Advantages and disadvantages of acupuncture

Acupuncture provides relief from emotional, mental and physical problems: Acupuncture treats the whole person; mind body and spirit benefits and it therefore treats the persons emotional and mental health problems for example anger issues, depression, grief, migraines and even stress. Acupuncture is often used as a preventative treatment aimed at strengthening the constriction to maintain health on all levels or to treat individuals who feel unwell or someone if they have different patience of energy levels or someone who finds they have bad sleep patierance.

Acupuncture provides a lot of physical exhaustion and pain relief from problems such as digestive problems, hay fever, infertility, menstrual disorders and sciatica. Almost anyone who is in discomfort can undergo acupuncture treatment: All ages groups can use acupuncture as it has been shown to be helpful in treating a variety of conditions in children and it is also proving t be safe even when pregnant and is found to be effective in treating a number of conditions during pregnancy, such as, morning sickness and constipation and in some cases it helps woman t introduce labor.

It can also be used on people that already have disorder ”for example one 17 year old girl; diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis and headache said acupuncture was not painful and was very relaxing. Another 17 year old girl, who had endometriosis, said ”it definitely helped the pain, it really works and is not painful, and it brought my energy back”. Other 17 year old boy with pain and more problems remarked, ”it helped the pain. I tried a lot of treatments, this was the last resort but the best, I wish I had tried it first”.

A lot of people have also said it to have worked by relieving pain even when medical treatment has failed. Acupuncture can also treat a range of people who suffer from conditions like diarrhea and common colds, to drug addition and insomnia. It has been providing to ease the symptoms of pain and discomfort and helps ease symptoms such as migraines head aches, dental pain need pain, chronic back pain, post operative pain and nausea and can also help people loss weight or even stop smoking.

Acupuncture is an all natural treatment: Acupuncture is a natural energy flow it’s a wavy line of breeze, mountain ranges and streams. It is the undulating flow that is natural. Acupuncture helps improve memory and enhances the body’s resistance against infections. It can give immediate relief to the most common elderly problems like back pain, knee pain, sleeplessness and low energy. Acupuncture helps the natural ways to strengthen as a persons own immunity to diseases so that they are less likely to develop the types of infections for which antibiotics are so often prescribed. It can help to reduce your needs for antibiotics by improving your immunity so that you stay healthy and are more capable of fighting infections when targeted.

In acupuncture it is very important that the needles are all used correctly if the needles are not used correctly it could result in harm to the patient, or if they are re-used by the practitioner or not sterile. If the needles are not inserted properly into the patient is could result in the patients organs rupturing or else infection and it could also cause swelling to the places where they have been inserted wrongly. If the needles are re-used this could cause the spread of infections and could be potentially very dangerous.

It is very important when seeing an acupuncture that the needles or sterile and have not been used on other patients. Acupuncture is said to be very uncomfortable many people have said that they have find the idea of getting needles inserted into there skin very uncomfortable. This may reduce the use of the therapy with some people as some acupuncturist may then advise people on to other effective therapies for treatment. According to David Katz, OMD, “At times, a person may experience a sharp pain in the area of a needle. This usually occurs when the needle is in a skin pore. Let the doctor know if this happens, and he will re-insert the needle. If for any reason you find acupuncture uncomfortable for you, we have non-needle techniques available.”

Some people have said to have found that after just one session of acupuncture that the places where the needles were inserted are sore for a while after. These people said when they felt sore that they were unable to do anything and they were afraid of infections and the soreness was occur up to a few hours which is very uncomfortable. This can easily put people off receiving acupuncture treatment if soreness arises after one treatment. “The patient can incur mild soreness in the acupunctured areas in his/her body, after the completion of the treatment.

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