A Day in the Life of Matthew Malkin

I wake up at about 11:45, with the help of my mum or dad, it is yet another boring Sunday. I eventually get up and make my way to the bathroom and have a wash. Once I am clean, I pull my clothes on and make my way downstairs. Another Sunday, more homework. I have a slice of toast or a croissant, and then I check my diary. English essays to finish and perfect, and an Art book to complete. I switch on the computer and hear it start up with a hum. Once it has loaded I search the desktop for the saved documents I need for English. I eventually find them, and open them.

Long time no see. I read them over and scour them for mistakes and spelling errors. As I read over the old work I have done, I notice how the standard of my work has improved over time, as I wrote the work in year 10. Noticing the errors, I correct them, and then read over the documents again. I believe they are of a satisfactory standard now. I switch the printer on, which always starts with the annoying drone of the printer checking itself for errors or problems. Everything’s fine. I reopen the word documents I need for English and send them to print.

As they print, I get up from the computer and fall down on to the couch and switch on the television. What’s on? Oh yeah, it’s a Sunday, so nothing at all. I flip to the music channels and flick through until I find something I like. The printing is finished. I pick up the paper, still fresh with wet ink and place them over the table, and check them for printing errors. There’s none. That’s good. I take the numerous sheets up to my room, place them in a file, and then dump that file on my desk. I come back downstairs, and I’m hungry. I search the kitchen high and lo for something that will please my palate.

I eventually find a pack of double chocolate chip muffins, hidden away so that I don’t eat the lot at one sitting! I take one out and devour it quickly. I’m still hungry so I put a pizza in the oven. I set the timer, which is broken, so it takes unnecessary effort to get it functioning properly. I go back into the lounge and switch the TV on again. There’s still nothing on. I find a video from the cabinet and shove it into the VCR. I start watching the film, “Baby Boy,” but it is cut short, as the timer on the oven for my pizza goes off.

I run to the kitchen in haste and bang my leg against the doorframe. It’s a small price to pay, to subdue the empty feeling in my stomach. I pull out the pizza and push it onto a plate. I cut it apart into uneven triangle pieces. I dash back into the lounge and switch on the TV again. I eat on the new couch, but I’m not supposed to, and return to the film. Once the film has finished, and the pizza crusts have gone cold, I switch off the TV and go to the kitchen and throw the remains of my pizza into the bin. I get a drink, and then get back to my work.

Now its time for me to do my art! That’s ok with me, as it won’t take too much effort. My Art coursework is to be handed in, in less than three weeks time, so I have to try and perfect and present it. I get less than half way through my work when I learn it is 3:30p. m. At 4:00 I have cricket training at Queens Park High School, and we have to leave at 3:45! I pull on my tracksuit trousers, find my shirt, get my kitbag and then we head out the door. I arrive slightly late, but nobody seems to care. I enter the sports hall to find that we are doing fitness work.

I hate that part of the session, but it has to be done. After an hour of fitness training, we eventually do some proper cricket practice. That lasts for an hour, and then everything is finished. I’m exhausted, and I struggle to even pick up my kitbag. I make my way to my dad’s car that is waiting in the car park outside. It takes about 15 minutes to get home through the city traffic. I get home, dump my kit in my room and then return to the lounge to watch the television. At 6:30 is a new episode of ‘The Simpsons!

‘ I can’t miss that, so I watch that, then ‘Malcolm in the Middle’. By then, the time is 7:30p. m. I eat a late meal, and then I go and have a shower. After I have got washed and changed, I get my things ready for the next day back at school. Once my bag is packed and all is done, it is about 10:00p. m. I watch some TV for about half an hour then I switch it off. I go upstairs, brush my teeth and get into bed. I read for a bit, a book on the killing of Tupac Shakur. I put my book down and switch off my light. My day is finally over.

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