation and family.

Tony Adams In this picture you see Tony Adams playing a competitive game of football under the influence of alcohol. Tony Adams was an alcoholic and used to go to training and matches drunk, his alcohol abuse obviously affected his performance. This would make him not focused on his game and would make him perform poorly in his matches mentally and physically, also Tony Adams was known for having driving accidents from being drunk.

Di Canio In this video clip you see Di Canio doing the Nazi salute when he scores a goal. He was later fined for these gestures and had a one match ban. This is negative behaviour for the game, and it’s possible he had influences from his family backgrounds which may have made him act like this. Monica Seles In this video clip it shows Monica Seles being stabbed by someone in the crowd in a quarter final matches in Hamburg, she was not able to finish the match and was tipped to win the tournament. This would have affected her because she may not want to play tennis because of the shock of the incident, and this would have definitely affected her career.

In the four different clips and pictures they were all bad influences on the sport person and the actual sport but were all different situations that affected it negatively. For example the Ben Johnson incident was a negative thing on sport, the bad influence in this incident was drugs which he used to beat his opponents which gave him an unfair advantage and enabled him to win the final, Ben Johnson may have felt pressure to win and took the drugs because he didn’t want to let his family and friends down, also his coach may have advised him to take them because he was not fast enough.

The bad influence in the Tony Adams clip is alcohol, he became an serious alcoholic, this could have been because of the pressure of being a 1st team player at arsenal at only 17, also it could have been the pressure from family or family members being alcoholics which could of influenced him to being a alcoholic. In the Di Canio clip he was being racist which is unacceptable to the game, he claimed to be a fascist, he may have done this due to his upbringing because his family may have been fascist as well and may have influenced him and this may have influenced to act the way he did.

England Rugby Team England is standing in two lines clapping Wales off the pitch. This shows goods sportsmanship and a lot respect towards Wales its showing good ethics and values in sports. Man United Vs Arsenal An argument in the tunnel stated with Gary Neville and Patrick Vieira. Then Roy Keane said to Vieira ‘why don’t you pick on some your owe size’ and ‘wait until we get outside’ meaning the pitch. When they where lined up on the pitch Keane doesn’t shake Vieira’s hand. This shows bad sportsmanship and it is bad to go in a match holding a grudge against an opponent because your focus is not on the game it’s on the player.

Commonwealth Games Two women gymnasts from different countries were congratulating each other for their final positions and give each other a hug. This shows good sportsmanship that two people that are competing against each other can respect and congratulate each other. Eric Cantona Eric Cantona kicks a fan that was making racist comments to him, Cantona then gets a ban and his come back match he is applauded on the pitch by all the fans.


England vs. Wales is a good example of good sportsmanship and behaviour in sport. At the end of the match England clapped Wales off the pitch but in the Arsenal vs. Man united match it showed bad sportsmanship and the negative side of sport because of the argument in the tunnel and where Keane and Vieira don’t shake hands. In rugby they hit each other with hard tackles and might even have a fight but they always shake hands and clap each other off the pitch, but in football if players had disagreements the majority of them wouldn’t shake each others hand at the end. Eric Cantona showed bad behaviour when he kicked the fan for shouting racist remarks to him. Cantona should of ignored the fan and showed some self control instead of lashing out. The two gymnasts showed great behaviour and sportsmanship even though they were rivals and competed against each other they were happy for each other and showed good respect to one another.

Introduction The club faces a lack of money therefore we may not be able to pay the players and the staff there wages. If there’s no money coming into the club that means we can not make any improvements to the stadium or training facilities. Also if the club has no money we may not be able to compete with the other clubs in our league so we might be relegated and that’s very bad that may also lead to our fans being disheartened and not coming to the matches.

To keep our club afloat we will need to make changes on and off the pitch. We may have to drop players that have not got a vital place in the team to save money. Because the team hasn’t been doing that good lately we might have to look in to changing the training system or the manager or even the coaches to try to get some success into the club. Also organise a fund raising day for the local people and the children to come to the club and take part in enjoyable activities, and hold talent scouting days to see if there’s any good unsigned talent that could become a team player.

Lottery Funding The club will get lottery funding and use the money on improving the facilities that the club has such as repairs to the stadium, pitch repairs and better training equipment. Sponsorship The club will get a contract with a good sponsor and use there money to pay the wages of the players and staff and the money will also be used to promote the club. Loans The club will get a loan from the bank and will use that money wisely to buy players and strengthen up the team which will then bring in the fans and we will make the money back through ticket and shirt sales.

Prize Money If the club wins competitions and tournament we will get money and the money will be used on refurbishing the changing rooms and the clubs transport e.g. coaches. Media Interest The club will advertise our self to the public and make the club been a recognisable place. We will put our advert in every kind of media such as the news paper, the radio, posters and even T.V.

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