Circuit training

Statement: I am a 15 year old student that posses’ “excellent” fitness levels as I got level 13. 6 on my Vo2 max test although they are depleting as I am play less sport recently due to many factors such as studying for my GCSE’s. I play around 5 hours of sport a week although I aim to increase this over the coming weeks. My chosen sport is football and I play this sport at amateur level and my position is right back. Football requires many aspects of health related fitness such as agility, balance, co-ordination, power and reaction time.

The main aim of my PEP is to improve cardiovascular fitness and power as I have been lacking these vital elements in my game. I will use the FITT principle which is a set of rules that help you get the most out of your workouts and stands for: frequency; how often you exercise, intensity; how hard you work during exercise, time; how long you exercise and type; what type of activity you’re doing and my target zone to ensure that I apply overload (the minimum amount of exercise necessary to produce improvements in physical fitness) to my work.

My overload target zone is 60%-80% of my max heart rate (which is 205bpm) and this is between 123-164bpm. I’ll need to measure my heart rate between exercises by recording my pulse for 15 seconds and x this by 4 to make sure I’m improving. I have chosen to take the ab-bleep again to try and improve the overall level of the sit ups. My prediction is that if I do stick strictly to my exercise plan I will be able to move on to level 9 or 10. As I excel in the training my overall fitness will improve including my technique and skill.

I believe in my training I should take into consideration specific types of training course such as; circuit training, aerobic training, anaerobic training, muscular training, fartlek, interval training and so forth. At the moment I am an ectomorph/mesomorph so to reach the highest potential I should become a stronger mesomorph. Specificity, progression, overload, reversibility are the four principles of training. Specificity is a major key due to every one having different training programmes. I need to train the right part of my body (abdominal muscles, gluteus maximus and deltoid) I will need to start at the right level.

Progression, I shall steadily increase the amount of training that’s done – but only when my body has adapted to the previous training. Overload, I have to my body work harder than it normally would. I will have to push my body beyond its training threshold. Reversibility, the level of fitness changes all the time and if for any unfortunate reason I can not train it will take more time to reach that specific fitness. If I do miss a session I will have to increase the intensity, frequency and duration.

Safety is the foremost imperative aspect to think of, each time I use a specialised sort of machine e. g. tred mill I need to make sure that it is safe to use. Additionally it is important that I do not over do it. Talking about safety the warm up is generally important to think about. The reason why warm ups are so important are for the reason that it gets body gradually ready for training, it increases the temperature of the body, increases blood flow to the muscles so they can do work later on in the training, therefore it releases adrenaline which increases heart rate and it will dilate the capillaries which means a greater area of diffusion leading to more oxygen being provided to the mitochondria hence making you more energetic.

It also stretches the muscles, moves the joints and increases the range of movement so that you are ready for work and it is less probable of injury. Warm ups make you more flexible for example it increases the production of synovial fluid making the joints more flexi. The warm up I will do in my plan shall last for around 5 to 10 minutes, just enough time for me to get ‘warmed up’. The cool down is as important as the warm up because it get your body back to normal. What’s more is that it helps replace the oxygen debt in your muscles, and so gets rid of any lactic acid which could cause any stiffness in the muscles later on.

Moreover it gets rid of the extra blood in your muscles, and so stops it pooling in your veins. Blood pooling can make you feel dizzy and weak if you stop exercising suddenly. Again my cool down will last for about 5 or 10 minutes, enough to make me feel that I won’t strain myself. The beginning of every session shall start off with a 5 minute warm up; following this shall be a 5 minute jog on the running machine, subsequent to this I shall be on the rowing machine for 10 minutes. This is necessary so that I can build up more muscle in my abdominal area.

After the rowing machine I shall do 10 minutes worth of sit ups in stages. This will intensify as the weeks go on. Additionally I shall 10 minutes of various weights and to finish I shall do 5 minutes of sit-ups and 5 minutes of a cool down. The cool down shall contain various stretches to relieve me any muscle strain that could occur after the session. With the programme I shall increase the number of repetitions gradually and will carry out two sets instead of 3 after a few sessions in order to improve my muscular endurance.

Performing When performing my PEP I shall be performing the session in college. The reason for this is so that my lecturer can monitor my progress and additionally secure that I am following my plan. Using my knowledge of the training I am using I shall be focusing myself on muscular strength, dynamic strength and power. I Shall perform in total six training sessions, which shall include my personal feelings on how I preformed and shall additionally contain how my body feels the day after the session.

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