Action plan to improve backstroke

My goals could be visualised as climbing a mountain, where my short-term goals are at the bottom and my long-term goals at the top. Short-term goal: My short-term goal is too improve upon my reaction time, specifically on my starts off the blocks and dives into the pool. This is an essential weakness in my performance, as in fitness testing a scored below average. A swimming start is vital because you have to respond to the stimulus quickly. In shorter races it can determine first and second place.

To measure my progress I will video myself before I start the programme, and after I have completed it, then I will evaluate it to the perfect technical model. Also I will measure the time travelled over a dive of 15 metres and compare it to the time after the programme. I will concentrate on exercises to improve my reaction time, overall I will evaluate this by timing between when the stimulus occurs (starter guns) and when my first body part touches the water, before and after the programme. At the moment I currently complete a 15metre dive at a time of 7. 20 seconds at the end of my programme I hope to achieve a time between 6.

85- 6. 95 seconds or less. Medium term goal: My medium term goal is to improve the component of fitness speed, as in fitness testing I scored just average in a timed 30metre sprint. Even though running is a totally different sport it will still help me to develop explosive strength. Especially when I am doing short sprint swimming in the water i. e. (50m), particularly when I am using my legs to kick very hard. To measure my development I will time myself over a 30m running sprint before and after the programme. At the moment my current 30metre running time is: 4. 7 .

36 seconds, after the programme I would like it to be 4. 6 80 seconds or less. Also I will time myself doing the same distance but swimming in a long course pool (50m) with no dive. My present time over a 30 metre swim sprint is: 16. 12 seconds after my programme I would like it to be 15. 70 seconds or less. Furthermore I will time myself doing one length front crawl leg kick, with a kickboard in a 25m pool before and after the programme. My current time for one length freestyle leg kick is: 23. 32 seconds, at the end of the programme I hope to achieve I time of 22. 50 seconds or less. Long term goal:

My long term goal is too improve the technique backstroke, as this part was a large weakness in my performance. This includes the arm entry into the water and the leg kick, which was very weak. Also I need to concentrate on keeping my hips up to maintain my horizontal body position therefore I need to tilt my head up more, so I am looking at the ceiling. To measure my development I will be timed over a short distance (100m), before I complete the programme and after the eight week period. My current time now is: 1. 15. 83 seconds, and by the end I hope to achieve a time of 1. 14. 50 or less.

Also I will count my stroke rate per length before and after the plan to see if my stroke efficiency has improved. My stroke rate now is 21 per length (25m), I would like to get it down to 19 strokes per length. Timescale in which I am going to achieve the goals: I will carry out my programme over an eight-week period, which will be split up into weekly sessions. I have chosen eight weeks because I think this is the most suitable period of time, for the improvements I wish to make. I will split my goals up into weeks which I think I will achieve them by : Swimming session, general warm-up doing each individual stroke.

Main set of 2 lots of 5 x 200m Backstroke drills. 1st set with fins second set without. On each set concentrating on arm action and entre into the water. The sets consist of: Single arm alternate at 25m, Shoulder raise, Double arm backstroke, Catch ups by your side, Vertical Catch ups. Finish off with 4 x 100m backstroke adding in practised drills. 100m Choice swim down. Tuesday: 7. 00- 7. 45pm Land training session, warm-up jogging for 10mins, stretch. I will do 1 x 100m sprint and take video analysis. It shows I take to little steps, this is mainly because of my height.

Therefore I need to work on increasing my stride. 2 x 30 Step-ups, 2 x 15 Single leg squats, alternating legs. 3 x 100m forward lunges. 3 x 200m medium pace running, concentrating on taking wider strides. Gentle stretch cool down. Wednesday: 8. 00- 9. 00pm Swimming session, warm-up 400m freestyle followed by 100m breaststroke, 100m backstroke. Repeat Mondays main set, but concentrating more on keeping hips high up in the water and tilting head up so you are looking at the ceiling. Finish with 5 x 100m alternate backstroke / Freestyle, 70% pace, increasing speed each 100m. Then 100m Choice swim down.

I have achieved my short-term goal, which I am pleased with. Also I can clearly see by video analysis that my dive is more fluent and streamlined than from before. I have a fast dolphin kick under water, which enhances …

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