Advertisement: Gardasil Vaccine

The gardasil cervical cancer advertisement is quite interesting. It is one of very few drug advertisements that are designed for young girls. This commercial uses a lot of girls who look like they are around 13 years old. The girls are of all races and ethnic backgrounds and their physical appearance in terms of clothing style and mannerisms indicate that they are from a variety of economic backgrounds as well. But the commercial advertisement focuses on what they have in common.

They are all girls who may get cervical cancer in the future if they become sexually active because cervical cancer is sometimes caused by the HPV virus through sexual contact. The advertisement kind of uses a scare tactic to get girls to want this vaccine. Girls pop in and out of the scene stating that they could be one less to get cervical cancer. Some people criticize these advertisements because the advertisements need to also highlight the fact that the vaccine does not protect against unwanted pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Maybe they should promote condom use and abstinence in the advertisement as well. TV Show: 20/20 with Barbara Walters On a recent episode of 20/20 with Barbara Walters, the topic for the show was transgender children. Barbara interviewed several parents and their children who had been diagnosed with transgender identity disorder. This means that when the children were very young, around 2 and 3 years old they believed and kept insisting that they were the opposite gender. The first child that was featured kept insisting he was a girl from the time he was 2 years old.

He would cry and get upset when his mother referred to him as a boy. He kept saying no “I am a girl. ” The parents struggled trying to convince him that he was a boy, but he would not accept that. They took him to pediatricians and therapists. Finally, the parents gave in and decided to raise him as a girl. They allowed him to grow his hair long, they bought girl clothes and toys, and when he was around 6 years old, they allowed him to go to school dressed as a girl. This was the same type of situation for a girl on the show who was transforming into a boy.

Her parents even allowed her to get special hormone injections so that she would become more masculine. Most of the parents had some difficulty dealing with the situation. I could not understand why they allowed the children to decide to be another gender at such a young age. For example, the second boy who kept insisting that he was a girl stuck in the wrong body told his parents that God had made a mistake, and he kept praying each night for God to fix the mistake and give him the girl body.

I think the children are too young to really understand and know what they are doing, and I think the parents should not just allow them to be the opposite sex. I think the parents should tell them that if they have a male body then they are a boy and if they have a female body that they are a girl, and raise them as such. If they choose to change their gender after growing up that is different, but adults should not help children change their genders. Homelessness in the United States

The American government needs to take stronger action to combat the homelessness problem in our country. I think it is a shame that we are one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but we have one of the biggest problems with homelessness. I know that there are some people who chose to be homeless because they refused to work, or they got involved in drugs and alcohol. But there are also people who were hardworking citizens who became homeless. Some of them became homeless because they got sick and were unable to work.

They ended up with thousands of dollars worth of medical bills that they could not pay so they lost everything. Isn’t this a shame? Why doesn’t the United States have a national healthcare plan for all citizens like the other industrialized countries? Also, why are there so many homeless military veterans? This country has a responsibility to take care of its citizens, especially those who served in the war. Many of these war veterans are suffering from mental problems, such as posttraumatic stress disorder, as a result of their negative experiences in the war.

They are not capable of handling meaningful work until they get appropriate medical treatment and mental health counseling and I believe society owes them this assistance. Furthermore, we have children in this country who are also homeless. Having to attend public school while living in a homeless shelters is quite stressful for these young people. Many of them are unable to concentrate in school, and are afraid that other children will find out that they are homeless, and perhaps tease them. These children are not getting proper nutrition or adequate sleep.

How can teachers expect them to come to school ready to learn when they are not even sure where they will sleep each night or if they will have a meal to eat. The only food available for many of these children is the free lunch they receive in school. How can the United States turn it’s back on our citizens in need, especially our children? They are the future of our country. They need to be taken care of so that they will be able to compete in the global economy and run this country in the future. As a country, the United States desperately needs to develop a plan to end homelessness.

Advertisement: Sunsilk Hair Conditioner There are so many television commercial advertisements targeted for women and children. I believe that there should be a limit to the amount and type of advertisements that companies are allowed to present in the media. Many of these commercials are inappropriate, degrading or use scare tactics and play on women’s lack of self-esteem. For example, the advertisement for Sunsilk Hair Conditioner is probably offensive to many women, especially those who are feminists because it kind of puts women into the sex symbol stereotype role.

The Sunsilk Hair Conditioner commercial sends the message that women will be sexy and attractive to men if they use this conditioner. This commercial makes it appear that women will be able to find a perfect man, handsome, strong, and kind. He will be their call boy always available to help them if only their hair was beautiful and silky, the results of using Sunsilk hair conditioner. In the advertisement the woman is dressed in a sexy, silky, sleeveless dress lying on the bed. And her handsome boyfriend is ironing her sexy sleeveless top for her.

Both people in this commercial are physically attractive, but this commercial surely uses the woman’s sex appeal (sexy clothing, bedroom scene) to sell their product. I don’t like this type of commercial because it kind of makes women look shallow. Too many commercials make women appear superficial. But women are intelligent and strong. They are involved in politics, medicine and law. I believe that women need to be presented in a more positive manner. They are making a difference in this country.

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