Reconstructive surgery

Image that media has created for women is everywhere. According to that image women supposed to be slim, tall, with perfect skin and beautiful hair. Why are standards of beauty being imposed on women, the majority of whom are naturally larger and more mature than any of the models? In the reality some people are not happy with the modern models. Young girls are trying to follow those standards by losing weight, not eating properly and throwing up the eaten food, while elders try to look younger. Nobody is perfect in our world. Some people have physical defects; others suffer from inner problems with their confidence.

Even if it is almost impossible to be perfect, people try to change their appearances. One of the ways to get changes in appearance is making a cosmetic surgery. Nowadays cosmetic surgery is more accepted by society than it was in the past. It is a combination of art and science. Art as in the design of the parts of the body, and science as in the operation procedure before and after. Media and celebrities that have gone through the surgery embracing it as a normal practice. Cosmetic surgery has established itself as a surgical subspecialty over the last two decades.

Yes, it was not easy to find any doctor who would have done a surgery, 20 years before. But now, there are thousands of well-educated surgeons to whom people can rely on, even if doing aesthetic surgeries are not taught in universities. More and more people around the world are taking their chances to look better, to feel better. According to the statistics that was made by American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were made over 11 millions of cosmetic surgeries and procedures in 2007, while in 1997 the number was only 2 millions. This list will definitely continue to grow for more because people want to be attractive.

Plastic surgery helps to shape or improve or restore areas of the body. Although the cost of cosmetic surgery is expensive, at right circumstances it can improve the quality of life because it increases both emotional and physical condition of people with physical defects. Cosmetic surgery improves person’s inner confidence. No one can be confident with defects on his or her body. By doing cosmetic surgeries self-esteem of a person gets higher because after a surgery confidence just grows up. It is really important to look and feel younger when half of the life has passed. “I now act differently, I’m different on stage, it has completely revolutionized my life.

My self-esteem and my confidence are now my own. I’m not reliant on other people’s opinion”(Aitkenhead, D, 2005), says a singer Toyah Wilcox who decided to have a face-lifting in her 40s. Before the surgery while looking up into the mirror she felt like it was not her anymore. That it was someone else that she saw on the reflection of the mirror. As she is a singer, her profession needed her to look younger. Surgery went well, so she wrote the book about her new life, and new feelings. In addition, there are people who have defects on their bodies which do not give a proper chance to feel confident.

Defects can be caused by any accident or it is simply a birthmark. People with some defects are always deeply affected by some emotional concern over a physical bodily issue. “It’s like buying a new outfit – it makes you feel good” (Aitkenhead, D, 2005) says a woman who has gone through surgery. After the surgery the patients will start to feel better, confident, and comfortable in their new state of appearance. Moreover, people with some physical defects are less sociable. If a child has some physical defect especially if it is on the face, teasing would always be there and his or her self-esteem could be damaged.

Every single day they think about their appearance and the problems that physical disorder brings. People with defects do not communicate with other people because they feel shy. After the procedures, people realize that they are more outgoing and confident. People who have undergone such procedures stated that they have become more sociable. The results of the surgery are seen not only physically, but mostly by feelings that a patient has. Plastic surgery gives a chance to look good if the nature did not endow the person with beauty. It is true that nowadays it is possible to change physical appearance by doing surgeries.

There are thousands procedures that can be made by doctors, even to change the body parts that do not satisfy a person. Physical appearance is really important when it comes to meet people, and leave positive impressions from the first sight. “Recent studies have shown that persons of pleasing appearance are accepted more readily by peers and by seniors and are more, successful” (Felice, M. 1994), says Donald J. Capuano, plastic surgeon, as a person who deals with different types of surgeries each day. Even while getting a job, employer prefers to give a job to a good-looking person.

Physical appearance leaves the first impression about the person. The only way to fit the surroundings, and be accepted by other people, there is a need of making plastic procedures. As it was mentioned before, media has created a body image for people. People with physical defects or those who are not satisfied with their looks tend to withdraw from society. Now, it is possible to get the part of the body fixed, and to look as somebody famous does. Conditions treated by plastic surgeons are a lot. Nowadays surgeries help people to recover physically from accident or just to change the part of their bodies.

For instance, “The classic case is a teenage patient of mine who had reconstructive surgery to correct a significant discrepancy between her upper and lower jaws. When she came into my office for the initial consultation she was constantly looking at the floor. After the surgery, she was looking up and smiling. Now she’s singing in her local school group”, (Wansbrough, L. B. 2009) says Dr. Antell. Her patient was born with a physical defect. Cosmetic surgery helped the teenage girl to look different, and she was not afraid to look into people’s eyes and think that somebody would judge her appearance.

Cosmetic procedures are helping people to start new life by changing their physical well-beings. However, doing any plastic surgery contains a huge risk, people should remember that it is not easy to get beauty. As it is known, beauty requires sacrifice. There cannot be anything positive if people do not take risks. Just by taking a risk in unhappy life, it is possible to get an appearance of a dream. Whether a person chooses to take a risk, and make a plastic surgery to improve their lifestyle or to improve their look there will always be emotional benefits when a person is finally able to feel comfortable in their body.

Apart from that, those who have taken the plastic surgery procedures feel more confident and attractive. “For a patient who has lived with an obvious visible disfigurement, reconstructive surgery can make that person feel free again-able to face a world that is no longer staring, or worse-avoiding any eye contact. This can be a tremendous life-changing event” (Kita, N. 2009). This confirms the fact that even minor changes on the outside can bring great advantages in the inside. Natural beauty is indeed something to be proud of but it is never wrong to seek improvement especially with the aid of technology.

In 21st century any type of cosmetic procedures are possible, and do not have negative impacts for the people’s future lives. Also, plastic surgeries are expensive, sometimes more than a person with medium salary can afford. The price of the surgeries is dependent on the doctor’s qualification: if the doctor is high qualified, he gets more money from the surgery than the one who just began to make surgeries. “Do not let price be the foremost determining factor in choosing a surgeon. Check credentials and references and ask lots of questions.

Be sure that you go into surgery in the best health possible by taking care of yourself, and don’t let your desire for the surgery overshadow any serious health considerations”, (Kita, N. 2009). It is really important to check for the certificate of the doctor weather he can do a plastic surgery or not. The new appearance is worth spending a lot of money on: people get a second chance to start a new life. It is obvious that getting new face or new appearance that satisfies a person himself gives him a possibility to be a new person.

Money should not be counted if you are choosing between being beautiful and staying aesthetically challenged. There is no price of being more beautiful. For the surgery a person spends money only once and lives happily for a long time. Even thought the cost of cosmetic surgery is expensive, it increases the quality of life in both external and internal sides of people. Self confidence and physical beauty is given by cosmetic surgery nowadays, if not given by nature. By doing a cosmetic surgery person’s self confidence gets higher and he feels more confident on his appearance.

Also, cosmetic surgery brings a new life, better future to the person who suffers from physical challenges. The perfect image of people is already been created by the media, and most people just want to look and feel like superstars. “Aesthetic plastic surgery can no longer be considered vanity surgery, as it was in the past. Its benefits to the patient are tremendous”, (Felice, M. 1994) adds Donald J. Kapuano. It is no longer judged by elder people, it is not judged by society anymore. So if you do not feel that you are beautiful enough, you can change your appearance by doing cosmetic surgeries and be confident whole of your life.

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