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In modern society a college degree is not only encouraged but greatly desired by the masses. Within their dream they imagine a beautiful school, excellent job, and lifetime of success. Camden County College should be all about giving the students the best education they can possibly receive. CCC came up with an idea to install condom dispensers in all of the restrooms. This idea will bring up very conflicting point of views. Students will begin to question what the school’s true priorities are. CCC Administrations are there because they know what is best for the school, they make all the decisions for the school whether it is wall paint or it is faculty. Both the students and their environment heavily contribute to the success of the educational institution.

Discrepancies may present themselves that prove to be irrelevant to the college’s true priorities. Overall, CCC Administration should not be making decisions that are so irrelevant to the college’s initial purpose. Nearly every student who attends CCC is eighteen or older. The age of a legal adult is eighteen years old. Therefore, students in CCC are perfectly capable of making their own decisions. Students will practice unsafe sex regardless of condom dispensers. “Responses from a student sample of 1,919 indicated that slightly more than 10% used condoms consistently”

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(Prince, Alice, and Amy L. Bernard 11-21). Hence, the condom dispensers will have no purpose to Camden County College. There are many issues that management at CCC should be thinking about solutions they should be working towards. Perfection is rarely achieved and there is always room for improvements. When creating a shortlist of the aforementioned issues, condom dispensers do not make the cut, instead, advisors should be looking for ways to better their campus with books and technology. Education should be the number one priority at Camden County College’s campus. Advisors should not be concerned about student’s health over their education. A college degree is viewed as a necessity in life and is treated as such by many. Although having condom dispensers in the bathroom will promote sexual education, nearly every student that attends college does not want or need to participate in that type of academia. Sexual education is required in high school, there is no reason that academia should be forced upon in college. Camden County College is thinking about how to protect their students from AIDS; however, they should be thinking how to better their students from an educational perspective. There is only one reason why students go to college: to obtain a degree. Therefore, CCC should not be providing the students with anything more than an education.

Secondly, there are numerous matters that are coupled with placing condom dispensers into the restrooms. One of the biggest issues is money. Upon analysis, it is revealed that these dispensers will place a financial burden on the school. First, the dispenser itself needs to be purchased. Then, the condoms need to be acquired in large quantity. Installing a dispenser in every bathroom will likely be a large fee. Also, the transportation of the dispenser and condoms

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will not be free. Lastly, it is going to be expensive to maintain these machines. Furthermore, all of the money that CCC recklessly spent on condom dispensers could have been used for material for the college. CCC had the opportunity to take all of the money they spent on the dispensers and create a scholarship. A scholarship will be more beneficial for the institution and students rather than condom dispensers. The school can take that money and put it towards new books, better technology in the classrooms, or even better payroll for teachers. College Administration should not be wasting money on irrelevant dispensers that do not improve the school itself. Moreover, if money continues to be wasted on useless material it can cause other prices to rise. For example, books, food, and tuition all have the possibility of becoming more expensive. Advisors should not allow condom dispensers to raise the prices of educational necessities. Lastly, Camden County College is filled with people of all different varieties. There are short and tall, black and white, religious and non-believers. Each person will look at this idea of condom dispensers in a different viewpoint. ForSocietythe most part, many people will become uncomfortable. “Efforts to advertise condoms on television and distribute them at college campuses have offended many people who said they thought such steps would lead to an atmosphere of sexual permissiveness” (Joseph Berger, The New York Times). There is a perfuse amount people who attend colleges that practice abstinence due to their religious beliefs. Therefore, this is will cause people to feel uncomfortable on their own campus. No student should be placed in a situation that questions their morals, beliefs, or values. There are many reasons that religion is not allowed in public schools due to the variety of views and different beliefs. No student should feel as though they don’t belong; consequently, students may begin to withdraw due to their discomfort.

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Overall, colleges are here to serve a purpose. When administration begins to make changes that do not have to do with education students will begin to face unnecessary consequences. Students pay a massive amount of money to attend school. It is not fair to the students who do not get the education they deserve out of their college. If people need to get condoms they can go to a convenient store and buy a pack. Students go to school for an education, not condoms, sex, or intimate relationships. Therefore, CCC Administrations should have no held that power in the first place. Condom dispensers are a waste of money, target student’s beliefs, and rob students from their education.

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