Registered nurse

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse’s scope of responsibilities varies depending on the verification they are given by the government or the school that oversees health care in the area.

There are many personal qualities that are necessary to be an RN such as:

Love for your job so you be active in your works.
You have to have compassion for those that are in your care. Tolerance is required to handle the trauma witnessed.
Self-Control so you don’t panic in high stress situations.

Educational Requirements

An RN has to attend school for a various amount of time depending on specialization, but always at least four years as that is the time required to earn a general RN certification.

Job Outlook:

The outlook for the RN position is very good as with the recent enactment of Obama Care a large percent of the population will now be insured that previously wasn’t. Also the baby boomers are retiring and require medical care in there old age.

Control HC worker:

The Health care worker controls the lower level staff such as LPN’s, which run the minor, issues that the RN’s aren’t able to specifically control.

Working conditions:

The working conditions for RN’s vary as they are widely employed throughout
the world as they are so widely needed.

Salary Scale:

The salary scale of an RN varies from $41,782 to $80,917.

Advancement opportunities:

The RN can advance in status by specializing. For example attending school for an extra two years to become an anesthesiologist. You can also advance forward by becoming a practitioner.


The RN could work at many different addresses nearby such as:

Wilford Hall Medical Center
2200 Bergquist Drive
San Antonio TX 78236-9908

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