Aerobic training 

The exercise was performed for roughly 5weeks, and my stages of progressing were fairly stable. I reached levels 10 to 11.9 After the exercise my recovery heart rate began to speed up. When first doing the bleep tests, I did find it hard to regain back to my normal heart rate. But as time progressed my recovery rate was quicker. In essence my fitness level then began to increase. In the activity I managed to control my breathing more easily and concentrate on reaching a high goal. My main ambition was basically to try and beat the record, but wasn’t achieved. Maybe this was, because I didn’t have any sort of liquid (water) to help my breathing and better flow of blood around my body, and the days were hot.

Referring back to my training sessions, my comments were easily written. Any form of pain I encountered or lack of training, I recorded, since these notes would help me, the following week. Honestly I think I planned to train a bit to hard. I kept on pushing my self to the limit, which was good, but did have its side effects such as pain in my legs. In my fitness training I didn’t warm up occasionally. This may have been why after a few intense activities I experienced some form of pain in my leg and upper arm. On some days I did do a warm up procedure for about 10mintues stretching all muscles in my body which would enable me to get ready mentally.

This included aerobic training to allow my heart to hold more blood and contract more strongly. Also included anaerobic training so my muscles were tolerant against lactic acid. Again only on a few occasions I did a warm down session, where I did some stretching on the muscles I used in the activity. I did take into consideration the training principles especially the reversibility principle. I had to do the same exercises occasionally or else I would have lost my fitness. Linking to me pushing myself to the limit, I had to overload most of my muscles. Therefore my muscles would be much fitter. Also had to pay specific attention to a certain muscle section, which in this case was my leg area. Throughout my six week training programme I also had to make sure my progressing of body was levelled. I had to build up my exercise level to avoid injury, which helped me a lot.

I definitely think the activities I picked were relevant to my game. For example, the activity I picked where I sprint through a line of cones placed in different directions helped me dribble at full pace. This therefore would help me get pass players far more easily and efficiently. Bleep test was also very useful as it helped me test how fit I was, which would link to how much stamina I have, and whether I could go for the whole 90mintues.

Evaluation of Performing the Programme During the performing I used some of the principles. I concentrated on my muscle leg area (specificity). I also made sure I did the activities occasionally, so I wouldn’t lose my fitness level (reversibility). Also when performing I think I did the correct exercises. They did link to my game, and helped a lot. I do think the programme was very difficult, since I picked quite a few exercises. But I did managed to complete most of the exercises to my expectations. The training programme was enjoyable especially the bleep test. Doing his exercise gave me the opportunity to beat my fellow classmates in an exercise that required determination and having the ability to concentrate mentally. Didn’t beat the school record, but I did fairly well.

Evaluation of Monitoring the Programme Monitoring my training was quite easy. I noticed where I was weak, and were I was strong. I then worked on my weak areas and improved my strong areas. I also noticed during football matches when I would encounter a pain. This was a result of me not warming up properly so I worked on that problem. From my original plan I was going to attend a gym class, or go to a gym for quick sessions, but I decided to do most of my exercise outside or in the gym downstairs of my house. I preferred doing the exercises at my own pace without being told what to do.

After most of my sessions I felt completely tired. Since most activities I picked were very intense I was very tired and it took quite long to regain back to myself. Some days, if the training were too intense I would become quite dizzy, have headaches or vomit (since the weather was very hot). Even after a 20minute jog I would feel a pain in my leg and a stitch (lactic acid). This therefore resulted in me not doing the next exercise, since I didn’t want to strain my muscles. With the circuit training, I experienced the most pain.

Immediately after the exercise I felt normal, but a few hours later my body become battered. Even the following day pain would be all over my body. Funny enough this pain happened because I didn’t warm up before the exercise. On some days after a session I would feel okay and in good shape. The results I achieved in reference to my heart rate before, heart rate after and resting rate were quite understandable. Looking at my recording of time, I could say that the more exercises, the longer it took me to recover back to my normal heart rate. But as I kept on doing the same exercises, my recovery rate was quicker.

Final Evaluation of the Programme I think the fitness indicators (HRB, HRA, RR) did help my fitness programme. It helped show me a vivid picture on whether I was improving my fitness level or not improving. It was like a mini guide and was something new I learnt. My programme itself looks fairly accurate but some exercises may be unknown to people, so I would give a brief description of some exercises. Rolling start – jogging for about 10 minutes and sprinting the rest The snake – weaving through about 6-8 cones Planning my programme was quite difficult, since I had to research various activities that would correspond to my game.

Also performing was difficult since some of the activities were very demanding. The programme had some effects on me, which I think I would benefit on. My heart became bigger and stronger, pumping more blood. My rib muscle and diaphragm became stronger allowing my chest cavity to expand. My bone/joints became stronger as well. Muscles grew stronger and bigger and fat was burned, so my body had a better shape. Thanks to the programme I felt more aware and lively, less tired. My confidence was boosted and I felt better about myself.

Before doing the programme I was ready for it. I wanted to be challenged a different way, and this programme was an ideal idea. To further my fitness, I am going to attend gym classes more often, jog more often and always before doing exercises, warm up. I would also concentrate on building up my stamina, since it is a key factor in football.

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