Cardiovascular endurance

He will do fielding for an hour in this hour he will be using his co-ordination skills and his anticipation because his aim will be to walk in and choose the right body movement to get the ball. By doing this it reduces the time for the batsmen to get a single and this could result in a run out. This will last for an hour. Their will not be any intensive training but at 12:00 this player will be expected to do at least 15 minute non stop running and then he will be allowed a break of 5 minutes and after that he will go for another 15 minute run.

After this it will be the end for the day. DAY OF REST 11:15-11;30 he will have a break 11:30-12:00 he will be practising his bowling and he will also be using his variations. This will last 30 minutes because by bowling for long periods it will enable him bowler to build muscular endurance. When this was player analysed he lacked this component of fitness. 12:00 -12:30 He will be practising his batting by having throw downs thrown at him. Now the throw down will come at a quicker speed because this should speed and improve his footwork.

12:30- 1:00 lunch will be taken. 1:00 -3:00 he will stay in the gym and go on the weight machines where he will be doing light weights but at a high repetition. This is to build muscular endurance. Before doing the weights he will do his stretches. After finishing he will also do a cool down, by this I mean he will stretch his muscles off. The aim of this program is to basically improve this player’s performance. This only could be only done if his weaknesses are worked on I have devised a training program for week one.

Each week it will progress each activity will take place for 2 minutes longer and the over the six weeks each activity time would have progressed by 12 minutes and with the right type of training and with high intensity this player should improve so much that this players weaknesses should come close to being his strength. Each week the amount of press and sit ups will be increased by to so by the 6th week this player should be able to do 12 more press ups than he would be able to do in the first week.

In the training program I have also included some aspects of training which could improve this player’s strength. If this happens then I would be pleased with this program. This is the training program I have outlined for this player although this player doesn’t really train hard on Saturday I believe that this program will transform the player. This program will really make him work hard and due to the intensity of this program I have decided to give him a rest on Sunday and little work for the Saturday.

At the moment this is my first week of the 6 week training program if I did not give him a break then it could lead to an injury because our body needs a break so it could recover from the training. It could be said that this training program is to intense but the way I see it is that to progress you have to push your body to the limit by this I mean that by doing harder training than possible will lead to an overload in training but by doing this it will make you progress more. Factors affecting performance

There are some factors which affect performance in a positive and in a negative way such as an injury or an illness will affect your performance because due to this you will not be able to train efficiently as a result your cardio vascular endurance may go down therefore you performance will also go down, but if you have a injury it will make you more determined to perform therefore you will work harder to rehabilitate yourself. An example of this could be dijribil cisse he is a Liverpool striker who broke his leg people doubted him that he would recover but they were wrong about him because he recovered.

Pressure can also affect performance because if you’re under pressure you may give the best performance in your life, an example of this could be the way Australia won the cricket world cup because they were the champions and they were under pressure because people have said that this is the greatest team ever. By coming in with a big reputation it must have made the players feel under pressure but this didn’t affect them because they beat every opposition. However it could also make you under achieve.

Adaptability is another factor that could affect performance because in some sports if you can adapt to a situation, then you could help your team out of trouble. This mainly depends on the mental strength of the player because players who adapt to situation show a high level of mental because they believe that they can get the team out of trouble, while other would just give up. Being adaptable is good but not being adaptable will let you and your team down. Motivation is another factor that can affect your performance in a positive way because by being motivated you u will train hard and you will believe that you can achieve your goal.

However being motivated too much could lead to over arousal this basically means that as a player you get too hyped up. As a result you will be trying too hard and therefore it could lead to an injury or a sending off because as a player you will try so hard that you may put other in danger for example this is what happened to Paul Gascoigne in the FAcup final. What effects would you except to see in the player overall performance as a result of the 6 week training program?

This training program has not been completed, but if it was completed I would expect changes in the skill level of the player because now the player would have improved all his weaknesses I would expect him to have a higher energy level because of the increase in the cardiovascular endurance. Due to this I would expect him to perform efficiently as a result the consistency should increase. Due to this player increasing his skill level through this training program I would expect him to become more at performing his skill.

Due to this I would no longer class this player as a novice instead I would call him a semi pro because having these features is a great asset because it makes you a more intelligent sportsman because you will now know how to use your skills in the right way. I would also expect him to put in less effort and still get a desired outcome because now due to this training program this player would have learned skills which he couldn’t do before as a result he will perform more efficiently with less effort.

This is the case because as your skill level increases you could do things well without thinking and trying. I expect this to happen to this player. I would also expect him to have an increased level of fitness in muscular and cardiovascular endurance and strength. In this training program I specifically outlined these 3 because the player lacked these due to lack of stamina and having a skeletal build. By going for runs and doing weights in the gym and doing press ups and sit ups I would expect the player to build his muscular, cardiovascular endurance and his strength to increase.

Due to a increase in strength I would also expect his body shape to change because due to this player doing press ups and sit ups and bench presses on the weight machine and squats I would expect him to become more pumped up. The only concern I have is that due to this player doing many cardiovascular training I expect him to lose weight and due to this the player may not see a change in his bodily shape although there is a small chance of this occurring.

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