Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is very popular and not because people need surgery, but because society has made the perfect person and everyone is trying to be that. Cosmetic surgery is the new hip thing going around and it isn’t always a good thing. In my essay I’m going to discuss the history of cosmetic surgery. I will discuss how it came about and how it has grew over the years. We will discuss how popular it has become with reality TV shows and Hollywood stars. And last talk about the pros and cons of getting cosmetic surgery. To begin, the history of cosmetic surgery is very long and has evolved and is still evolving every day.

Cosmetic Surgery dates all the way back to 800 BC in India where they would perform reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery techniques really first began with birth defects and war cause deformities. This all actually started in the 20th century in result to the war injuries. With so many injuries coming about during the war the advancement and experimentation of plastic surgery grew quickly and that’s when cosmetic surgery really began to happen. With all the injuries and surgeons doing so many new techniques to rebuild the faces and bodies surgeons began to realize the capabilities at which they were able to do.

Cosmetic Surgery has changed a great deal since it began. When cosmetic surgery had first began it mostly a “Caucasian” surgery for the rich and famous. The average people if they even had the money were not able to profit from the procedures that surgeons were using. When it first began they also spoke openly about the procedures that they had done and was no hidden from the public. People back then had a different view of beauty and when they were getting the cosmetic surgery done it was to fix things not for bigger or better.

Cosmetic Surgery really began in Europe and they mostly did rhinoplasty till they had perfected them. The first procedure to be done with anesthesia was a rhinoplasty the surgeon John Roe had done so many with no complications he thought about using anesthesia to help the patient out. He was one of the first to believe that you can get cosmetic surgery done to you if you don’t like something on your body. Cosmetic Surgery has just kept growing during World War 2 cosmetic surgery was still very popular and surgeons were called from all over to help the wounded soldiers.

Surgeons had learned how to do these procedures very quickly and with much skill. Next, is how cosmetic surgery is so popular and how it came up so fast. You can’t even turn on the TV and flip through the channels without at least finding one show on cosmetic surgery whether its Nip Tuck, Dr. 90210 or Extreme Makeover. Flipping through the pages of a magazine you can see what celebrity has what done and where they went so you can get something the same and maybe even for lower prices. In today’s society everything is about looks and how people appear.

People are having more procedures done to fit this perfect image that we have created. You have to be just this tall and just this skinny and you can’t have any imperfections. Cosmetic surgery has opened up to the world and is no longer for just the rich and famous. Cosmetic surgery used to be something people weren’t ashamed about because they were doing it for reasons other than to look like the “It” girl. But now people hide the fact that they have surgery done so that no one would notice. Celebrities are having cosmetic surgery for the sole purpose to look younger so they can feel younger and keep working longer.

Children are turning 18 and running out to be just like celebrities. We need to sit back and realize that we are fine how we are and we shouldn’t have to conform to one certain look. Finally, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of getting cosmetic surgery. Although cosmetic surgery has become so popular and many people are doing it there are still dangers in getting procedures done and many things that need to be taken into consideration. First I will start with the pros of getting cosmetic surgery.

For people that were born with defects or were in bad accidents cosmetic surgery is a life saver. Surgeons today can do procedures that will let people live normal everyday lives when ether they were born with a defect or in a bad accident. Being in a car accident for example and not wearing a seat belt you can be thrown through the windshield and shatter your skull. Today surgeons can go in a place your skull back together and you would be perfectly fine. The cons of cosmetic surgery are that there is always a slight chance that something will go wrong.

To start doctors are human beings and make mistakes just like us. Also having procedures like this done can cause infections and will take time to heal and the process for that can be very time consuming. A good example of cosmetic surgery gone wrong I was listening to the radio one day driving home from work and I had heard that Kanye West mother had passed away. I was very upset when I heard I couldn’t imagine losing my mother at such a young age. Well when I got home I was very curious on how it had happened.

I went online and did some research I found out that his mother had gone in for breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. She was in her 50’s very healthy and active could have lived 50 more years but something had gone wrong and she ended up dying on the table. To Conclude my essay I would just like to say I hope that after reading this you have a further understanding on cosmetic surgery and how it has changed our society today. By talking about the history of cosmetic surgery and discussing its reality stardom and the drawbacks of having cosmetic surgery done.

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